Monday, May 6, 2013

Ha Ji Won Had Mental Disorders Experience After Filming 'Sector 7'

7:22 PM

Unfortunate fate experienced by Ha Ji Won after diving filming "Sector 7". Actress series "Secret Garden" was admitted had experienced a mental disorder at the time. As he cried, Ha Ji Won reveals she had to undergo special therapy after filming "Sector 7".

Apparently, because it is steeped in Ha Ji Won's character can not be separated from the role she played in the movie. Whereas in the film Ha Ji Won plays the character of a lonely because everyone he loves dies told.

"After filming 'Sector 7' I need psychiatric help. I can not get out of my character," says Ha Ji Won cried on the show "Thank You". "In the movie 'Sector 7' monster dead and all the people that I cared too dead. Makes me the only person who is still alive. Due to various reasons, I could not get out of the pain that character for a long time."

On that occasion, Ha Ji Won also confessed that he was often too deep into the character he played. Ha Ji Won reveals he was the type of person who is hard to have fun.

"I guess I'm not the type that fun. I've always been very steeped in character until the project was over," he said. "I realize I'm a boring person. Fact, when I was resting from filming, I'm trying to keep busy."

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