Friday, February 14, 2014

Splashy Transgender Male Idol Amit Utilized Member

12:32 AM

A transgender woman was to the attention of Korean netizens. The reason, he admitted to having an affair with a member of idol group . Now he intends to disclose the relationship because they feel resentment with the guy.

She wrote on Facebook on February 11 that figure the guy is a member idol group that appeared in November last year . He realized that this posting will make it condemned , but still determined to do because it has been harmed by that guy . He also claimed to live at home and have sex with the guy before debut .

In penuturannya , the woman claimed to have lent a lot of money but instead left to go . The guy just cut off contact and returned to him when in need of money . Even when living together , the guys a secret relationship with another woman and hide the real situation .

One day a guy was ever can not pay the phone bill that is assigned to the woman so that her lover eventually pay . The guy has also worked in the bar that he got on the recommendation of the lover .

Transgender woman was threatening to spread evidence of their closeness to the public . He claimed to have a videotape of their sex and other private interactions . The post has now been removed but the content has been spread to various internet communities .

" Now the love and sympathy to you is gone . I think there is no longer the word loyalty , I do not think my job to protect him anymore , " read the post . " I can reveal all the messages , SNS and more between me and him . Biggest challenge I will be from now on . "

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