Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Women's girlfriend or friend Minho SHINee in Location Shooting 'The First Time'

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Minho SHINee
"Because It's the First Time" diligent upload pictures from the set. Today, Wednesday, September 16, 2015 the production team re-uploaded some new photos from the set.

Minho's face again seen in the photos. In one photograph, this SHINee members seemed to go along with the girl. Fans made gutted see Minho took the girl's hand tightly.

Oh Tae actor's face also looks happy in the photo. Wearing a dark suit, a smile could not be separated from Minho face for holding the girl, The question is, whether the girl's lover or friend Minho?

While in another photo, Minho seen spending time together with friends throughout his gang. Looks, Minho sit down with Kim Min-jae and Lee Yi Kyung. All three compact observing Hye Jung Choi action that looks ready to run.

Minho SHINee
Minho SHINee "Because It's The First Time"

On the other hand, "Because It's The First Time" will premiere on October 8, 2015. The drama that aired in OnStyle will present Yoona of Girls' Generation as a cameo in one episode.

T-ara's Eun Jung Wearing Bra Sizes to Appear Beautiful

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Ham Eun Jung
Shown at public events certainly requires the celebrities dressed nicely. Because, if it is considered less good or less suitable, the artist will immediately be highlighted netters ready flooded with comments.

It is experienced Ham Eun Jung recently. The appearance of T-ara members when launching the product "Defaye", commented netter because judged very bad.

On that occasion, Eun Jung chose to wear tops press body which must show her body shape. Combined short black skirt, make the singer "So Crazy" is increasingly look beautiful and sexy.

Not a problem face more dazzling, netter saw nothing strange with the outfit Eun Jung. Apparently, many who regard Eun Jung bra that looks a little conspicuous in this event.

Looks section bra Eun Jung as greatness to be seen forming on his part that is press body. As a result, a wide range of allusion was immediately accepted Eun Jung.
Ham Eun Jung
Ham Eun Jung
"What stylishnya. Bra it looks oversized for Eun Jung," says Netter. "Even as a woman I could tell she was outrageous to wear it," added another. "Not only bra greatness. Model turtleneck also did not suit him," said another.

Kim Hyun Joong Undergo DNA Test to Prove Claims Ex-Girlfriend

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Kim Hyun Joong
Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong is currently compulsory military duty. In the midst of his duties that, Hyun Joong should be shocked by the news of his ex-girlfriend gave birth, Ms. Choi.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015, Kim Hyun Joong held a press conference regarding the status of Ms. Choi and her newborn child. In a press conference, Hyun Joong was represented by a lawyer.

"We will inform our position against Ms. Choi, as well as the results of DNA tests," said attorney Hyun Joong. Through this DNA test, Hyun Joong want to make sure that children born Ms. Choi is indeed her son. If the test result is positive, Hyun Joong intend to name the child in accordance clan once formally registering.

Ms. Choi himself is currently in the stage of post-operative recovery and did not intend to share other information. But representatives Ms. Choi reiterated that his client would sue Kim Hyun Joong for refusing to admit her.