Thursday, January 30, 2014

At issue Kara Will Recruit Two New Personnel

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Nicole contract and officially ended with KARA, Kang Ji Young will be followed next April . Some rumors related to the continuation career and Nicole Kara was blowing. Most recently, Kara reportedly will hire two new personnel for a comeback this year .

" By mid -year , Han Seung - yeon and Park Gyuri will focus on acting and other individual activities , " said a source who called the people in the DSP Entertainment . " After the two personnel will be recruited to release a new song and comeback together . "

The source also said the agency will use a method where fans can provide input on the new personnel . But a spokesman for the DSP finally spoke up and said everything was not yet ascertained .

" We're still debating between hiring new personnel or up to 3 members , " he said . " But until the middle of next year , Goo Hara , Gyuri and Seung - yeon is going to focus on the activities of individuals . "

" We have not discussed the specifics . 's Not true we recruit new personnel , " said another spokesman . " Kara is planning a comeback after the mid -year but no decision has been made ​​at this time . "

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Yang Hyun Suk Rate Problem Leaks New Album Big Bang

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G-Dragon of Big Bang previously reveal new album will be launched around next summer. This time it 's Yang Hyun Suk CEO of YG Entertainment gives further leakage . G - Dragon as a leader has a crucial role in the making of the album .

" ( The album ) will be launched this summer , so around June , July or August , " he said in a press conference on Monday ( 27/1 ) . " G - Dragon is responsible for work on the album has to vacate his schedule starting next March . "

" He has a requirement to be able to remain in the study all the time , " he continued . " Because he was always fast when creating the song , I think it will not take long to do this album . "

This album is obviously waiting for the VIP , Big Bang fans . The last time they released a mini album " Alive " and a special mini- album " Still Alive " 2012. During 2013 , they focus on their respective solo activities personnel .

Meanwhile , YG Entertainment has plans for a series of artists besutannya . WINNER their new boy band will debut next February with the album that most songs created its own personnel . YG also will orbit the 3 other groups including new girlband .

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Jonghyun SHINee and Lee Yu Bi Compact Objects Courtship Issues

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Jonghyun SHINee suddenly became the center of media attention when it published news dating with actress named Lee Yu Bi. Now SM Entertainment and Sidus HQ says that gossip is not true. Both insist that Jonghyun and Yu Bi just friends .

" They're just good friends. They close as friends but definitely not dating, " says Yu Bi agency representation . " We 've been confirmed since the advent of this courtship gossip and indeed they are close , but not as lovers . "

Sidus HQ 's statement is also allowed by the SM . " They are just friends as equally often born 1990 gathering with others, " spokesman SM recharge .

Previously, a media claims that Jonghyun and actress serial " Gu Family Book " was already an official courtship since late last year. "The relationship grew so love their friendship and now they love each other , " wrote the article.

According to media reports , Jonghyun and Bi Yu Kang Min Kyung courtship thanks Davichi matchmaker so they are also affiliated gang birth 90 . Both are reported regularly in Gangnam date and number of times emerge hand in hand . Now Kang Min Kyung also issued a statement on its name which follow the trail in this love gossip .

"The issue is said Kang Min Kyung so makcomblang Jonghyun and Lee Yu Bi is not true, " said the spokesman Core Contents Media . "But it's true good friend of Kang Min Kyung Yu Bi . Bemused It was reported as makcomblang follow in their gossip . "

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Plagiarism case Serial Kim Soo Hyun jolt ' Man from the Star '

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Hovers serial plagiarism addressed in " Man from the Star " has heated up . Kang Kyung Ok threatened to sue serial starring Kim Soo Hyun 's because the comic plagiarized workmanship paeda 2007.

On January 28 , Kyung Ok post on his blog titled " Final Warning " which contains his statement in the law will undermine the " Man from the Star " . The production , HB Entertainment, had heard the threat and issue response.

" We will not recognize the prompting of plagiarism against the ' Man from the Stars ' , " said the spokesman . " If Kang Kyung Ok decided to file a lawsuit then we will act . "

Ok Kyung tudingannya first voiced in December last year. He believes the story of the " Man from the Star " komiknya similar substance called " Seol Hee " . " Journal of Hae Kwang can be made by anyone but the story of 400-year -old man remains young and live in the present as well as the love story of the meeting after 12 years of separation and childhood friends I made at the ' Seol Hee ' , " he said .

While the production plead not know about comics " Seol Hee " and was never consulted about the story is similar . They also stressed there was never a suggestion of the comic 's current production preparation . While in this " Man from the Stars " is dominated by high rated highly .

Monday, January 27, 2014

Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho Denies Dating Rumors

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Slick appearance in the series " Heirs " seems to make Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho rumored courtship . Recently, they were reportedly in a relationship by a media in China.

On January 26 , Chinese media reported that the two main actors " Heirs " has been secretly dating for two months . But the media did not provide evidence such as photographs or sources . Now the agency Shin Hye and Min Ho was compact deny the truth of the rumor .

" Of course it's not true . No source of news, " said agency spokesman Shin Hye. " We do not know why the article as it was published in China . We will check through our agency in China . "

Min Ho's agency has also alleged that the news was baseless. They revealed that the players in the " Heirs " is close so it could appear like this gossip . Not a few netters who suspect this rumor due to the popularity of Shin Hye and Min Ho is high - high in China .

" There are rumors like this are also used . Nothing can be confirmed from the article," the representative said . " Tim ' Heirs ' very close to each other , perhaps because there was this rumor . "

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Recently, netizens in Korea Crayon Pop attitude busy talking on Girls ' Generation. Netizens seem to find one member of Crayon Pop pushed back Sunny Girls ' Generation until his body pushed forward .

The incident seemed to happen when the Seoul Music Awards show some time ago . Looks Crayon Pop stood behind SNSD while posing for photos together like other performers . Netter noticed that encourages Way Sunny rough and it eventually makes a scene SNSD netizens and fans .

" How could they do such a thing on a senior ? " Netter criticism . " I think Sunny is not even aware of already treated so , " added the other . "If I see , clearly Sunny encouraged to have them seen by a camera . "

While the agency Crayon Pop , Chrome Entertainment , immediately issued a statement. They denied the existence of events pushed Sunny . " Way was not pushed Sunny , " said the representative .

" If you look closer the video , not just a gif image , you can see that actually happening , " he continued . " When Tiffany interesting Sunny , Ellin Way embracing hands . At the same time , it looks like the Way to push Sunny but in reality he did not. "

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SM Respond About Key SHINee Issues and Woohyun Infinite Shape Duo Unit

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Netizens shocked with Key SHINee issues will form a duo unit with Woohyun Infinite. Because when Woollim Entertainment subunit joining SM Entertainment , SM C & C , in August 2013 , they assured fans will still retain the color of Infinite music .

Now SM Entertainment spokesperson spoke respond to the news. " We 're talking about promotion Key and Woohyun for the unit , but no decision on details or a period of time , " he said .

This news comes when a source of South Korean music industry reveal that the two friends will debut next February with a new unit . Key and Woohyun will feature a different musical colors of SHINee and Infinite . Duo who do not have the name of the album will also be released in March or April .

" Key and Woohyun has formed a sub unit to debut in February , " he said . " They will present music and appearance that is completely different from the group . "

Netizens give mixed reactions over the news. Although many of them were looking forward to this unexpected collaboration , not a few people feel disappointed .

"What ? ? ? I'm really looking forward to it , " commented a netter . "You promised not to merge with SM Woollim artists . What is this , I do not want the unit SHINee , " wrote another netter .

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

TVXQ's U-Know Yunho Says Often Confide in Dolls

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U-Know Yunho has Max Changmin as TVXQ associates , but that does not make it always be a friend to vent . Yunho admitted often vent with dolls .

Recognition was expressed by the current TVXQ Yunho appeared as a guest panelist on the show " Hello " . At that time there was a guest who complained about her boyfriend still often carry a doll wherever she goes . MC events TVXQ was asked whether they like dolls .

Yunho also said they never bought a doll . Apparently he used the doll as a friend to confide in when lonely or can not tell the problem to others .

" When I feel the loneliness and anxiety that can not tell anyone , I usually vent on the doll , " said Yunho . " Having done so I feel better . "

Hear the narrative of the series " Queen of Ambition " was then the MC teased . " Is that a girl or a boy doll ? " Yunho answered , " I do not know the guy or girl . was just a regular Teddy Bear . "

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Nicole Responds to issue Form Duo with Hwayoung Ex -T-ara's

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Contract with Kara Nicole has ended January 16. Various rumors about the continuation of Nicole 's career began many blows . One of them said Nicole would join together and form a duo Wellmade STARM with T-ara's Hwayoung Ex .

Wellmade spokesman STARM eventually respond to this issue . He confirmed the news they never negotiate with Nicole . But he denied Nicole has been agreed and will duet with Hwayoung .

" It is true we never negotiate on a contract about a month ago , but there has been no talk again after that . 's Not true that he had at this time we have recruited , " he said , Wednesday ( 22/1 ) . " It seems like a joke of us about making duo with Hwayoung misinterpreted . "

Nicole also revealed the parties have not made ​​any decisions about the new agency . Nicole is currently focusing training and plans to pursue a solo career in the future .

This news started when a source of South Korean music industry reveal Wellmade active STARM approached Nicole and wish he formed a duo with Hwayoung . Previously , one of the Japanese media also reported Nicole's mother pleads with Core Contents Media in order to recruit her . But this news has been denied by the CCM .

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Kyuhyun SuJu Kiss Seohyun SNSD in Musical Performance

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Last year Kyuhyun Super Junior has been confirmed to join in the musical " The Moon That Embraces the Sun" . There he plays the character played by Kim Soo Hyun in the serial version . This time Kyuhyun had to be intimate scene with Seohyun of Girls ' Generation as co-star .

In one scene kiss Seohyun Kyuhyun appeared in a funny way . They play a role in neatly in a colorful hanbok beautiful . Staging " The Moon That Embraces the Sun" will be done until February 23 at CJ Towol Theater Art Center , Seoul .

Although Kyuhyun had made ​​several musical performances , but this is the first time for Seohyun . He said he was happy the other SNSD members joined encouraged her . " Members other SNSD always supported me every time we met , it made ​​me even more excited , " said Seohyun .

" ' The Moon That Embraces The Sun ' is my first musical . Excited because I set it up with I can work with incredible actors , " he continued . " I've always loved musicals . Was why I wanted to join the musical taste and now my dream come true . "

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Miss A's Suzy recognition About Marriage, Suzy Confessing Want Can Marry Soon

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Although still young and popular but it seems to miss A's Suzy is not afraid of marriage . Star of the series " Family Gu Book " is even claimed to want to get married .

Suzy discuss the age of legal age to enter Korea this year in an interview " One Night of TV Entertainment " . That's when he said he wanted to get married as soon as possible with someone his age . With so Suzy hopes with his age range not much later .

" I want to get married early , " said Suzy . " I want to get married to someone my age . "

" I do not want a big age difference with my son , so we can talk a lot of things like friends , " he continued . " Once I find someone who can make me think ' I want to marry him ' then I'm going to get married right then and there . "

MC the event was teased Suzy that he has a lot of middle-aged male fans will not let it go to get married . Star of the series " Dream High " was no laughing matter to respond so asked the kind of guy who ideally. " Kang Dong Won , " Suzy replied sheepishly .

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Monday, January 20, 2014

Jiyoung Kara's Leave it true reason For Going out with Supernova Member?

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Kang Ji Young decision to terminate the contract at Kara in April caused controversy . Japanese media said that the decision was influenced lover Ji Young is one of the members of boy band Supernova .

A Japanese newspaper wrote an article titled " Is she going abroad because of his girlfriend ? Other members leaving Kara " . " In October, he had a scandal with Gunil , 6th Supernova members are well-known in Japan , " read the article.

Ji Young Gunil to cooperate with the song " Rainbow Rose " and his solo , " Wanna Do " . Gunil born in Germany and studied in the UK so that he allegedly persuaded Ji Young caught up with him to study abroad . The article also claimed to see Ji Young Supernova in concert and paper plane tattoo on shoulder Gunil be evidence of their closeness because members Kara was never claimed to like a paper airplane .

" Both agencies have not commented on this. Gunil also has said it suspicious like , ' If I had heard rumors about the artist that I like so I can not hate them ' and stop using Twitter , " claims the article content . " Rumor has it they are dating since Ji Young Gunil chase . "

While DSP Media itself admitted for the first time heard the gossip . " We have not been able to confirm the reports circulating in Japan . We do not know anything and will investigate it , " said a spokesman for the Daily TV .

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Chansung 2PM Upset Personal Contact Data Leaks on the Internet

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Bad news visited 2PM Chansung related personal data . He became one of the victims of data breaches by a bank . Chansung personal contact information is now spread on the internet .

At the end of last week a large bank in Korea experienced data leaks clients , one of which is Chansung . On Jan. 17, prosecutors found that the Credit Institutions Korean employees had leaked information of 100 million people who use Lotte Card , KB Card and NH Card .

Chansung was spilling his frustration via Twitter on January 19 by uploading a photo email notifications from the bank . In an email that listed names , phone numbers , home addresses belonging to a social security number Chansung . This incident caused him to lose confidence in the bank .

" I do not know what they want us to do this even though relief amidst ugliness like this , " Chansung tweet . " But now who should I trust when financial firms are no longer safe . "

Not only Chansung , Kim Yun Ah Jaurim was also becoming a victim . Even though the data itself participated revealed he was no longer a member . " How can the personal data of credit cards that have kubatalkan 6 years ago can still be revealed ? " he complained on Twitter .

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Uee Family Shocked View kiss scene with Jung Il Woo

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UEE After School tells about his kiss scene with Jung Il Woo in the series " Golden Rainbow " . Uee reveals that his family was shocked while watching the scene .

" They like missed because the scene suddenly appeared , " Uee said . " They just told me that I continue to work hard and straight into their rooms . My mother could only look at me and laugh . He did not say anything . "

Jung Il Woo admits that the kissing scene is quite intimate . " I've been kissing scene a few times , but this is the first time I did it with a younger actress . So I had to direct it , " said Il Woo .

Meanwhile , Uee deeply embarrassed after filming the scene . " After filming that scene , I still feel awkward . When the director says , ' Cut ! ' , I could not look in the direction of Jung Il Woo , " said the artist who had starred in the show " Barefoot Friends " is.

" Golden Rainbow " is a series that aired on the station MBC . The series is directed by Kang Dae Sun with Son Young Mok manuscript .

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Girl 's Day Hyeri Fainting in Upper Stage ' M ! Countdown '

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Shocking incident occurred when Girl 's Day appears to sing " Something " on " M ! Countdown " on Thursday ( 16/1 ). Maknae Hyeri suddenly fainted on stage after completing his performance . He was immediately rushed to the hospital .

Dream Tea Entertainment spokesman claimed Hyeri being sick with the flu . But she insisted to keep moving forward on the stage entertaining fans .

" Hyeri is being sick with the flu , but he still wanted to perform , " he said . " But when he's on stage fatigue and fainting . We planned to give him a break after receiving IV drip from the hospital . "

Hyeri itself finally gives news about his condition after conscious . Tony Ahn 's former lover made ​​sure he was okay and apologized already made ​​the fans worried .

"Sorry to make you worry even though no nothing. I'm fine ! " Hyeri tweet . " I thank you for your attention ! Let us meet in a more energetic conditions tomorrow ! Careful not to get the flu all . Uhuk - cough . "

Girl's Day now it is busy with the promotion of her latest single , " Something" , and the mini album " Everyday 3 " . Parties agency decided Hyeri will not appear on " Music Bank " on Friday ( 17/1 ) , although his condition had improved .

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Friday, January 17, 2014

Gossip sources of HyunA Pregnant Turns Smartphone Applications

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Some time ago HyunA rumored pregnant with her ​​in Trouble Maker, Hyunseung Beast. At that time the agency threatened to sue the gossip spreader. Now the source of rumors have appeared to straighten out the problem.

Apparently the rumor started with the beginning of a smartphone app called I'm a reporter Too . Using the application , gossip written in an article as if the official statement from Cube Entertainment . Because it looks genuine then the rumor spread quickly on social networking and chat applications such as KakaoTalk .

Now the application developers provide a statement regarding the use of its services to spread gossip HyunA . " Writing that slander others , such as rumor - HyunA Hyunseung , it is not true . Contents text itself extreme and too detailed , " wrote CEO JI2SOFT.

" At first I made ​​it as a parody of applications . Most users make the article as a joke but it turns out some of the abused to slander , " he continued . " Not to share the link , users wear a photo even so difficult to distinguish genuine or fake and eventually become a controversy . "

The developer 's CEO admitted surprise because the application I'm a reporter Too much is not downloaded yet even cause widespread effects . He is well-known suspect because the application is not so easy in fact believed to be the original source . Now he was sure would fix the application so that it does not look genuine .

" I made another application that is downloaded 3 million times 30 thousand times but that was only made a lot of trouble , " he added . " I would consider this all and do an update as soon as possible . "

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Sunny SNSD Warn Follow sasaeng the Round ?

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Sasaeng existence of any celebrity is always a hassle . This time it seems Sunny Girls ' Generation who have to deal with the act sasaeng.

Allegations were strengthened when Sunny wrote a warning via Twitter . He complained followed when going home to her family by driving alone .

" I went to my parents house to eat . I'm not adept at driving so it will not make you lose track , " writes Sunny . " But I'm scared and worried if someone else will have an accident because of the way you drive . No headlines for today so do not follow me anymore . "

It remains unclear whether the follow Sunny is sasaeng or paparazzi . But the netter suspect in question is the paparazzi because he used the word " scoop " which means " news " . Not a few were suspected members of SNSD are now frequently followed by paparazzi since Yoona and Sooyoung spotted on a date .

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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Kim Soo Hyun's kiss Rating Make ' Man from the Star ' skyrocketed

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Kim Soo Hyun's action has always managed to invite the attention of the fans . This time the kiss scene in the series " Man from the Star " managed to suck up a lot of attention . Although only a short duration of the scene managed to achieve a high rating .

In that scene , Jun Ji Hyun ( Song Chun Yi ) frustrated because he felt Kim Soo Hyun ( Do Min Joon ) never showed her liking . He was then given 15 seconds to Kim Soo Hyun to change his mind . After 15 seconds , Ji Hyun will go suddenly and kiss Soo Hyun interesting .

When this scene aired , the ratings of "Man from the Star " reported skyrocketed to 31.3 percent . This rating is the highest success in the series . If averaged , the episode had a rating of 24.4 percent .

" Man of the Star " tells the story of a handsome alien who has super strength , Do Min June He has lived on Earth since the Joseon Dynasty . Four centuries later he falls in love with an actress named Chun Yi Song .

The series were also enlivened by Park Hae Jin and Yoo In Na . " Man From the Star " aired on SBS and always get the highest rating compared to serial competitors .

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Girl 's Day Responds to Controversy Sexy Concept K-Pop girl group

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Trends in K-Pop girl group concept has now shifted from cute to be sexy . One of them happens to Girl 's Day who started using the concept since " Female President " , June 2013 . Although it had received a flood of criticism , they honestly claim to being called sexy .

" There is a movement in which we rubbed with fur leg . Honestly , we like to be considered sexy , " says Girl's Day . "We're just trying to show art and hope people do not see it in the negative despite the controversy . "

" We 've been thinking about this concept since last year , " added the CEO of Entertainment that houses DreamTea Girl 's Day . " Because they can not just rely on it quite difficult to set limits with their choreography and costumes . "

Dal Shabet who had just returned with a similar concept through the single " BBB " also provides self-defense . Girlband who debuted since 2011 is considered their sexiness including adult and charismatic . Ahyoung also assured fans they will be accepted and will not embarrass themselves through the image .

However, many netizens apparently disagrees with Girl 's Day and Dal Shabet . They worry that their actions will be emulated by the children . " They call it art but when I worried about what people think when they see my nephew , " commented a netter .

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Park Shin Hye Comment Have a photo of her Big T

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Park Shin Hye  lips while attending the opening of the Miu Miu boutique in Peking Road , Hong Kong , on January 8 . Not only beautiful praised , but his appearance shocked netizens . In a chest Shin Hye photos looked very contained .

Apparently Shin Hye alone know the image is the talk of the netizens . He said flattered called sexy with big boobs like that . But Shin Hye confirms that her breasts look plump because of the effects of light .

" Hahaha , I heard that I mention sexy . Thank you for shadows and hair , " Shin Hye wrote on Twitter . " I do not know whether to laugh or sad , hehehe . "

In the post Shin Hye also straighten out that the photo is not an official of the management . " The picture was not coming from my Weibo ! Photo like that in my Weibo , " bright star of the series " Heirs " is.

Although it has been confirmed only camera angle error but the netter praised Shin Hye . " If your chest is as big as it was still pretty anyway , " wrote netter . " She has curves but is not in the chest and it still makes it beautiful," said the other .

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Agencies issue is Pregnant with Beaver HyunA Hyunseung

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Intimacy Trouble Maker seems increasingly spreading bad rumors . HyunA is now even rumored to be pregnant with her ​​in Trouble Maker , Hyunseung Beast .

On January 10, the outstanding issues in the social network that is currently being pregnant HyunA Hyunseung child . 4Minute members ' pregnancies was only two weeks . A source claimed HyunA go see a gynecologist and have confessed Cube will maintain the order was aborted baby .

Gossip is heard by Cube Entertainment and makes them angry . The agency also threatened to drag the spreader issue to court . Rumor is they take seriously because it seems aimed at damaging the reputation of the two young singers .

" People were spreading rumors in the form of articles that are intended to make losses , " said a spokesman . " We 're planning on asking for a police investigation and take legal action . "

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Lee Yeon Hee Comment unfold, Yoona And Lee Seung Gi Courtship

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There are interesting when Lee Yeon Hee become bintag guest on the show " Radio Star " . As a fellow SM Entertainment artist , he expressed his feelings about the affair reveal Lee Seung Gi and Yoona of Girls ' Generation.

" Their relationship was revealed not because they want it so right? So I guess it's cool , " said Yeon Hee . " I feel lately the trend is beginning to change . "

Trend is Yeon Hee is customary among celebrities to hide the affair . Indeed, lately many celebrities and idols who publish her ​​lover and well received by fans . Yeon Hee also admitted that BC has a rule to hide the affair .

" My agency is frequent complaints , " said the star of the series " Miss Korea " is. " They allow dating but told us very clearly that it should not be revealed to the public . "

MC Kyuhyun then joked that SM is very strict on matters of courtship . " They told us if we do not want to be going to meet , " said a member of Super Junior .

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Park Shin Hye Glad Rumored to Lee Min Ho

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Slick chemistry between Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho in " Heirs " make them real often rumored courtship . Instead of being distracted , Shin Hye said he was happy even rumored .

" I'm pleased with the gossip , " Shin Hye said in an interview with " One Night of TV Entertainment " . "So that's a sign we look harmonious . "

In the interview Shin Hye Kim Woo Bin was also praised as being very charismatic and riveting . Previously, the star of the series " Flower 's Boy Next Door " was also claimed to want to pair that is a mixture Min Ho and Woo Bin .

" Min Ho is very good at maintaining a pleasant atmosphere with a cheerful attitude , " said Shin Hye . " While Woo Bin is the type that makes you uncomfortable or show support if you feel sad or trouble . "

Recently also revealed that Woo Bin looked Shin Hye as friend chat fun . Because it finally made ​​Woo Bin prefer Krystal f ( x ) as the ideal type . " But that does not mean I'm looking at Shin Hye as a guy you know , " Woo Bin said at the time.

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Rain Reveals Biggest Regret Her life

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Rain has become a big star who recognized competence in the field of singing at the same time acting. But apparently he still has the biggest regret of his life. Is it ?

In the show " Rain Effect " , lover Kim Tae Hee revealed that remorse towards his mother . He admits that they do not have time to feel sorry unpleasant mother before she died .

" My hope is to want to do the best thing for him to use my own money , " said Rain . " Biggest regret of my life is not a bad time to buy food or fine clothes . I envy the people who her mother is still alive . "

Rain also revealed always been to the tomb of the mother of the late release an album every time . It was also he did for a comeback this year with the album " Rain Effect " .

" I always pray for his blessing so that my album to be successful , " said Rain . " I also ask for support so that I am strong to face all the difficulties and to do my best . "

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Sung Joon Respond Gossip Problem Going out with Suzy

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Last year, miss A Suzy spotlight when photographed by paparazzi go with Sung Joon . The actor, who both starred in " Gu Family Book " is now open voice about the scandal.

Scandal with Suzy Sung Joon asked reporters during a press conference his latest series , " I Need Romance 3 " . He claimed to have a lot of lessons from these rumors and will be more careful in attitude .

" What else to say ? I got a lot of criticism for it , " said Sung Joon . " Suzy is very well known so the impact is much greater . "

" At first I thought would not be a problem but I was number one in the internet search the next day . If I was this other person may result will be different , " he continued . " I became aware to be more careful in the future . "

Sung Joon then asked whether the media crew was still close to Suzy since the incident . He also admitted that he had no further contact with the star of the series " Dream High " is.

" I think this time he was busy . Been a long time we did not contact each other . Rumors I feel guilty about it , " said Sung Joon . "We're not dating . "

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Girl 's Day More Adult and Feminine in Music Video ' Something '

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Girl 's Day has finally released the music video for " Something " , Friday ( 3/1 ) . Girlband made ​​DreamTea Entertainment is once again launching the mini album " Everyday 3 " .

Four members of Girl's Day appears more mature and feminine in the music video duration 3 minutes 46 seconds of this . Sexy dance is also re- used by the girl group formerly known as the cute concept though not so vulgar in the music video " Female President " which was released last June .

Party agency before uncovering Girl's Day will appear mature and feminine after the personnel is of age . They could also be showing its charm as a woman with a song and dance that is more diverse .

" Compared to ' Expectation ' and ' Female President ' , this time they will show a more mature concept and feminine . Entire personnel had reached adulthood so that it can display the song and dance that is more diverse , " said a spokeswoman DreamTea Entertainment . " So the whole personnel as a woman can display her charms to the fullest . "

" Something" is one of the four songs in the mini album " Everyday 3 " . All the songs in the mini album 3rd Girl 's Day 's written , created and produced by Duble Sidekick .

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About JYP Taecyeon expression at Twitter Account

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After writing a series of tweets about the criticism of the agency, now Taecyeon wrote back explaining why write tweet tweet like that. Reported by Allkpop , Taecyeon was written clarification on Twitter , @ taeccool , as well as muffled rumble of remorse , which have occurred .

"I thought inappropriate for me to write openly about agensiku management system like this, " Taecyeon tweets that indirectly regretted wrote the previous tweet . "I hope you understand that the posting was due to how much I care and affection to the agency JYP to be the best. "

" I will be Ok Taecyeon who work hard and communicate better with my agency , " said Taecyeon . Soon, Taecyeon remove this text .

Previously, Taecyeon wrote about the protest and criticism of the management system in JYP Entertainment. Even caused a furore , but no written response to the agency 's personnel 2PM .

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Jinwoon 2AM Development Agency Announces Usai Accidents

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Jinwoon 2AM calamities that befall managed to make his fans worried . Yet the condition is reportedly getting better . Representative agencies Jinwoon revealed today could start again .

The health is also increasingly showing progress . However , the artist who had starred in " We Got Married " is still not allowed to run or strenuous workout .

"He has not fully recovered, but he was able to walk and her health steadily improving, " said agency representation . " Stay another month so he can leave the rehabilitation center . But he still can not run and work out . "

Some time ago, Jinwoon also managed to make a record album with 2AM though can only sit because of injury his leg. Jinwoon is it natural accident on October 7 last time his car was hit by a truck weighing 25 tons. Fortunately , Jinwoon lives could be saved even if the car is heavily damaged.

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Is True Love Suju Kyuhyun Sex When Dating ?

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Kyuhyun Super Junior's is quite surprising to comment on " Radio Star " . In the latest episode of the show, Dal Shabet Subin who guested asked about romance in his eyes .

" This is not about me but opara man . I have a few questions about the man . Standard I'm curious about a man on making out on a date , " said Subin . " Usually when a man and woman love each other they are dating then just touching each other, holding hands and kissing . 'Cause I 've got five unnie then I can be a lot of input . Indeed, there are some couples who can direct intimate instantaneously before a date . "

Kyuhyun suddenly leave a comment which is quite surprising . Super Junior 's maknae revealed that one of his female friends never told him today many couples who have sex first before deciding on a date .

" What is surprising today , they do it like this . This story comes from one of my female friends , " said Kyuhyun . " They will see first how in bed , if suitable , they will be the new date."

Hearing this comment , Kim Gu Ra rush to respond . "I do not know where he heard this shocking story , he was a strange child . Perhaps because eventually you're much hated , " said Kim Gu Ra kidding . Kyuhyun then immediately tried to correct his comment , " I mean the fact that these days people are more open when it comes to making out with a partner . "

Comments Kyuhyun is also invited a number of responses from netizens . "I think Kyuhyun right , probably should not be kissing and sex could be others , " said a netizen . " I can understand the point , but he should not give other examples like that , " said another netter .

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Is it true that Hyorin Sistar Receive Highest Income?

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Hyorin was rumored as a member with the highest income in Sistar . However , he denied these rumors . While appearing on the show " Beatles Code 3D ​​" , Hyorin explained that in the past he did have time to reach the highest income .

But for now he is no longer a member with the highest income . Unfortunately , Hyorin did not want to explain further the SISTAR members who hold the title of it now .

" I hear you earn the highest among the other members , " said Shin Dong Yup . " That is no longer true , " said Hyorin .

" In the past , I did make a lot of money because I starred in many commercials and photo shoots , " he added . " But now , all the SISTAR members also have solo projects and increase their income . "

" In fact I am a member of the most spending money , " he said . " I need a lot of money for my solo albums , including those for music video filming in the UK . "

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Sooyoung SNSD Scandal Dating News With Jung Kyung Ho

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Girls ' Generation seems to be open about their relationship . After officially dating Yoona with Lee Seung Gi . This time it was Sooyoung who confirmed his relationship with actor Jung Kyung Ho .

Dating news is already circulating for a long time , precisely in February 2013 ago . But now, both SM Entertainment and Jyung Jung Ho denied the news .

Now when Sports Seoul raised the issue with evidence of a number of photos , both agencies pacara finally confirmed the news . SM Entertainment confirmed that the current relationship Sooyoung and serial actor "Sorry , I Love You " was already up to the serious stage .

" The rumors are true courtship , " said a representative of SM Entertainment . " They were close as the senior - junior last year . Their relationship is now lovers , please Bless their relationship . "

Meanwhile , the agency Jung Kyung Ho apologizes for had denied their relationship last year . Agency 's 31-year -old actor said they were just trying out the desires of Jung Kyung Ho then.

" She and Sooyoung was dating . We're sorry we did not answer truthfully when rumors emerged , " said Jung Kyung Ho agency representatives . "At that time we asked Jung Kyung Ho and he said it was not true . So we respond to such requests . We're sorry , we definitely would issue a formal statement in the near future . "

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