Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Park Bom 2NE1 Want to Wear Sexy Bikini Show off at the event ' Roommate '

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Park Bom 2NE1 said he wanted to show her sexuality on the show " Roommate ". The 30 -year -old actress revealed that she hopes to appear in a sexy bikini at the event.

" I think to show off her bikini body in a seksiku in ' Rommate ', " said Park Bom in radio show " Lee So Ra 's Music Plaza ". " I even had to get ready to buy a gorgeous bikini just in case if I could wear it at the event."

Park Bom also said that he plans to exercise diligent so that her body looks excellent when wearing the bikini. " I think from now on I will be diligent exercise, " he said.

On that occasion , a friend of the group Sandara Park also commented about the bikini . Not like Park Bom , Dara admitted like no confidence when it comes to wearing a bikini. " I also want to be confident when wearing a bikini. Though I was not able to use it, I still want to do it, " said Dara .

" Roommate " is an event in which 11 Korean celebrities have to live with for some time. The show starring Chanyeol EXO, Nana After School, Lee Dong-wook, Park Min Woo, Seo Kang Joon, Hong Soo Hyun, Shin Sung Woo, Lee Sora, Seo Ho Cho and Song Ga Yeon. The plan, " Roommate " will premiere on 20 April 2014 local time at the station SBS.

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Na Eun Ji Eun Reveals Most Hard Drinking Alcohol in A Pink

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A Pink has a smooth image, but that does not mean can not drink alcohol. Na Eun Ji Eun was leaked that the most good about drinking alcohol among the other members.

This was revealed by Na Eun as a guest quiz show "1 Versus 100". At that time he was asked about his ability to drink alcohol MC. SHINee Taemin vitual wife in "WGM" it is already entered legal age and just being a student.

However, Na Eun pleaded not hold drinking too much alcohol. "I was so red when drinking even just a little, so I could not drink a lot," he said.

"So where the A Pink members who can drink the most?" MC Han Seok asked answered carefully. "Ji Eun unni., But he did not have the habit of drinking anyway."

Tiffany SNSD and 2PM's Nichkhun Dating at Disneyland?

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Tiffany of Girls Generation and Nichkhun 2PM continued to be the center of attention since the release of dating. Now, a netizen claimed to meet them on a date at Disneyland a few days ago.

Sports Seoul published a photo of a date in Disneyland and the talk netter in various online forums. The media claimed that the photo was taken three days ago from a source who accidentally saw Tiffany and Nichkhun there.

The Netter itself seems to respond positively to the dating Tiffany and Nichkhun. They even objected to the outstanding photo because it will make them uncomfortable dating.

" Please do not disturb them . They also want to date like a regular couple, " said Netter. " Things like this that make celebrity girlfriend refuse to publish , please respect their privacy, " said the other. " Nice yes , after proving the date now being followed. "

Tiffany is a member of SNSD third affair was revealed to the public. Previously, YoonA also has confirmed a relationship with Lee Seung Gi. Likewise also with Sooyoung is having an affair with actor Jung Kyung Ho.

Nana Speak Gossip Problem courtship with Kim Soo Hyun

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Nana Orange Caramel to comment on rumors courtship with Kim Soo Hyun. While appearing on " Beatles Code 2 ", Nana asked about the truth of these rumors.

" There are rumors circulating lately that mention Kim Soo Hyun and Nana dating?" Shin Dong Yup asked the host. Nana explained that the rumor is not true. Orange Caramel Other members also explains the origin of the spread of rumors.

" Yes I know about the rumors. I heard from the staff at a store that reporter who pass, " said Nana. " However if there is smoke there must be fire. "

Raina and Lizzy then explained that it all began when the actor " Man from the Star " was admitted to Orange Caramel is his favorite girl group. "In the past , Kim Soo Hyun never chose Orange Caramel as a girl group he likes. We thought maybe it was the reason why the rumors appeared, " they said.

" In addition, I've also never mentions Kim Soo Hyun as my ideal type, " said Nana. " Beatles Code 2 " is the show that aired on Mnet station and co- hosted by Super Junior's Shindong as host.

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The former girlfriend of SNSD Hyoyeon Open Sound Problem Beating Case

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Cases of alleged beatings that happened Hyoyeon Girls Generation had caused quite a stir at the beginning of April. Although BC has provided a statement of the case, but a variety of speculations and rumors continue to grow among netizens. Not wanting to be a protracted, Kim Jun Hyung, the man reported to police Hyoyeon finally go to vote.

The man who was later known as the ex- girlfriend 's Hyoyeon revealed the actual incident that happened that night. CEO of a global company revealed that in fact he never reported to the police on charges Hyoyeon beating. However, due to a misunderstanding, the report misinterpreted as cases of beatings.

" I received more than 1000 messages in KakaoTalk. Makes me know how scary media. I want to say to everyone out there who feel disappointed with Hyoyeon as a result of this case that he is actually an amazing woman, " said June Hyung . "I was afraid Hyoyeon fell because of a slip . Reach 5 meters high and I was very scared . Though I thought it was a joke, he could get hurt and something wrong could happen . That's why I think I need help police. "

" I called the police for help, but my report misconstrued as a case of persecution, " he added. " There are many rumors circulating at all I can not understand. Hyoyeon If you guys know, the rumors would not be appearing . Imagination of people is sometimes too wild. Hyoyeon is a very nice person and likes to liven things up. He is also very close with other SNSD members like family. "

" He was always smiling and happy to spend time with parents, siblings and his dog. He's not the type of person who likes looking for attention with rumors like that, " he said. "He's a hard worker and always wanted to show a good image. "

" I also want to clarify that we did not break up because it's April Fool's incident. We 've been best friends long before that. He was the kindest, honest and positive I've ever met, " said June Hyung. " We still stayed in touch today and ask about each other. "

As already known, previously rumored Hyoyeon jokingly pretend to jump and when June Hyung tried to stop him, he accidentally hit her. Information was based on police reports and SM Entertainment confirmed some time ago. But now June Hyung decided to expose the truth happening because of bad rumors are befell Hyoyeon lately including rumors of suicide and bullying.

Shindong SuJu dating Beautiful Model Kang Shi Nae

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I wonder what the strategy being played SM Entertainment by letting one by one artist announced their romance. After the recognition of some personnel of Girls ' Generation that went public with their respective lovers, now turn Shindong.

Friday, April 11th , SM Entertainment confirmed the news that Shindong has a girlfriend who is a model . She is a beautiful model Kang Shi Nae.

Shindong togetherness and Shi Nae photographed while in the IFC Mall in Yeouido , Seoul . At that time, Shindong was holding hands tenderly Shi Nae, do not care about the people that are around them. Both visited the bookstore and talked a lot about music.

" They met through friends and eventually began to close. They had just finished a lover, " said a spokesman for the agency.

During this type of Shindong is known as a loyal and humorous with Nari , his fiancée. Unfortunately , Shindong engagement with Nari should end in the year 2010 with reasons that are unclear.

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Friday, April 4, 2014

The scandal involved gambling, Lee Soo Geun Sued USD 20 M By Advertiser

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The problem has not been completed after hitting Lee Soo Geun convicted of illegal gambling. Now he has to deal with the advertisers who make endoser. They sued MC " 1 Night 2 Days " was for damages caused due to gambling scandal ensnared.

Car manufacturers named Bullsone sued by SM C & C as Soo Geun agency on April 1 of USD 1.8 million ( USD 20 billion ) . They sue for damages caused by the bad image Soo Geun for committing an illegal gambling . Through trial beginning on April 2 ordered both sides to negotiate first.

" Not only Lee Soo Geun , models of our products has made our brand a bad image because of the illegal activity involved . Attitude it also shows that we no longer use it in advertising, " said a representative Bullsone.

Bullsone also specify the amount of the claim for compensation of payments that have been given at the time of sign Soo Geun as commercials . In addition there are the costs of making and placing advertisements in the media.

Meanwhile, the SM C & C claimed to have been trying to negotiate with Bullsone over this issue. They said he would try hard to solve it peacefully because it is the best completion for everything.

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Hyoyeon SNSD Ever Going out with Kim Jun Hyung

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The emergence of news courting Tiffany of Girls ' Generation followed by rumors that hit her, Hyoyeon. Hyoyeon beating incident to the police apparently tipped to reveal who her lover. It turned out that the man who was accidentally hit it was a former lover Hyoyeon.

Sports Seoul photographing Hyoyeon when eating with a writer named Kim Jun Hyung ( 35 ) in the last month. Togetherness was also sparked rumors the two are dating . Moreover, it was discovered that the " male friend " referred to in the beating incident on April 1, it was June Hyung.

Hyoyeon and Jun Hyung reportedly met through acquaintances and eventually going out for two years . But they 've broken up and recently reversal again later caught on camera eating together at a restaurant in Gangnam.

" He was actually a boyfriend Hyoyeon. After the incident , both of them away but his status is still lovers . Yet clear how their relationship actually, " said a source. " After the joke was so big issue seems to make them more depressed to continue the relationship. "

Circulation of these issues ultimately addressed by SM Entertainment. They admit that Kim Jun Hyung is a lover Hyoyeon but are separated . Even so they say do not know whether it's beating incident that made ​​them break up.

Tiffany SNSD and Nichkhun 2PM Dating?

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Ranks of the members of Girls ' Generation are dating seems to continue to grow. This time Tiffany caught path together with 2PM Nichkhun. They also claimed to have been dating for 4 months.

Tiffany and Nichkhun affair revealed by Sports Seoul who publish their photos while dating. A source said that they were close for a long time but new dating late last year . Similarities as people living in America makes them fast close.

" Because Tiffany and Nichkhun is Hallyu star they met secretly. Indeed they close for a long time until finally rumored to be dating since quite some time ago, " said the source. " They both live in America so it has a lot in common and closer. Officially dating, but they've since 4 months ago. "

Responding to rumors of romance with a Tiffany artist, JYP Entertainment also confirmed. " As reported , Tiffany and Nichkhun had 4 months of dating . They start a relationship as friends then so mate . Please support them, " said the spokesman.

" They've been close since I was young, " added the spokesman JYP other . " They were friends for a long time but I understand that they are officially a couple recently. "

Agency Change Lyrics Single ' Uh - ee ' Crayon Pop Blocked Due KBS

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The music video Crayon latest Pop, " Uh - ee ", banned by KBS because of the lyrics that they deem less worthy to be listened to teenage fans . In response to the ban , the agency Chrome Entertainment finally act decisively to change the lyrics.

" We were warned that ' Uh - ee ' do not match played in KBS , so we changed the lyrics , from ' bbika bbunjjuck ' to ' bbunjjuk bbunjjuk." We asked them ( KBS ) to consider it again, " said the CEO of the agency, Hwang Hyun Chang, Thursday, April 3.

" Among all the lyrics , ' bbika bbunjjuck ' is a Japanese expression . Though the expression is used only to show happiness , but because the TV stations are quite strict regulations to support enforcement of proper spelling and expression of the Korean language as taught by the government , Chrome Entertainment was asked to alter the expression appropriate in the Korean phrase, " clear the KBS.

Meanwhile, the music video " Uh - ee " not experience blocking at the station SBS and MBC.

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SM Entertainment Ready sues gossip spreaders Sulli f ( x )

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News of Sulli f ( x ) had entered the ER because of abdominal pain turns long tails. Now he is exposed to the issue that was rushed to the hospital due to pregnancy. SM Entertainment also gave a stern warning to the rumor spreaders.

At the end of March it was revealed that Sulli was rushed to the ER after feeling abdominal pain . It is feared appendicitis turned out he was just a regular stomach ache due to work stress . But the netter even gossip about the actual pain experienced by Sulli.

Gossip is circulating of a screenshot on KakaoTalk conversation, "My friend who works at the hospital and my friend said that the reason Sulli was in the ER today because of XXX ". Although censored but many netizens said that the question is pregnant.

Twitter fanbase Sulli later revealed that the current BC already has the data to drag the rumor spreaders . They also include a screenshot of the folder containing the document into evidence.

" SM Entertainment is collecting documents regarding the rumor that hit Sulli . Representative law says that more and more documents are collected , the better so asked us to send everything to them, " wrote the Twitter. " Get ready you are already spread issue. "

Sulli is currently still busy with the filming of " Fashion King " and recently completed the movie " Pirates " . While his name made ​​headlines last scene when known street hand in hand with Choiza Dynamic Duo . But BC has denied both existing relationship.