Thursday, February 27, 2014

Circulating Leaked "Mr Mr "Album Tracklist and SNSD 's New Song

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Girls ' Generation
has informed earlier that the new album release date pushed back because of a problem with the music video data. Now circulating the leaked contents of a new album titled " Mr.Mr. " The.

The tracklist appears on the website iTunes Store for the United States . Seen there album " Mr.Mr. " released on February 19, which has a total of 6 songs . In addition to the single hits " Mr.Mr " no " Goodbye ", " Europa ", " Wait A Minute ", " Back Hug " and " Soul ".

It seems that it could happen because of a lack of communication about delays on iTunes SNSD's comeback . Because it was originally scheduled February 24th release but was later postponed to two weeks. Currently the album description is no longer on the iTunes Store.

A netter also claimed to see his own album " Mr.Mr " in iTunes and almost bought it but lost when rechecked . The presence of SNSD's new album on iTunes it also creates confusion some fans . There was little that was supposed to be released February 19 SM fixed since the MV only are problematic .

SoundCloud also circulated in the song titled " Mr.Mr. " which is claimed as the property of SNSD . While the video teaser photo for " Mr.Mr. " 've seen as many as 3.6 million times since its release on February 10 .

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Hon Out of MR.MR Due to Transgender Scandal

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Scandal MR.MR member with a transgender was still persists. Though it was straightened , but apparently still have to suffer the consequences Hon. Hon finally decided to get out of the group as a result of this scandal .

Hon announced his resignation through official fancafe . Wearing real name, Yoo Seung Jun , he apologized once the scandal has provoked protest from people all the negative claims . Although not feel disturbed by the action of his friend admit guilt but Hon has made the group in trouble.

" When my friend was contacted , I say that it does not have to think about it . I do not want to criticize an old friend . If the postings were true then I'd be embarrassed but I'm not doing it , " writes Hon . "But it's true image MR.MR so bad as this . Because of that I decided to go out . "

MR.MR Agency , Winning Insight M , stating that they and other members understand the decision to exit the Hon . They also will continue to support further career Hon disorderly exit from MR.MR.

"Agencies and other members have decided to follow the decision of the Hon . We will not stop supporting Hon to start a new step , " said press secretary . " We have apologized to fans worry and please keep endorse Hon and MR.MR after completion of this scandal .

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Agencies Issue Speak Lee Min Ho Play Gambling

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Odor issues approached Lee Min Ho is currently in New Zealand some time ago. He is rumored to perform at a casino gambling while there.

Recently circulated a photograph showing Min Ho in a casino in New Zealand. The photo was allegedly taken when the star of the series " Heirs " was filming outdoor gear brand advertising there . On February 10, it had spread netter China Min Ho photo streets of Queenstown wearing casual clothes.

Now circulating photos of Chinese fans who also claimed Min Ho entered the casino after completing the shooting . Photos rose quickly spread among netizens . Finally agencies Min Ho explained that it is not gambling , but just play the game of relaxation in a small cafe.

" The report was too excessive. Was not a gamble, " said the spokesman . "The location is a small casino next to the restaurant that looks like a simple game arena. "

" In place of the simple game that anyone can enjoy while eating , " he continued . " At that time, Lee Min Ho was a break in between shooting and he plays the game that cost the same as the drink . "

Spokesperson also explained that the locations visited Min Ho is not illegal . In addition , local residents seem to have become accustomed to the place. " The place has a legal right and just aged 18 years and older may enter, " added the spokesman.

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This is the reason Park Ha Sun and So Yi Hyun Join in ' Three Days '

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" Three Days " recently held a press conference to release the series. At the conference, Park Ha Sun and So Yi Hyun reveals the reason they played in the series " Three Days ".

In the series , Park Ha Sun will act as a local police officer , while So Yi Hyun plays a SWAT team . Park Ha Sun said he wanted to change his image by " Three Days " . Because the players series " Dong Yi " has never played a character that is strong and resilient .

" Actually, people consider me weak . This time I wanted to show that I'm strong . Myself I wanted to show a different than usual through the character Yoon Wo Bon , " said Park Ha Sun . " Wo Bon Yoon is a local cop who is relaxed and friendly . "

While So Yi Hyun felt attracted to script the series. Yang Shi- Ohn Starring in the series " Who Are You " was previously undergone an acting school . That is because he had a role as a detective .

" The script is good and I'm excited to be working with great seniors , " said So Yi Hyun . " Some time ago , I get a role that requires that I follow the school of acting . Fact, until today , I was also preparing for a role as an officer . I do it as much as possible in order to act as a diving officer . "

" Three Days " is about the struggle of a member of an elite team of bodyguards President is trying to find a president who lost after heard a number of shots . The series also starred Micky Yoochun of JYJ , Son Hyun Joo and Yoon Je Moon . " Three Days " will premiere on May 5 at the station SBS .

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Discuss Problem Leeteuk sister and Tragic Death of Father

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Earlier this year the Korean entertainment world was shocked by the death of Super Junior's Leeteuk father's tragic . Leeteuk 's sister is now talking about the tragedy and its views of the younger brother .

In an interview with " Live Star News " , Park In Young admitted was devastated by the loss of father and grandfather and grandmother . He regretted not being able to help his father and was busy with his own career . " I'm more upset because I did not say anything and cried when I discovered the news , " he said .

" My grandparents had Alzheimer's so it must have difficulty taking care of their father , " said In Young . " But I just think about my work and how to be an actress , I can not help much . "

" I miss my father , grandfather and grandmother , perhaps because we 've run into a lot of trouble together , " he continued . " But it makes me feel closer to Leeteuk . "

In regard Leeteuk Young said as he made his sister that backrest . It makes him very proud to Leeteuk . SuJu's leader also always given support to become an actress .

" I was relieved because he told me ' I see you through the tough times but I'm glad now you start beraktvitas again ' , " said In Young . " My father also told me to be successful . So I will try my best become an actress . "

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Daughter Kim Hee Sun Angry View Kiss Lee Min Ho's mother

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Kim Hee Sun sued intimate scene with Lee Min Ho in the series "Faith" (2012). In one scene, Hee Sun shall kiss with Min Ho. This scene apparently had received protests from her daughter.

"When I was filming 'Faith', my daughter saw me kissing another man," said Hee Sun. "He just angry."

Sun Hee is currently involved in a project series "Very Good Days". He said he wanted to focus on her acting in the series.

"I want to focus on acting in this series for 6 instead of forward," said Hee Sun. Besides Hee Sun, it also helped the series starring Lee Seo Jin, 2PM's Taecyeon, Ryu Seung Soo and Yoon Yeo Jung. Serial "Very Good Days" aired on KBS station on 22 February.

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New Issue JYP girl group named 6Mix The Future Will Debut In April

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JYP Entertainment had announced it would mendebutkan 2 boyband and girlband 1 this year. After GOT7 debut , the public increasingly curious about the other group of candidates . Now new rumors about JYP girl group that is reportedly named 6Mix .

Name 6Mix the appropriate number of members that issue 6 . Although JYP still silent , but some sources claimed 6Mix will debut in April. " JYP's new girl group is scheduled to debut April, " said a source from Instiz .

Reportedly currently outstanding debut schedule is April 30th, but still no status ' not yet decided ' . As for business observer presence of new faces in the JYP will boost their earnings after the results were not too good lately .

" A lot of high expectations in the new group , including GOT7 which recently debuted and girlband named 6Mix which will debut April, " said a source other . " This year, their presence seems to be able to increase revenue agencies , including overseas sales , which is even greater. "

JYP also said to have made a contract with Baidu in China in terms of music services . Miss A's agency was rumored to have received payments from the partnership at the end of January. Even so the news is yet to be confirmed .

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Hyeri Girl 's Day Reveals Cause Fainting on Stage ' M ! Countdown '

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Girl 's Day Hyeri could make fans worried when she suddenly fainted on stage " M ! Countdown " last January . Now that ex- lover Tony Ahn reveal the actual illness he suffered at that time . He turned out to be swine flu that made ​​him feel weak.

" I have swine flu . It is the most severe disease ever happened to me in my life, " he said in MBC's " Human Documentary " on Saturday ( 15/2 ). " I'm sick but want to keep performing on stage . "

" I know how valuable each of our performances , " he continued . " Not really felt that I did not appear for the sake of the fans . I definitely feel guilty for other personnel ( if not performed ) . "

At that time the only agency said Hyeri flu and received treatment at the hospital . Girl's Day 's maknae even still look pale next day at another event . Whereas previously announced management will Hyeri rest of the event.

Hyeri is not the only idol that swine flu lately . GOT7 even had to cancel some of his schedule because of three personnel , ie, Jr. . , JB and Youngjae , exposed to the H1N1 virus at the same time .

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Too Sexy, Sunmi Prepare Choreography ' Full Moon ' Special for TV Shows

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Sunmi come back to the concept of sexy in her latest single, " Full Moon ". One of the choreography where he sits on the couch and opened her legs wide trap is considered too vulgar. But the JYP Entertainment confessed anticipated by preparing a special choreography for live events on television music programs.

" We did not rush to change it, " said a spokeswoman for JYP . " But we did have to prepare different choreography from the music video for her appearance on the television program. "

Sources from one program to admit that it would be difficult movements in the television broadcast . It reveals Sunmi will adjust the choreography in the promotion of " Full Moon " premiere next February 20.

"From his first appearance on television next February 20 , he will greet all the choreography without this movement, " he said. " The level must be adjusted to the broadcast. "

" Full Moon " is a single from his first solo mini- album of the same name. The mini album was released February 17 contains 6 songs including his first solo single, " 24 Hours ".

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Achieves High Rating, Serial Ha Ji Won ' Empress Ki ' Denies Not Pay Players

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Serial " Empress Ki " has recently re- gained the highest rating. This is the highest rating achieved by " Empress Ki " since its first airing .

The series , starring Ha Ji Won won the rating number is 26.5 percent . In the previous episode , this series get as much as 25.3 percent rating .

Rating " Empress Ki " far outperformed the serial number . The second rank was occupied by a series of SBS's " One Sweet Word " ( " A Warm Word " ) with the acquisition of 11.2 percent rating . Then the third place achieved by the KBS series " Full Sun " with a rating of some 3.7 percent.

Although obtaining the highest rating , does not mean " Empress Ki " escape from problems. According to rumors circulating , the production is not paying the actors and actresses who starred in the MBC series . But the production has denied the news.

"The rumors about us not paying the actors and actresses that are not true . I do not know how the rumor spread, " he said. " We were very surprised by the rumor ".

Rumors are circulating of a list released by the media about the series that does not pay its players . Turns out " Empress Ki " on the list, though ultimately denied . In addition to " Empress Ki " , the series " Worlds Within " is also on the list and admit it.

Amit Transgender Love Story Problem Lies with Hon MR.MR

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Admission scandal has utilized a transgender member of idol boy continues. Hon MR.MR After issuing denials , the woman now claims to have lied. Previously, transgender woman claimed on Facebook that have a relationship and living with the member idol group that appeared November 2013 . Hon later admitted to her friends but not dating and denied all the allegations negative . Includes footage of the existence of a sex tape and get money the woman.

Through an interview with Sports Korea , the woman said it was making up stories and drunk while writing the post . He claimed that Hon hurt by the ignition cut off since his debut with the group . He also has made Hon apology is in trouble is because of him. " All the words that I write is a lie . Apologies to Hon and all those around him as a result of this, " the woman said. " I never thought something I wrote while drunk will cause problems of this magnitude . Than that no sex videotape. "

" I do not call the Hon stress and getting away since become a singer because we were so close before. I'm sad he became a singer , " he continued. " While the story I wrote was about my friend the other. Story so like it because I was drunk. "

The woman claimed to have known Hon since the age of 19 years and had a sex-change operation. He also denied a relationship with Hon. " Hon understand me and support me when I had surgery. Really sorry I made ​​my best friend so hurt, " he said. Fortunately, Hon already contacted his friend after this scandal . The woman is pleased to Hon no dispute about this and apologize cut contact after the debut . Women are also hoping not brought to justice because the agency had threatened to sue MR.MR .

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Nearly Suzy Costume rope dislodged in Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards

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Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards held for the third time at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena, Seoul, South Korea, Wednesday (12/2). In this prestigious music awards, almost embarrassing incident befell Suzy miss A.

miss A central display "Hush" in the middle of the show when the incident occurred. Suddenly, costume straps tied at the neck Suzy regardless.

Suzy lucky conscious and immediately catch the rope. Idol with the nickname "National First Love" is also continuing with his performance continued to hold the rope.

Stage Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards performed by the other singers such as Girls' Generation, 2NE1, Girl's Day and many more. The event was hosted by Oh Sang Jin and Kwon Yuri of SNSD.

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Splashy Transgender Male Idol Amit Utilized Member

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A transgender woman was to the attention of Korean netizens. The reason, he admitted to having an affair with a member of idol group . Now he intends to disclose the relationship because they feel resentment with the guy.

She wrote on Facebook on February 11 that figure the guy is a member idol group that appeared in November last year . He realized that this posting will make it condemned , but still determined to do because it has been harmed by that guy . He also claimed to live at home and have sex with the guy before debut .

In penuturannya , the woman claimed to have lent a lot of money but instead left to go . The guy just cut off contact and returned to him when in need of money . Even when living together , the guys a secret relationship with another woman and hide the real situation .

One day a guy was ever can not pay the phone bill that is assigned to the woman so that her lover eventually pay . The guy has also worked in the bar that he got on the recommendation of the lover .

Transgender woman was threatening to spread evidence of their closeness to the public . He claimed to have a videotape of their sex and other private interactions . The post has now been removed but the content has been spread to various internet communities .

" Now the love and sympathy to you is gone . I think there is no longer the word loyalty , I do not think my job to protect him anymore , " read the post . " I can reveal all the messages , SNS and more between me and him . Biggest challenge I will be from now on . "

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Ga-In : Gossip Is The Most Bizarre Dating with Jo Kwon

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Ga-In Brown Eyed Girls has starred in " We Got Married " in 2009 with 2AM's Jo Kwon . Good chemistry between them finally make both rumored dating . Now Ga -In reveal their opinions about the issue.

In the appearance singing on MBC music show " Music Picnic Live " , Ga -In regard gossip going out with Jo Kwon is a strange thing . Among the many rumors that happened , the singer of " Fxxk U " it was the most absurd rumor is a date with Jo Kwon .

" There are rumors saying that Jo Kwon and I ate together in Paju . , But the only place I visited in Paju only the set , " said Ga -In . " I then realized that the rumors are really just made ​​up. "

Not only that , apparently Ga - In also received a lot of negative comments netizens because Jo Kwon . " By far the worst online comments I received were related to dating rumors with 2AM members , " he added .

In addition to rumors that he considered absurd , Ga - In also discuss rumors according to which the most " cruel " . The issue is news saying that he accidentally left a successful solo career BEG sake alone , and after that will move the agency .

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Video Clips 2NE1 rumored Spend Rp 5 Billion Fund

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One of the singers most anticipated comeback this month is 2NE1. It seems that the singer of " I Am The Best " is going all out on the comeback this time . Reportedly, YG invest up to Rp 5 billion to work on their new MV .

Osen reported that the budget for the new MV 2NE1 will be reaching 500 million Won or USD 5.6 billion . 2NE1 will be timeless as the title of their world tour entitled " ALL OR NOTHING " . Parties agency director who reportedly will use a completely new in capturing the MV to provide something different and fresh .

CEO Yang Hyun Suk himself had also promised that this MV will be the best in the history of the singer of " Can not Nobody " it . " MV 2NE1 with his new single would later spend most of their history because it requires sophisticated computer graphics , " he said some time ago .

The first teaser will be released on February 24 , along with a new album titled " CRUSH " . While the full MV will be revealed on the 28th . " CRUSH " contains 9 new songs plus one single which is the Korean version of their Japanese singles .

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Jaekyung Rainbow Not Regret Decline Not a Kara member Again

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One member of the Rainbow exposing himself almost became a member of Kara. Jaekyung say when appearing on the show " Full House " and do not regret having turned down an offer to join at that time in Kara.

Rainbow is a group of care DSP Media which is also home to Kara . Jaekyung own live long in the DSP trainees to debut with Rainbow . It turns out then that the agency offered her a member of Kara 's debut earlier than Rainbow.

However Jaekyung rejected the offer because they feel like family with other Rainbow members . Ration position eventually replaced Goo Hara and Kang Ji Young.

" 10 years ago I joined Kara agency, " said Jaekyung. " During the training period as a member of the Rainbow I was offered by the company to be a member of Kara , which means I can soon debut if accepted it. "

" I declined the offer at that time because I'm sure Rainbow will be a success, " continued the host variety " God of Victory " is. "The members of Rainbow are like my own family so I do not regret that decision. "

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Rain and Kim Tae Hee Caught Dating in America ?

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While acknowledging the affair, but Rain and Kim Tae Hee has not appeared together in public. Now they reportedly caught on a date in America.

Community of Koreans in America who claim to see Rain go out with Tae Hee. According to them , the two enjoyed a date at Six Flags or eat in the restaurant. Itself is known as the Six Flags theme park in the United States located north of Los Angeles.

Reportedly, Rain and Tae Hee enjoying her date as couples in general irrespective of the surroundings. Rain at this time is to be in America filming " The Prince ". While Tae Hee is also known to fly to America to schedule activities.

It seems that both were in America makes them decide to spend time together . While Rain agency , Cube Entertainment , reluctant to respond to the news. " We do not have specific information about the personal affairs of Rain , " a spokesman said on Newsen .

Rain and Tae Hee officially dating at the beginning of last year coupled controversy draftee offense . Although it has never appeared both Rain and Tae Hee but never showed his feelings in public through different occasions . Tae Hee confessed Rain supporting the first series, while actors " R2B : Return to Base " was also made ​​a love song to his girlfriend on a comeback album .

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Rainbow Jaekyung says Less Combos Also SM Entertainment

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Rainbow Jaekyung surprise to say never refuse a member Kara. Now it's back to a surprising statement when displayed on a TV show . Jaekyung admits also refused to join SM Entertainment.

Rainbow own a nursery DSP Media also became Kara agency . When the DSP to Kara with the cute concept, while Rainbow identified debut with a sexy appearance .

" When I was a trainee at agensiku 10 years ago so I barely Kara member. But now the agency says ' Kara will have a cute image so let's just make a new group ' , " said Jaekyung . " Because of that I continue to be a trainee . "

" When I started training perennially tired , so member Kara deals come to me. Agency said :" You want immediate debut with Kara not ? ' and was teasing me , "he continued . "But I refused because I think better with members of Rainbow . "

Jaekyung then reveals that it is actually now time to dikontak SM Entertainment . "I also reject the offer and two months later, Girls ' Generation's debut , " says Jaekyung shocking the whole studio .

While claiming not regret turning in Kara but Jaekyung admits feeling a bit jealous of kesukesan pelantun " Damage Lady " was . "To be honest I'm a little jealous when Kara 's iconic Hallyu , " Jaekyung recharge .

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Kwanghee ZE : A Siwan Denies Rumors Sabotage in Variety Show

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Kwanghee confirms about her that is rumored to have sabotaged Siwan in a variety show. Members of ZE : A 's denied these rumors as a guest in " Song of Hope at Noon 's Kim Shin Young ". He said he only helped Siwan to dare to speak in front of the camera .

" Siwan good at acting , but he does not talk much on the variety show , " he said . "I was trying to help him to talk , but the news that appeared in the media becomes redundant to say I have taken Siwan dialogue . "

The singer and actor whose 25-year -old was also very disappointed with the rumors. " I just want to do well Siwan . I was a little disappointed with the rumors that I was jealous and wanted to sabotage the Siwan , " he said .

Host Kim Shin Young also defended Kwanghee statement . " To be honest , Kwanghee has helped Siwan to be yourself ( in variety shows ) at this time . When he appeared on MBC's ' Quiz to Change the World ' , Siwan Kwanghee always carry or Hyungsik to help them talk , " he explained .

Kwanghee also added that he would help Junyoung become popular . " This year 's turn Junyoung who will help you, " he concluded . The " Song of Hope at Noon 's Kim Shin Young " was aired on the station MBC .

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Kim Soo Hyun serial comic Demand Behind the Claims of Plagiarism

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Some time ago a comic artist Kang Kyung Ok will cast a lawsuit against the series " Man from the Star " because of alleged plagiarism . At that time, the production of the SBS series , HB Entertainment , said he would welcome it with open arms demands . They said they would undergo all the necessary legal processes if Kyung Ok decided forward to trial .

However , plans lawsuit Kyung Ok it was only a figment . Party production continues to wait for the development of the case and tried to contact Kyung Ok to rectify this problem . Now , HB Entertainment also plans to sue the author behind the comic " Seol Hee " is.

HB Entertainment assess Kyung Ok actually just want to take advantage of the series , starring Kim Soo Hyun the sake of popularity of the comic . Local time on February 5 , HB Entertainment announced it will file a lawsuit in this regard through the Hanshin law firm . They also have to send proof of copyright infringement Kyung Ok used to promote the comic .

" We will consider further the case with the alleged exploitation of the series ( ' Man from the Star ' ) for the sake of the popularity of the comic book , " said the representative of HB Entertainment . " We also have evidence of Mister Blue website that the parties concerned may violate copyrights by including the name of the protagonist of the series. " Since the case is sticking popularity of comics " Seol Hee " is instantly skyrocketed . Until now , HB Entertainment is still waiting for a response from Kang Kyung Ok they layangkan subpoena related to the comic side . However , Kyung Ok not respond to the subpoena until the announcement was made .

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Monday, February 3, 2014

JYP Responds to Allegations Hyerim Wonder Girls Plastic Surgery

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Controversy again descend Wonder Girls Sohee left post. This time difference problem Hyerim appearance. Netizens noticed Hyerim face looks much different that appear allegations he had plastic surgery.

The plastic surgery Hyerim suspicion arises since there is upload a new photo on internet forums . Photos from Hyerim appearance as MC event " Pops In Seoul " on Arirang TV. According to netizens, the member from China's face now looks much different from the first.

" His face deh different , even a strict diet will not make any difference as far as that, " said Netter. " His nose looks different , but it could be because of the makeup . Difficult for sure, " wrote another netter. " Actually not really matter if it recognizes the plastic surgery . It 's a normal thing. "

JYP Entertainment agency also issued a statement as the Wonder Girls . They argue Hyerim have operated on her face . Drastic changes were only due to the effects of diet and camera angles .

" As you know , girlband very concerned about diet , " said agency representatives Newsen . " Hyerim only slightly lose weight but looks like a much different because the camera angle alone . "

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Little Actress Age 13 Years accused of Smoking and Drinking Alcohol

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A talented actress shocking scandal. Known to compete acting with Won Bin in the movie" The Man from Nowhere ", Kim Sae Ron allegedly smoking and drinking alcohol at the age of 13 years still .

Some netizens to post messages and photos on the internet forums with the title " girl photo with Kim Sae Ron drank uploaded in her Cocoa Story " . There Sae Ron claimed that smoking and drinking alcohol just like the girl .

There are only two photos show Sae Ron sitting with her friends at a table full of bottles of alcohol . Meanwhile, in another photo he was in the karaoke room with a cigarette box on the table . Star of the series " Fashion King " was immediately refuted the contents of the image is through social media .

" Days like this finally come , whatever kukatan will not be heard . Netizens wrote bad comments through the keyboard , attacked and insulted until they feel to see the end , " wrote Sae Ron . " Those who believe will believe me and that is not just because of envy to me that did not want to hear the truth . "

" Spread the issue one is evil . Those involved I want to impress me do bad things to apologize to me , " he continued . " I've never done anything that should not be done my age . I hope you believe me . "

Sae Ron also said that thanks to this incident he realized why directors love scene crying and told him to give the role of sad . "I think I'm strong enough to face this but my heart hurt at all until I could not, " closed star of the series " Queen's Classroom " is.

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Bae Doo Na Way Caught Together At Lunar Jim Sturgess

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Rumors of romance between Bae Doona and Hollywood actor , Jim Sturgess , pushed back . Last year they suffered rumored romance since starring in " Cloud Atlas " . Now both are caught path together again when the Lunar holiday .

Togetherness Doo Na with Jim was exposed through a netizen who claimed to witness met at the bakery . He photographed them from behind while standing in the checkout then upload them to the internet forum . " When the Lunar holidays , Bae Doo Na and Jim Sturgess streets in downtown Seoul , " wrote the netter .

Some netizens also claimed to have seen the actor Doo Na " Upside Down " along the road on 2 and 3 February. " I saw Bae Doo Na today. He came to the bell tower with Jim Sturgess is rumored relationship with him , " wrote a netizen who imbued another.

" I saw Bae Doo Na and Jim Sturgess in fashion shows Lee Tae Won , Fashion Five , in Itaewon , " claims the netter who believe they are dating . " Yes , they are dating . Really envy I see it . "

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Hwayoung Former T-ara's Disaster Affected Minor Car Accident

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Shocking news came from the Hwayoung former T-ara. He reportedly suffered minor car accident on Sunday, February 2, to go to the hospital . Fortunately , there were no serious injuries in Hwayoung .

Hwayoung reported a car accident with his friend . When the car stopped , but the vehicle on the backside of pushing it to the edge . STARM Wellmade Entertainment , as the agency Hwayoung , confirmed the accident had occurred in Gangnam .

Hwayoung was referred to the hospital but allowed to go home . It also does not affect the schedule that was loose at this time . " Fortunately it was not a major accident , " the spokesman said .

" Hwayoung not seriously injured but was checked into the hospital to ascertain his condition , " he continued . "At this time he received treatment and was resting lightly . Sorry have made fans worried . "

" Thank goodness no timetable Hwayoung waiting , " added the spokesman . " So it does not interfere with the activity of the accident because he was undergoing training acting and there is no timetable . "

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