Friday, June 28, 2013

Park Han Byul So netizens target critics Due to Scandal Se7en

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Se7en is currently public spotlight being caught going to a massage parlor "plus-plus" while on duty draftee. This eventually led to her boyfriend, Park Han Byul, go get the sap. Han Byul official website immediately flooded with vitriolic comments netter.

When scandal Se7en strongest netter's fancafe owned directly attacked the singer of "Better Together" was. Now owned by Han Byul participated website targets of anger netter. Scathing comments directed to various series of "Oh! My Lady" was.

Comments that are netter addressed mostly about Se7en, as if the website does not belong to the Han Byul. They accuse Han Byul became lovers Se7en incompetent until this incident happened. Because, Se7en visited a massage parlor offering sex services.

"Why do not you take care of it better Se7en? You lost him for a woman whose price is 170 thousand won," a netizen criticism. "Unni, if you want to break up with him to give it to me. I have no problem with anything that he did," quipped another netter. "If you're married with children Se7en then you will know her father supports prostitution."

While the development of this latest scandal is Mighty Mouth Sangchu admitting guilt. He said he would take full responsibility for this incident and asked Se7en released from punishment. But netizens insist Se7en still be punished for doing it consciously.

"I'll take responsibility for this incident as soldiers with higher rank," said Sangchu in the investigation. "Se7en is not guilty."

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Agency Denies Costume Girl's Day Yura at MV 'Female President' Vulgar

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Until now, Girl's Day's music video "Female President" still reap criticism for being too sexy. One reason the tight costumes worn by Yura where she impressed her legs to show off.

For the sake of avoiding the hoopla, Dreamt Entertainment agency clarified that it was not just a costume Yura one-piece dress skimpy. Affirmed by Dreamt Entertainment, Yura tight full body costume.

"The subject Yura is part of the overall costume is pretty tight," said the agency. "Not just a one-piece dress but full body costume that makes up most of the body is not exposed."

But despite trying to defend himself, netizens remain disappointed with the music video "Female President". "Although it has been described, but there was no denying that the music video too vulgar," said a netizen.

Meanwhile, Girl's Day reveals that they are not depressed despite protests flooded. Moreover, thousands of people still attend their comeback showcase in Seoul, recently.

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Still Admits Contacts, Suzy Affirm Not dating with Kim Soo Hyun

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Miss A's Suzy constantly exposed to the issue going out with Kim Soo Hyun since played together in "Dream High". Suzy himself admitted was chatting with Soo Hyun though the series is over. But he was not going out with actor insists "Secretly Greatly" is.

In a recent interview Suzy admits she still contact Soo Hyun associated serial "Gu Family Book" that starred. But he said it was a matter that is not privileged. Miss A's maknae also straighten out that now they are not very often talk as equally busy.

"I asked him about the filming locations for 'Gu Family Book'. Thought he knew better because never played there before," said Suzy. "We also talked briefly light."

"We kept in touch anyway. I also know a lot of rumors because we were pretty close," continued the star of the series "Big" is. "But lately we are both busy so not too frequent contact with each other."

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Baek Ji Young Will Break 3 Months to Recovery After Miscarriage

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Baek Ji Young
is still grieving over a miscarriage she experienced. The singer of "Good Boy" is planning a short break from the world of entertainment for their restoration. Ji Young will be on hiatus for 3 months.

Not only singing activities, Ji Young and Jung Suk Won also cancel their honeymoon. They will depart to Las Vegas in early July after all the completed schedule. This is done in order to focus Ji Young recuperate.

"Baek Ji Young will take a break for 3 months from all the activities," said agency spokesman. "Actually, he also has plans honeymoon to Las Vegas, Nevada, in early July but the plan was also shelved."

Baek Ji Young is currently 12 weeks pregnant with the married Jung Suk Won married on June 2. But on June 27, the singer of "That Man" was declared a miscarriage after complaining of stomach pain. He is currently resting at the hospital accompanied by her family after undergoing surgery.

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Roy Kim denies dating with Serial Actress 'Flower Boy Next Door'

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Roy Kim became excited when the conversation suddenly appeared rumored to have had a girlfriend. Dropout singer talent search "Super Star K4" is rumored to establish love with Park Soo Jin. Kim Roy straightening agency now these rumors.

"Both of them had ever met in person a few times," said spokesman Fortune Entertainment. "But lately they have not met again."

Roy Kim rebuttal statement that the agency is also justified by the Soo Jin. "True they had met, but we've confirmed that at this time they do not work together anymore," said spokesman Double M Entertainment.

Previously it was rumored that Roy Kim and actress serial "Flower Boy Next Door" had been dating for 4 months. They are said to be attracted since Soo Jin guested Roy Kim on a radio show last February. They say they often near home dating Kim Roy.

Sports Donga media report that shocked the public because Soo Jin 8 years older than Roy Kim. The actress, who also starred in the series "My Girlfriend is Gumiho" was known as a girlfriend of footballer since 2010 and no news has been broken. Previous Soo Jin also never suspected a date with U-Know Yunho of TVXQ.

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Kahi: in After School Uee Start Losing Popular from Nana and Lizzy

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Kahi expressed his views as a former member of After School while performing on "Radio Star". He felt the popularity Uee is now not as popular as before. Uee even started being overtaken by Nana and Lizzy.

In the event, MC Kim Gura discuss competition with Kahi Uee popularity in the past. Kim Gura also considers current After School has been less popular than Sistar. But instead saying Kahi Uee is not as famous yet.

"When you're starring Uee and advertising a water park, Uee is very famous at that time," said Kim Gura. "Now it looks like After School have started losing Sistar. Uee But still famous, right?"

"Currently Uee began vulnerable position," said Kim Gura Kahi answered with reason because Uee already 25 years old. He also said his view that Nana and Lizzy looks more famous now.

Kahi also confirmed greeting Kim Gura, Nana and Lizzy is more famous than Uee. "Currently, After School member is the most famous member of Orange Caramel," he added.

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Girl's Day Ridiculed For Porn Stars For MV 'Female President'

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Girl's Day is still criticized for releasing the music video "Female President". Fans even senior singer Lee Seung Chul also commented on Girl's Day costume is too sexy and show off limbs.

"They are crazy, is not it? They like a porn star," blasted the fans via blogs Netizens Buzz. "If they talk about the power of women, why too sexual? Someone who I believe to be kissed for the first time is not the reason why South Korean President Park Geun-Hye can be selected. But precisely because of talent or talent. Why lyricist ('Female President') do not discuss it, "said another fan.

Meanwhile, Seung Chul does not just condemn Girl's Day but also other female singers and girl group who lately fond indulgence in the body. "Bare feet, teaser lingerie, costume illusion? There is actually doing promotion like that," regrets the singer of "The Day to Love" was.

Fans also directly provide support on Seung Chul who had 27-year career in the music industry. "Too much indulgence in the body damaging the music industry today. Highly embarrassing watching music with family," said a netizen. "Is the concept that is visually appealing than did normal song?" asked other fans.

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Reaction T-ara's Soyeon Agency Accused of Plastic Surgery For Music Video

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More recently, T-ara member, Soyeon, has come under fire after she was featured in the music video "Like the Wind". It is a sub-unit PV for specific T-ara Japan, QBS, which consists Soyeon, Qri and Boram.

Because it looks feminine and more mature, netizens suspect that Soyeon perform plastic surgery. In order for the widespread speculation, T-ara's agency, Core Contents Media, provide clarification.

"Soyeon was recently doing beauty treatments," said CCM, Tuesday (25/6). "However, we believe that she looks different because of light effect and makeup. Was not the result of the operation, just simple maintenance."

But netizens are still in disbelief. The reason seems clear Soyeon change with a more pointed chin and chubby cheeks are no longer.

"Of course it was the result of plastic surgery," said a netizen. "Where Soyeon fascinating. Is this the same person?" asked other fans.

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Write a message on the Official Website, Agency Denies Park Shi Hoo Will Comeback

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Park Shi Hoo has yet to appear in public since the completion of the case of alleged rape last May. Not been heard, Shi Hoo recently updated her official website in Japan. There he posted a message of his own handwriting.

"Hello, this is Park Shi Hoo. Thank you to everyone who was waiting for this," wrote Shi Hoo. "This website will be updated Japanese mine. Please frequent visits. Soon I will be back with a better image. Everybody, I love you."

Statement star of the series "Princess Man" makes his fans speculate that he will soon comeback to the world of entertainment. But the agency denied Shi Hoo will be back soon. The message was posted just to let you know that the website will be updated.

"The message was not a statement to comeback. We will only update the website," said agency spokesman. "Shi Hoo no plans for activities at home and abroad for the time being."

Previous Shi Hoo has announced it will cease all activities until the end of the year. The decision to take a hiatus to give Shi Hoo time introspection of rape that happened. It also decided not to hold a press conference revealing the truth of this case.

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As suspected to Massage Served, Se7en and Sangchu Will Investigated

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Celebrity scandals are shaking this time draftee who happened to Se7en and Mighty Mouth Sangchu. They allegedly went to a massage parlor while doing the task. It was a hot issue after netizens revealed in a television show.

Se7en and Sangchu alleged celebrity covered by the media while visiting a massage parlor "plus plus" at 4 o'clock in the morning. In the show, the military claimed the visit was to treat a back injury and knee one of them. But the military can not mention the reason why the other person go to a massage parlor but do not need any treatment.

"Currently we are investigating seleberiti Se7en and Sangchu that go into adult entertainment after duty," said the military spokesman. "If it is true then they will be treated in accordance with applicable law."

In the show "In Depth 21" was originally documented the military PR activities in a concert for the troops on June 21. Celebrities who participated there was Se7en, Sangchu, Kim Kyung Hyun The Cross, Rain and KCM. They then ate together at a restaurant and have a drink after changing his uniform.

After returning to the motel there are two soldiers who came out to take a taxi to go to a massage parlor in the early morning. Journalists covering then intercept them after 30 minutes in the massage parlors and grilling him with questions. But they said he did not do anything illegal and drinking alcohol.

Journalists covering also questioned massage parlor owner who confirmed that two soldiers were not doing massage and ask for more money. He confirmed that his place was a massage parlor that provides sexual services. Although not a massage, but the two soldiers caught drinking alcohol, have a cell phone, changing uniforms and go without permission is a strict prohibition for conscription.

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Song Joong Ki denies in August Conscription

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Song Joong Ki has yet to undergo compulsory military service. Joong Ki recently was widely rumored to be incoming draftee in August. However, the agency of the series "Sungkyunkwan Scandal" is denied.

"Gossip is not true," said a spokesman Blossom Entertainment. "He has not even received any announcement. Draftee when the schedule has been decided for sure we will announce it."

Party also said the agency is currently Joong Ki are choosing the next project. Joong Ki appeared last starred on "Nice Guy" and the film "A Werewolf Boy" performed together last year. Since then he has not appeared again on screen after a model owned MV Kim Jong Kook.

Joong Ki was born 19 September 1985 so that this year 28-year-old (Korean age 29 years). Netizens themselves have not even sparing Joong Ki draftee considering approaching the age limit. The netters are now supporting former MC "Music Bank" was to immediately draftee only.

"He was born in '85. Want delayed until when?" wrote a netizen. "Hopefully he can get that done draftee like Yoo Seung Ho," added another netter. "He's too late now. Should he go before it's too late that his career will be perfect when finished draftee."

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Lady Jane Affirm End with Simon D Not As E-Sens

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Shipwreck of romance Simon D and Lady Jane public surprised many. The reason, they are known romantic and durable dating for 6 years. Reportedly both breakup caused by E-Sens is an associate in singing Simon D Supreme Team.

"There was an article that said the reason she decided Lady Jane and Simon D is E-Sens. Firstly we do not memperdulikannya but because it was published then we need to straighten out," said spokeswoman Jane at Sport Seoul. "The cause of their breakup was a purely personal matter, not because of E-Sens."

Given this rebuttal Jane hopes the name E-Sens no longer associated with it. The spokesman also said the relationship Lady Jane and Simon D is still fine after the break.

"Although it has been dropped but they are still on good terms," said a spokesman. "They still talk to each other, even after the break up news spread in public. They now become his fellow musicians."

Previously had circulated rumors Simon D broke because one of the reasons is busy attending to E-Sens. Colleague Simon D sang the marijuana scandal was tripped at the beginning of last year. Additionally flurry Simon D footage also be the cause of breaking up.

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After School's Lizzy Gossip Scandal Explain His love with G-Dragon

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Some time ago came up dating rumors between After School's Lizzy and Big Bang's G-Dragon. These rumors circulating because of the lyrics in one song G-Dragon is like mentioning the word 'Lizzy'. However, in the show "Radio Star" Lizzy immediately denied these rumors.

"Even the members of Super Junior participated curious. There is a section in lyrics G-Dragon is at the end sounds like Lizzy," said Kyuhyun, hosted the event tersbeut. "We wondered whether there was a purpose he uses the lyrics?"

Kyuhyun heard this question, Lizzy laughed outright. "Gossip is not true. Guess he (G-Dragon) just want to sync the lyrics, but that does not mean anything," said Lizzy.

However, Lizzy said he was happy because thanks to gossip that his name became known. "The one we kept asking me if I was really going out with him. Least I'm glad he did not notice me," said Lizzy.

Kyuhyun then tried to lure Lizzy and said there was a netizen who claimed to see them dating. "What do you see for yourself.'re Lying," Lizzy said to laughter from the others.

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Series 'The Queen's Classroom' Netizens Protest Considered Punishment Due Rabbits

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Serial "The Queen's Classroom" protests from netizens for being unkind to animals. Currently making process, the production is using rabbits to shoot MBC's series. However, the crew apparently little regard for these animals.

The protest started when "The Queen's Classroom" held shooting in a city. Local residents look at a number of rabbits were caged narrow and can barely move. The crew also reportedly did not provide drinks in the hot weather.

When locals tried to provide drinks, serial crew was touted instead drove him away. This apparently sparked protests from netizens and cast a petition on the series soundtrack is filled by SHINee.

"How could they do this. They do not even feel guilty," said one netizen. "How could you torture animals for the sake of a series," commented another. "Cage looks too small for them," said another netizen.

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After School's Lizzy feud Gossip With A Pink's Eun Ji Song Hye Kyo in Serial

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After School's Lizzy was rumored to envy the success of A Pink's Eun Ji who successfully starred on "That Winter, The Wind Blows" with top artists such as Song Hye Kyo. As you well know, Lizzy and Eun Ji came from the same town.

However, through the program "Radio Star", Lizzy has denied these rumors. He admitted to not feel envy and gossip is not true.

"People say after a successful Ji Eun starred on I'm so jealous of her," said Lizzy. When asked about the role of Eun Ji in the series "That Winter, The Wind Blows", Lizzy admitted that he was also able to do so but by then he was involved filming "Rascal Sons".

"Eun Ji act using a standard dialect (Seoul). I can do," he added. "But I was filming 'Rascal Sons' that requires that I use the Busan dialect."

To prove it, Lizzy also had challenged speak the standard dialect in the show. "I'm not jealous of Eun Ji or something like that, so please do not talk bad things about me," he concluded.

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Nana After School Treated For Fall from Stage

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Raina or Nana in recovery after earlier falling from the stage as high as 1 meter. Based on the examination at the hospital, After School member is not seriously injured but still had to rest because it is still in shock.

"There was no damage to the bone, but due to injury and still experiencing some symptoms, we will cancel all of its activities," the agency said. "He will rest to recuperate."

This means, Nana absent not only for personal activities but also related to the promo single and After School's new album, "First Love".

Before the beginning of June, After School member, Lizzy, suffered an ankle injury sidelines exercise. He was not able to follow the gig aktivity of After School.

"I'm very excited to try the movement that we have never learned before. Yet I fell and hurt myself," says Lizzy. "I'm very disappointed because my training for 6 months so in vain."

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Kang Sora dress incident at Busan Film Festival Event

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Embarrassing experience just happened to Kang Sora. It happened when Kang Sora strolling performances Busan Film Festival 2012 on October 5. The dress she wore tear suddenly in front of the media covering the event.

Leeteuk couple in "We Got Married" is wearing an elegant red dress. As I walked the blue carpet in the rear suddenly torn dress Kang Sora is quite wide. Fortunately, he soon realized and holding the open section.

Although her ​​dress was torn in front of the media crew but Kang Sora no panic. He seemed calm despite the rush for his assistant.

Kang Sora also previously appeared on the red carpet of the event with a number of actors and other top Korean actress. At that time he was wearing a black dress with a single rose that makes it like a princess. Kang Sora originally appeared tense as the media portrayed but finally he showed a shy smile.

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Shinhwa's Andy Revealed Real Reason Not Logged HOT

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HOT and Shinhwa an earlier generation of K-pop boy band that made ​​a name as an agency SM Entertainment skyrocketed great. The members of Shinhwa and HOT are known to undergo trainee almost simultaneously. Now former HOT member, Moon Hee Jun, a revealing one surprising fact about them.

During this time many who know that Andy is prepared to become a member of Shinhwa HOT But Tony Ahn who eventually entered the famous boyband single "Candy" is. When was the reason Andy chose Tony because age is too young to join the boy band.

Tony said that initially he and Andy became SM trainees seeing talent search advertising in the newspaper. "We passed the audition and become a trainee, but then comes the problem who will put HOT," said Tony in the show "20th Century Boy".

"Actually agency prefers to Andy," continued lover Girl's Day's Hyeri. "But because he was too young then decided to go in the next group. Then I'm the one chosen to be a member."

The statement was followed Hee June that the main reason for choosing Tony's actually not that. The decision to eliminate Andy emerged from all member HOT own.

"Actually there is one thing that we never told before," said Hee June "Actually, the agency told us to choose between Tony or Andy. All members chose Tony."

HOT Leader election is then claimed that the reason for this is also not known Andy. "Do not tell me-tell Andy yes," said Hee Jun who invite others laugh.

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Sulli of f (x) caught red-handed filming 'Running Man' With Park Ji Sung

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Recently circulated photo Sulli of f (x) is filming SBS's popular variety show, "Running Man". Sulli is not alone, because he was accompanied by other guest stars, namely advertising model cum football athletes Park Ji Sung.

The photos were taken while filming took place on the 19th June. Cash only while filming progresses, the presence of two South Korean international star directly attract the attention of those around them, including the filming crew.

According to a staff member, Ji Sung became an easy target material guyonan the crew and players. Especially when he surprised terjepret camera is dating co-broadcaster Kim Ji Min.

In addition, Ji Sung also be good with one of the major players, Kim Joong Kook. Sulli looks while enjoying filming from start to finish.

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