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10 News Scandal K - Pop Hot For 2013

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1 . Rising Star : Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk

Every year the Korean entertainment star gave birth to a new and this time it was two actors " School 2013 " . Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk soared after starring in the series with each project , both acting and advertising model . Woo Bin stealing attention through " Heirs " and the movie " Friend 2 " , while Jong Suk was also successful in the drama " I Hear Your Voice " , the movie " No Breathing " , " Young Blood " and " The Face Reader " .

2 . Marriage Hallyu Star

 Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung were married on August 10 with a lavish reception at the hotel . Weddings at the end of the year closed with Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon have chosen to hold a casual wedding party covered in Jeju on September 1.

3 . New Celebrity Couple Korea

2013 became the year that gave birth to many couples Hallyu Star , whether serious or just long secretly dating . Surprisingly, there are 2 producer of YG Entertainment's having an affair with the celebrity that Han Ye Seul and Teddy and Brown Eyed Girls Jea and Choi Pil Kang .
Moon Geun Young - Kim Bum also surprised the public by suddenly announcing dating because stick together while filming " Goddess of Fire " . While couples Won Bin - Lee Na Young and Jo In Sung - Kim Min Hee recently admitted dating after the paparazzi photographed . Of the existing idol T - ara 's Soyeon 3 years of courtship with Oh Jong Hyuk Click B.
Kim Woo Bin and Ahn Ji Yoo models have been secretly dating for 2 years . Lastly there Bae Yong Joon who recently admitted dating a regular woman 14 years younger . But the most excited when the Rain admitted dating with Kim Tae Hee while the army and cause scandal .

4 . Dating Gossip Suzy and Sulli f ( x )

 Two idol with a plain image are equally exposed to the issue in this year courtship that miss A's Suzy and Sulli f ( x ) . Both are rumored after paparazzi caught them being intimate with the opposite sex .

Suzy caught embracing familiar with Sung Joon , his co-star in " Gu Family Book " . While Sulli surprise netizens when photographed holding hands with Choiza Dynamic Duo are much older . Had been controversial , Suzy and Sulli denied a special relationship with that person .

5 . Experiments Son Ho Young Suicide

  Son Ho Young immediately rushed to the hospital when it was discovered making a suicide attempt on March 24 . He lit coal to gas in his car to meet end life after his girlfriend was found dead of suicide . Now the former personnel GOD hiatus of activity and focus keartisannya recovering at her parents' psychological condition.

6 . Scandal draftee Rain and SE7EN

 Rain Severely many problems while undergoing conscript duty violations that ultimately affect the image of the post out. She was discovered on a date with Kim Tae Hee without using an army hat should be worn when outside . Rain also pointed receive special treat to leave 60 days per year and often out is not part of his job . Finally he stood committee and the sentence brackets kedisplinan week in military barracks .

SE7EN in conscript in March but was soon tripping scandal that sparked controversy Carousel citizens . In June he was caught out tonight with Mighty Mouth Sangchu to massage parlors plus plus completion of the job. This incident finally triggered the military department to remove the PR division which is often used as the destination of celebrities currently conscript duty .

7 . Park Shi Hoo Sex Scandal

 Park Shi Hoo became headlines when a woman claiming to have been raped stars serial " Princess Man " was . It also recognizes and develops directly threaten jolt involving many parties. But Shi Hoo finally agreed to sacrifice for another interesting claim and did not issue any statement about the case.

8 . Wonder Girls U- KISS and Personnel Loss

By year-end fans and Wonder Girls U- KISS got bad news with the loss of their personnel . Sohee decided not to renew the contract in order to pursue a career in acting groups . Whereas Dongho from U - KISS out for health reasons .

9. Ahreum LADA T-ara Suspected Possession

Ahreum netizen spotlight after issuance of T-ara. Netter suspected Ahreum evil spirit because often peculiar posting on SNS, pleaded can see ghosts and appearance as a sick person. Core Contents Media does not give a clear confirmation yet convinced that the mother Ahreum okay and certainly have a strange way of thinking since childhood.

10. Wonder Girls Sunye and Byul Produce

Haha wife, Byul, first birth male sex pairs on 9 July and gave the name Dream. Meanwhile, Wonder Girls Sunye married in January and give birth to her first child October 16. It is through the process of changing to 8 hours to produce the princess was named Hailey. Sunye became the first idol to get married and have children while still a member girlband.

Queen of the Ballad , Baek Ji Young , eventually also release the single with Jung Suk Won is 9 years younger on June 2 . Got pregnant first rumored evasive , they lost a baby because Ji Young candidate miscarriage shortly after getting married . Then July 1 , Han Hye Jin shocked the public suddenly married to footballer Ki Sung Yong .

This year wedding bells also tolled for many celebrity couples . Beginning with Wonder Girls Sunye 's wedding on 26 January followed by other celebrities .

Thursday, December 26, 2013

2PM Nichkhun's Kiss Christmas gift With Mysterious Girl

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Christmas is usually celebrated with family , including 2PM's Nichkhun . He showed off the fans what he get when Christmas celebration with his family members .

Through Twitter , Nichkhun teased her followers with a picture of a woman being kissed on the cheek middle . Apparently she is his sister . " See what I get for Christmas , " he wrote .

Nichkhun also grateful to the fans who have given him a lot of Christmas gifts . He also advised to maintain good health in the cold this time .

" I think I'm going to spend a warm winter this year , " Nichkhun tweets earlier . " Be careful of catching a cold , and I 'll meet you at the end of the year awards . "

2PM is currently busy in Japan after completing a comeback in Korea . They will release their third album in there which is titled " Genesis of 2PM " on January 23, 2014 . After that immediately followed the tour in 5 major cities in Japan .

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Seungri Lightweight Car Accidents Due sasaeng

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Unpleasant events experienced as a result of dealing with sasaeng Big Bang Seungri . Sasaeng cars that follow Seungri makes a small accident .

The incident occurred on December 23 at 11 pm in Shanghai , China . At that time the trip is finished Seungri attending an event using the van . Seungri of staff cars follow behind but there sasaeng car behind them .

Sasaeng car suddenly crashed into cars Seungri staff . As a result , the van carrying the singer of " VVIP " were encouraged by the staff car behind . Fortunately, no major accidents and Seungri fine .

" Fortunately, the accident was not serious and no one was injured , " said a spokesman for YG Entertainment . " After that we contacted the Chinese police , asking what we should do . We asked to be soft on the action of the fans . "

Seungri himself has reportedly updating through Twitter . He assured fans that he was not injured and was not upset .

" Small accident last night was not anybody's fault . I really do not anything , and fortunately no one was injured , " wrote Seungri . " Let's enjoy the holidays and Merry Christmas everybody ! "

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Apology From Sunye Has Been Hindering Career Wonder Girls

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Wonder Girls become hot after talks Sonye break off from the group . Sunye also had to be highlighted because netizens still renew his contract . Sunye has now apologized via Twitter.

" I really am sorry Wonder Girls can not be promoted because of my decision , " Sunye tweet on December 24 . " I know my words can not satisfy everyone but at least I want to apologize . "

"I ask your support for the Wonder Girls invidu activity right now, " said Sunye . " This year I am very happy for you all and it was so worth it . Thank you and I hope that 2013 be a year full of good luck to all. Merry Christmas ! "

Unfortunately , Sunye not mention the details of the decision that he meant . But allegations led to the decision Sunye netizens living in America after marriage . Indeed, many netizens who criticize it selfish to live abroad and still raise the child as a member of Wonder Girls but not a career .

While Sohee decided to get out of the group thanks to the popular " Nobody" for the sake of acting career . Reportedly he also let a contract with JYP Entertainment . JYP 's own party has not issued an official statement regarding this matter .

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Lee Jong Suk Turns Fear of Insects

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Lee Jong Suk has a handsome face and cameos, but it also has drawbacks. Turns star of the series "I Hear Your Voice" is afraid of insects.

This was revealed when interviewed Jong Suk "One Night of TV Entertainment". In the middle of the interview she suddenly panicked when no insects are flying toward him. Jong Suk is trying to avoid being the insect infestation.

"I hate bugs," the actor said the film "No Breathing" it. "Once upon a time I saw a cockroach in my house and I called my friend to throw him out."

Hosted the event and then ask how the friend who asked for help by the Jong suk. "He yelled at makiku," he replied that makes all the crew laugh.

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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Ends Contract With JYP , Wonder Girls Sohee Personnel Not Again

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officially end his contract with JYP Entertainment. Contract personnel Wonder Girls Sohee as officially ended on Saturday, December 21 . Thus , Sohee is no longer listed as personnel of the girlband .

After the contract expired , Sohee known would not extend his contract with JYP as practiced by Sunye , Yubin and Yenny . He decided to get out of the group thanks to the popular " Nobody" for the sake of acting career .

" After frequent discussions with JYP , seems split is the best way for both parties , " said a source close to Sohee . " Although he will leave JYP , but she still wanted to establish good relations with the agency considering he had joined so long . "

Several other sources close to Sohee also said that if the pretty girl was busy searching for a new agency . JYP party itself has not issued an official statement regarding the expiration of their contract with Sohee .

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HyunA Glad Looks For real dating with Hyunseung

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HyunA and Hyunseung quite make publicly speculate as real lovers when she appeared as a Trouble Maker. HyunA himself admitted happy if the display of intimacy with the Beast members look like a real couple .

The statement was made HyunA while posing for the latest issue of InStyle magazine . There he reassess his comeback as a duo Trouble Maker with the single " Now" . 4minute members said satisfied with the result because it looks so real .

" Chemistry- I with Trouble Maker Hyunseung oppa as I gave a value of 100 from the value of 100 , " HyunA said . " I worked very hard to show the concept of couples suffer and thanks to him ( Hyunseung ) , so we look like a real sweetheart . "

Trouble Maker is shocking the public when performing more intimate in MV " Now" . Many netizens who believe they are dating for real , as did the notion Kim Heechul of Super Junior . " While watching the MV I think ' not this will not happen if they are not really dating ? ' " He said on the show " Ssul Jeon " .

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IU Kiss Male Model in Music Video ' Friday '

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IU re-launched repackage album " Modern Times - Epilogue " , Friday ( 20/12 ) . One of the main character series " Pretty Man " and released its flagship single music video , " Friday " .

The music video duration 3 minutes 52 seconds starring Jang Ki Yong models that also appeared in the music video of "The Red Shoes " . They played a pair of lovers and was kissing in one scene . Another surprise is given by presenting Jang Hyun IU Sunny Hill and Yoon Sang Hyun in this video .

" Friday " was written and created by IU herself . This song tells the feeling that IU can not wait for Friday to get to meet her lover .

The 20 -year -old singer collaborated with Yi Jeong Jang , the lead singer who became junior HISTORY Loen Entertainment . IU also show their playing acoustic guitar to accompany the " Friday " .

" Friday " is one of two new songs on " Modern Times - Epilogue " in addition to " Crayons " . In total there are 15 singles in this repackage album includes songs from the album " Modern Times " .

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JYJ 's Yoochun Will Not Confirm Exit Serial ' Three Days '

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Some time ago Micky Yoochun of JYJ had reportedly shooting schedule confusion adjust the series , " Three Days " and the movie , " Sea Fog " . When it was rumored that Yoochun will probably come out of the series " Three Days " because of this problem .

However , recently the actor " I Miss You " was announced that he had managed to overcome these problems . Yoochun announced he will still play in the series " Three Days " as scheduled .

" Yoochun status as the main character of this series has not changed , " said the representative of the production of " Three Days " . " After much discussion , Yoochun finally decided to accept this role . "

" Three Days " is about the struggle of a member of an elite team of bodyguards President . He tried to find the President who disappeared after a number of shots heard . The series is co- starring Park Ha Sun will be aired in February 2014 on SBS stations .

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JYJ Jaejoong leaked draftee Will Next Year ?

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Currently Hero Jaejoong was busy touring to promote his solo album . In a concert in Osaka , Japan , on December 17 , he will undergo indicate draftee next year .

The issue of the schedule continues to be heard Jaejoong draftee since 2011 . At that time he was known to have completed the physical tests , but Jaejoong delay draftee in 2012 . Then after it was rumored again Jaejoong will draftee end of this year .

Since it was not known again when the certainty of the series " Protect the Boss " will be in charge of the army . And now Jaejoong mentions about the army during a concert . Although not mentioned explicitly , but it seems he will draftee in 2014 .

" My schedule for next year has not been decided , but I should be back here next year , " Jaejoong said . " Next year I do not have much time and had to go in the army as well . "

" If I draftee later then I would not be able to campaign for 1.5 years , " said the singer and actor . " But I think that time is not too long and I'm not afraid , because my fans will always be by my side . "

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Park Shin Hye I Kissed Shocked Lee Min Ho

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Park Shin Hye is required to carry out a kiss scene with Lee Min Ho in the series " Heirs " . However , he did not think that Lee Min Ho really into that scene and kiss her passionately .

" I was very surprised , " said Park Shin Hye . " During the passionate kiss scene , I immediately grabbed the shirt of Lee Min Ho . Mencengkramnya because I was in shock and the scene is really showing. "

Actress " Flower Boys Next Door " was deeply grateful that he did not have to repeat the intimate scenes . Shin Hye revealed he was confused what to do when the director told him to kiss .

" We were filming the first part when the director told us to kiss , " he added . "I do not know what to do , so I just stood still before the scene starts . Fortunately , no error occurred . "

" Heirs " is a series that just finished airing on SBS stations . The stars who enliven this series include Choi Jin Hyuk , Kim Woo Bin , Kim Ji Won , Krystal f ( x ) , Hyungsik ZE : A and CN Blue's Kang Min Hyuk . The series is written by Kim Eun Sook script which is the author of " Secret Garden " and " A Gentleman 's Dignity " .

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Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum Outstanding ' Goddess of Fire '

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Bad news came from the series , starring Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum , " Goddess of Fire " . Saeguk series is reportedly not paid off the cast and crew of payment . The news was delivered by Moon Geun Young's agency representative .

" Although it 's been 2 months since the drama finished airing , the players have not received their payment in full , " said Moon Geun Young's agency representative . " When you add it to the payment of the supporting cast , the total is very large . Fact as yet unclear whether the salary will be paid this year . "

" Not only the stars , the crew has not paid them , " he added . " When compared with the actors and actresses , in fact the crew also need it because their lives depend on it . "

Meanwhile , the production house K - Pax argue they are deliberately delaying the approval of the payment of the actors and actresses " Goddess of Fire " . They reasoned first priority to pay the crew . In addition , they are also awaiting the money from the sale of the series " Goddess of Fire " abroad.

" Payment of salaries of players was delayed because of the series of sales agreements in foreign countries was much longer than we imagined , " said a representative of K - Pax . " We are trying our best to resolve this issue . Soon after we got the money from the sale of broadcasting rights abroad, we certainly pay for it . "

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Monday, December 16, 2013

Both BH Personnel Reveals Identity

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YG Entertainment has ensured 2NE1 Park Bom as the first personnel BH last weekend . Now they are back to reveal who the personnel both from YG 's new unit .

As was expected, the H from an initial BH Lee Hi . Its appearance can be seen in the latest teaser released YG , Monday ( 16/12 ) . In this video lasted 43 seconds , Park Bom and Lee Hi is seen smiling happily around the Christmas tree .

But a sense of mystery at once creepy re-emerged when Park Bom and Lee Hi peering at the camera . Moreover, Lee Hi wear a contact lens with a purple -like character Gumiho . However, fans warmly welcomes this new duo and can not wait for the results of their collaboration .

" This is definitely going to be an incredible collaboration . Two strong vocals , " commented a fan . " I really do not know what to expect. I'm not looking forward to it out . Hi Lee looked like he wanted to kill someone at the end of the video , " added another fan .

BH debut single , " All I Want for Christmas is You " , will be launched on December 20th and pre-release 3 days in advance . The single is a cover of the Mariah Carey song of the same name .

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Former T-ara Hwayoung Officially Join The New Agency

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Still remember the former members of T-ara , Hwayoung ? At that time, the release of T-ara's Hwayoung had invited quite a stir because of alleged bullying treatment he received from other members . Now , Hwayoung seems ready to rebuild his career in Korean entertainment .

Hwayoung said to have discovered a new agency . He will join the agency Wellmade Star M. The agency representative said they decided to sign Hwayoung for seeing the potential of acting within the idol .

" We discovered that Hwayoung has potential as an actress , that's why we decided to sign him , " said a representative of the agency . " He will transform into an actress . So he will show many new sides of himself . "

" We believe a lot of fans are still waiting for the reappearance of Hwayoung , " he added . " He is preparing hard to become an actress . He will work hard to be able to appear in the new project in the near future . "

Many netizens who mnyambut this positive news . They hope to remain successful Hwayoung though no longer joined with T-ara .

" It was great ! - I hope he will be fine , " commented a netter . " I hope he will be successful in the future , " said another netizen . " I will always support Hwayoung . Be the best , " said another netizen .

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Due Jailed Photo Spread Kang Min Kyung Davichi Similar

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Davichi's Kang Min Kyung never reported to the police action netizen who spread it claimed to be himself . Now the picture spreader was found guilty and sentenced to 6 months imprisonment .

In March of outstanding photo claimed as Min Kyung was entertaining a man in the bar . The woman was wearing only lingerie and also next to someone from management Min Kyung . Apparently the photo was fake but it has already spread and tarnish the image of Min Kyung .

Now Seoul court sentenced him to 2 netter proven pass . They were sentenced to 6 months to 2 years probation and perform 80 hours of community service . The defendant is not guilty because he insisted from the outset that no claim figure Min Kyung .

"The defendant never said that Kang Min Kyung , all the assumptions the results public , " said the representative . "You can not call him Kang Min Kyung but looks similar. Similar face but it could be someone else . "

Although the catapult defense but ultimately the judge still punish because they are considered to be driving public opinion . " Although the defendant did not mention the name but the photo was seen publicly was Kang Min Kyung so good as a celebrity name remains tainted , " said the judge .

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Is Sooyoung SNSD Jealous With Yuri SNSD Still Remain Slim Stomach In TV Shows?

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The " One Night of TV Entertainment " featured a number of video action Kwon Yuri of Girls ' Generation . The video shows a flat stomach and muscular Yuri . In that event , the stomach Yuri Sooyoung was compared with that in fact is the host of "One Night of TV Entertainment " .

" Is your stomach too muscular ? " Yoon Do Hyun asked hosted at Sooyoung . While joking , Sooyoung also said that the muscular stomach does not like Yuri . " I have a trident -shaped muscle but did not . Muscle belly is more like a fork for the dessert , " Sooyoung said to laughter from the audience .

At that time , the coach Yuri revealed that the actress " Fashion King " is indeed very happy exercising . Even at other times of rest , Yuri will keep exercising .

" It is normal to take istrirahat between filming , but Yuri never rest , " said the trainer . " To be honest I just can not do like him , I think he is amazing . "

Sooyoung also confirmed that Yuri speech coach . " He's always working out every day . As coach , he even exercising when the schedule is over . " Sooyoung said . " One Night of TV Entertainment " is a show that aired on SBS .

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Apology From One Of Audio Recording Transmitters EXO Members With a Woman

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EXO a netizen discussion when someone spread the audio recording during one of the games of the bottom of it's members . The member 's get excited because of the bottom of the game with the girl who allegedly A Pink . After clarifying the agency , now the perpetrators confess and apologize.

A woman wrote in a post on a blog claiming to be " Bboom " . The name is the owner of a female voice that is often mentioned in the record . It was utter how early start to interact with EXO member at League of Legends ( LoL ) .

"I find no member EXO play online games then. When he started playing them say ' Hi Bboom Enter 1212 ' and I can log in with the password 1212 , " Show the person. "While attention to members ' League of Legends ' of the bottom of my other chat room hack them . Apparently they stopped to chat to me out of the bottom TalkOn hack ( voice chat room ) . "

Bboom pleaded 's possible deg - time secretly recording the proceedings for EXO idolized . It embroider with her ​​cell phone and heard a voice keyboard that was hers. " Sehun and Baekhyun is my favorite celebrity . Gementaran time I did it (the tape ) , " said him .

However Bboom say still appreciate the very personal to edit contents of audio recordings . "I also remove some other parts such as Sehun mention their current address , " he wrote again .

"I think initially I wrote in regret . Realize I'm late reporting faults when reading , " he continued . " Now I'm really sorry. From now on I will support them in the right way . "

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SNSD Yoona news Experiencing a Car Accident

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It surprisingly revealed from several major media reports in Korea . Yoona of Girls ' Generation mentioned ever in a car accident . The news was confirmed by SM Entertainment spokesman .

Some sources claimed to have been rumors that Yoona had a collision last month . " The cause of the crash was due to technical problems existing vehicles inside Yoona , Yoona car driven another car when the accident happened , " said the source .

The accident occurred when Yoona departure to undergo activity. At that time he was driving a car with his manager and fortunately they were both fine . Now the BC representative assured that there are no serious problems as a result of the accident .

" Yoona is actually in a car accident in early November , " said spokesman Newsen . " But it's only a minor collision and he was fine . "

Spokesman confirms that Yoona will continue filming " Prime Minister and I" as usual . He will also perform with SNSD at their concert in the series SMTOWN WEEK on 22 December.

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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Two actress is accused Accidentally Opens Vital Body Parts BIFF Red Carpet

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Busan International Film Festival ( BIFF ) is the 18th time it has been officially opened on October 3 . The top actress and actors becomes the media spotlight when walking the red carpet . Among the celebrities there who steal the show in a dress too sexy .

There are two actresses that make the crew 's eyes grew wide media and netizens with her ​​dress that Han Kang Soo Ah and Hanna . Soo Ah come dressed wearing a glamorous gold gown very low cleavage and thigh pieces are high . While Hanna was wearing closed but leaves open the back is very low .

Hanna widely criticized by netizens as a model the back of her dress almost spit his ass . Can be seen when walking around the top of her butt that led to speculation he was not wearing panties .

" After showing off breasts can not now be indulgence in the ass ? " comments netter. " Is she not wearing underwear ? Give me a break ! " Other critics . " Hemisphere ass it ruin the overall design of the dress is actually beautiful . "

Meanwhile Soo Ah is actually wearing a dress open still within reasonable limits . But the criticism was coming when he cleared her dress while posing for photographs . Chest and thighs actress who also starred in the series " The King's Dream " ( KBS , 2012) is also terumbar clear and photographed by a camera reporter .

" The more that deliberately show off ya body on the red carpet . Come next year naked gentlemen , " criticism netter . " He deliberately huh ? " Other added . " Why prestigious film festival is not well known actress met with the attention-seeking indulgence of the body ? "

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Now Admits Agency Rumors L Infinite Going out with Ulzzang

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In September rumors circulated that L Infinite courtship with ulzzang named Kim Do Yeon . When it Woolim Entertainment denied the truth . But now the agency recognizes that the first rumor was true .

" L has been dating for 4 months with the girl , starting from September, when rumors circulated of , " said an official statement . " At that time l want to admit it but in order to protect the artist then as our agency has denied these rumors . Nowadays we're sorry . "

" When rumors emerged Infinite was touring overseas and they do not often see anymore , " he continued . " We hope in this way no one else was hurt because of this problem . "

The statement was made ​​after Kim Do Yeon's agency tweeted that he was told to cover up his relationship with L. At first he agreed to remain silent for the sake of the common good . But now finally speak out because they are no longer bothered by fans hold L and threatened to report to the police .

Kim Do Yeon claim often receive terror will be killed , his car vandalized and his family harassed since the scandal emerged with L. He finally ventured to uncover the fact after seeing his parents fell ill because of the stress thinking about his daughter continues to be disturbed . He also felt guilty to be in contact with other people because all these nodes .

" After seeing my mother cry , I think it failed to protect the people I care about so I'm sure to uncover all of this , " Kim Do Yeon tweets . " Although we may be criticized for dating but I guess I did not do anything wrong to have to experience threatened and personal information distributed on the Internet . "

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Kim Bum and Moon Geun Young Hand Trailers Arrive at the Airport

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Kim Bum and Moon Geun Young arguably become the new celebrity couple of the most eagerly awaited . Finally they appeared together in public since announcing dating .

Kim Bum and Geun Young spotted together arriving at Incheon airport on November 25 . Wore closed , they look relaxed home from a vacation in Europe . Even couples series " Goddess of Fire " is holding hands tightly as he pushed the suitcase regardless journalists photographing .

Whether intentional or not , but Kim Bum and Geun Young spotted wearing similar clothes . Both were wearing hoodie jacket gray coated black coat that looks exactly the same in all to see. Geun Young appears indifferent but Kim Bum is seen smiling while holding hands .

"I'm happy to see them , " commented a netter . " They were a great couple . Makes envy alone , " said the other . " Kim Bum looks really happy . "

Kim Bum next schedule is going to Japan on November 30 for the promo " That Winter , The Wind Blows " . While Geun Young will rest after his return from a holiday in Europe .

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SNSD Yoona Not Aware followed Paparazzi

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During this lovely girl Yoona is known as graceful and feminine . But Yoona still human like everyone else who is. Recently circulated photo Yoona pose undue .

The pictures were taken while Yoona was on the plane . The photo shows two personnel of Girls ' Generation 's were still asleep with his mouth open . While other photo shows Yoona was putting food into his mouth .

Could be a fun chat on the internet , Yoona finally explained the photo turned out to be secretly taken it . " Photo was embarrassing paparazzi magazine reported in Hong Kong . Photograph was taken just as I would incorporate seaweed rice into my mouth , " said Yoona on the show " Happy Together 3 " .

" I was on a flight to Hong Kong and I think the man sitting in front of me was taking my picture with a hidden camera , " complained Yoona . " Photos when I fell asleep with my mouth open that big printed in the magazine instead . Want to erase forever the photos . "

Netter and fans were giving encouragement to Yoona . " With any pose , Yoona still be beautiful , really , " commented a netter .

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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Yoona SNSD Tells About His First Love

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Yoona of Girls ' Generation talk about the story of his first love figure . He even still in touch with former first love .

While appearing on " Happy Together 3 " Yoona admitted until now still call each other by the former first love . Friendship that has been going on since elementary school , about 11 years ago . Yoona also said that he was not affected by his status as a member of SNSD in friends.

Yoona even blunt at the man that had once had a crush on him . " I'm afraid he will realize it first so I preceded says , " I 've had a crush on you first , "said the star of the series " Love Rain "is.

The MC events were immediately excited to hear confession and asked how the man 's response . " He said he first suspected I had a crush on , but I think now he regretted it ( not invite dating ) , " said Yoona .

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Lee Hyori Reveals Reasons Small Reception Held and Closed

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Lee Hyori makes a surprise when choosing a wedding party held in a closed session in Jeju . Now, he uncovering reasons for choosing to hold in private and attended only limited guests .

Shown first time with her ​​husband , Lee Sang Soon , the singer of " U Go Girl " was admitted to not like the fancy reception with lots of invitations . According to him , the party as it does not leave the impression that he does not want to experience it .

" Every time I come to the wedding in the building , the show was over in 30 minutes and his bride did not know anyone who came there to congratulate him , " said Hyori . " I feel like the reception futile , so I do not want to do that someday . "

Hyori also claim very lucky to meet a husband who supports the idea . Finally they decided to set up own marriage is much easier because held at home. He also avoids the " exploit " his fellow celebrities in order to be more comfortable atmosphere .

" We do all things wedding related so as to provide a lasting impression for all who come , " he continued . " We feel comfortable preparing for this wedding since the day before . Dress I was wearing was not expensive and comfortable to wear . Bouquet of flowers also made ​​of flowers taken in the garden of the house . "

" We have a lot of friends but I think the famous singer would not be comfortable when they come . So finally my father singing with Lee Sang Soon guitar during the show and it made ​​me feel more comfortable , " said Hyori . " I hope the wedding was ' relaxed ' as this could be more popular in the future . "

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Agency Responds to Rumors SNSD Comeback with Masculine Concept

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Circulating rumors of Girls ' Generation will comeback in early 2014 to make fans excited . Even more surprising , they are rumored to be back with a more masculine concept in his new album . SM Entertainment also acted quickly respond to these rumors .

" Girls ' Generation is in preparing comeback scheduled to be held early next year , " said a spokesman for SM Entertainment , Saturday ( 7/12 ) . " But the exact date has not been determined . We will disclose the details later when the existing schedule . "

However , SM Entertainment has denied the concept this time is masculine . " Although not masculine , you will be able to see a new side of Girls ' Generation , " he continued .

The previous rumors mentioned that SNSD already chosen a single pledge from his latest album . Music video also has begun to be made since 6 December.

SNSD is currently busy with the preparation of their new Japanese album , " Love & Peace " . The album contains 12 tracks will be released Dec. 11 .

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Lee Min Ho Injury While Filming 'Heirs'

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Lee Min Ho reportedly suffered injuries while filming the series "Heirs" ("The Inheritors"). When filming a fight scene, Min Ho was wounded in the mouth.

Fortunately, the injury was not too severe. Actor "City Hunter" is directly compress with ice so that his face was swollen. After that, Min Ho straight back to continue filming.

The series tells the story of a rich heir, Kim Tan, and the poor girl, Eun Sang. The two met by accident in California, United States. Since then life the two are related to each other.

"Heirs" began airing in early October on SBS stations. The series also helped Leondardo Park Shin Hye, Choi Jin Hyuk, Kim Ji Won, Hyungsik ZE: A, Krystal f (x) and Kang Min Hyuk CN Blue. Last week the series earned the highest rating, and beat the others.

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Kyuhyun Super Junior protest about Romance Rumors With Seulgi SMRookies

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In August  Kyuhyun Super Junior 's teased on " Radio Star " because Krystal f ( x ) reveals she has a crush with one of the trainees . Now trainee named Seulgi has been announced will debut in SMRookies group . As a result the name Kyuhyun back now busy talking .

Apparently after SM Entertainment announced it will bring a lot of media to discuss recognition SMRookies Kyuhyun on " Radio Star " first . At that time she admitted attention Seulgi , even made a video message at the event . But now he insists that there is no relationship with the 19-year -old girl .

"You made ​​me have to go in Twitter again . Coverage was not true , he 's not my boyfriend , " Kyuhyun wrote on Twitter . " I'm just one of the seniors who want to encourage him . "

Although annoyed but Kyuhyun seems nonchalant because eventually even help promote SMRookies via tweet. "Who SMRookies ? They are Seulgi , Jeno , Taeyong . I hope you can be the ideal romantic partner for everyone and have a happy ending story , " he added .

SMRookies a pre - debut group consisting of two boys , Jeno ( 13 ) and Taeyong ( 18 ) and one girl is Seulgi . BC also recently reveals their teaser photos and videos on Twitter or Facebook.

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Latest News K - POP : Yoona SNSD Really Love Scandal with Lee Bum Soo ?

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Yoona of Girls ' Generation scandal love in his new series " Prime Minister and I" . In the series , the character Nam Da Jung told Yoona accidentally involved in the scandal with the prime minister , played by Lee Bum Soo .

In the preview video circulating Yoona and Lee Bum Soo accidentally photographed kissing both would like . Though both were to argue that point . Because of this scandal , Yoona finally asked to pretend to be a couple Lee Bum Soo for the sake of his political career .

Before the press conference , Yoona appearance was dimake -over becomes more beautiful . Everyone is fascinated with Yoona kecatikan including Lee Bum Soo and Yoon Shi Yoon , who plays one of the employees of the prime minister . Some time ago , Yoona claimed that she had always wanted to play a romantic comedy series .

" Actually, I have long wanted to play the romantic comedy , " said Yoona . " And the process of filming the series has an atmosphere that I always imagined . 's All very interesting to me . "

The plan , the series will be plotted to replace the " Future Choice" . " Prime Minister and I" is scheduled to air from December on KBS station . The series is written the script by Kim Eun Hee who once worked on the script for " My Fair Lady " .

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Lee Dong Wook Reveals Experience romance

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Lee Dong wook talked openly about her love life while performing on " Taxi " . He recounted his experience when first dating and plans to stay single for a while.

Star of the series " Scent of a Woman " was admitted last dating 7 months ago . But this time he has not kepikiran to find a boyfriend again and enjoy life as a single man . Dong Wook also said it is not planning to get married despite having imagined .

" I thought about it , imagine what if I marry my boyfriend . , But somehow I can not serious , " said Dong Wook . " Even today I am not planning to get married . "

" I 'm not interested ( have a girlfriend ) . Singles and I feel comfortable because there is no limit , " he continued . " I want to meet the person who got me interested but not a lot of opportunity and I can not do blind dates . "

Although busy as an artist but Dong Wook said he was satisfied with his love during this trip . He was happy never to have a long relationship . " I'm going for 2-3 years . Guess so it is important to live a long time together , " he added .

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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Girls ' Generation Ad leaked song ' Blade and Soul ' in Shanghai

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As reported earlier , Girls ' Generation commercials lined up to be the game " Blade & Soul " in China . Saturday, November 30th , Girls ' Generation sang the latest ad " Blade and Soul " .

Game advertising song titled " Sword for Spirit / Hope " they sang in Chinese . When the Girls ' Generation perform at an event in Shanghai . Previously , the latest poster advertising and Girls ' Generation for this game advertising has also been launched .

Fans also became hysterical when their idol sing " Sword for Spirit / Hope " . With their compact appearance , Girls ' Generation sang with gusto.

Sponsors " Blade and Soul " with the hope that the involvement of Girls ' Generation in the promo this game could draw more public interest . " Blade and Soul " with the Chinese server has begun to open on November 28.

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Heechul Super Junior's Has not had a Girlfriend

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Fans usually do not like his idol dating , but it seems not with Super Junior's Kim Heechul . He claimed even her fans told her to immediately find a boyfriend aggressively .

When filling the radio show " Cultwo Show" , Heechul also casually admitted to dating a celebrity . "It's been a long time ( not dating ) since the last time I dated a celebrity , " said Heechul .

The statement surprised but answered two radio DJs relaxed by Heechul . "Of course I'm never going out . I'm not young anymore , " he continued . Former hosts " Radio Star " was also disclosed that the current fans worried about the future romance .

" My fans sent out to start dating because they see too many games and read comics all the time , " said Heechul . " They want me to go out with a real person , instead of living in a fantasy world . "

" My fans worried maybe I'll fall in love with the character of the game , " said Heechul jokingly . " But everyone 's got different tastes and this time it taste like .

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SNSD Yoona true prettier than Go Ara Lee Yeon - Hee?

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Who can deny the beauty Yoona ? a personnel Girls ' Generation is also has a natural beauty that is admired by many. Yoona himself also believes that it is more beautiful than beauty other SM Entertainment artists , such as Go Ara Lee Yeon Hee or .
Yoona revealed this while appearing on the show " Entertainment Relay " KBS , November 30. MC asked who is the most beautiful among the three artists dainty SM Entertainment , Yoona immediately replied , " Sorry , ( the most beautiful is ) Yoona " . But according to Yoona , confidence is more important to have than a beauty .
In this event , YoonA also revealed that he dreamed a dream date . This beautiful girl claimed to want a romantic date as desired most of the other girls .
" Dating the normal mediocre , but romantic , " said Yoona . " As both a movie , a meal, a walk , to the cafes and take me home . "
At the end of 2013 , Yoona also hopes his latest series , " Prime Minister and I" , can get good results .
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