Monday, May 6, 2013

Really Krystal f (x) and G-Dragon Ever Dating?

7:18 PM

Krystal f (x) is known to have recently opened Instagram accounts starting April 8. But suddenly the account named kjungxox been removed without notice from Krystal. The netizen also suspect Krystal delete his account because of G-Dragon.

Big Bang leader has long preached so follower Krystal account. The netizens also noticed that G-Dragon put "Like" on all photos posted Krystal. No doubt, there is rumor that SNSD Jessica's sister and G-Dragon dating or at least the singer of "One of a Kind" has a crush on Krystal.

The suspicion eventually flooded to create an account owned by Krystal negative comments and verbal abuse from fans G-Dragon. Not long after kjungxox account is not to be found in Instagram signifying been removed. But Krystal remained silent until now, as well as G-Dragon.

In addition to the issue of dating is also speculation that circulated likely Krystal delete the account because it has often been hacked. A netizen shows Krystal current account posting was hacked.

Silence both triggers various mixed reactions from fans. Krystal felt disappointed fans G-Dragon did not warn the fans who behave badly. While netizens themselves suggest Krystal and G-Dragon to make a statement that gossip is not growing.

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