Thursday, January 31, 2013

SNSD's Sooyoung house 'raided' First Time on TV

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Curious how the house Sooyoung Girls' Generation? Recently the "Discovery of Trend 'do' raid 'in the home Sooyoung. The show is said that the first time home Sooyoung showing on the screen.

"'Discovery of Trend' home reveals Sooyoung Girls' Generation for the first time on TV!" production of the promo event. "Kim Min Jong visited the house Sooyoung? Also showing Sooyoung's sister and mother are beautiful."

At that time, actor Kim Min Jong gave a surprise by coming home unexpectedly Sooyoung. He was greeted by a brother and Sooyoung's mother seemed surprised by the arrival of Kim Min Jong. Upon entering the house, Jong Min had asked a number of photos and chatted with the family Sooyoung.

In the preview video that circulated, Min Jong seemed to enjoy his time to the house Sooyoung. The plan, Sooyoung special episode on "Discovery of Trend" will be aired on SBS station on 1 February.

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Sexy Dance Duet Hyorin and Bora on New MV Sistar 19

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Sub-unit Sistar, Sistar19
, finally official comeback with a new song "Gone Not Around Any Longer". Duo personnel that Hyorin and Bora also indulge fans through the presence of the music video of the single.

The concept of the music video "Not Around Any Longer Gone" shows the sexy appearance Hyorin and Bora accompanied by female dancers. In addition it is also shown Hyorin and Bora love story that ended in separation.

The music video was directed by Joo Hee Sun. Previously, Hee Sun Sistar never worked on a music video for the single "Alone".

In the cultivation of the single "Gone Not Around Any Longer" was Sistar19 involves Brave Brothers. In single package also presented a new song titled "A Girl In Love".

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Taemin SHINee Kiss BoA In MV 'Disturbance'

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finally official comeback with the release of the music video for the new single "Disturbance". As an attraction, a special BoA took Taemin SHINee be a model video clip.

The music video "Disturbance" flashbacks reveal the journey of love BoA and Taemin. Unfortunately, their romance ended with the departure of BoA for good. Taemin could only grieve after the "death" BoA in the music video.

The music video was directed by BoA's brother, Kwon Soon Wook. Previously, BoA and Taemin had collaborated on the single "Only One".

"Disturbance" was released January 28. The release is part of the celebrations single solo concert debut BoA, "BoA Special Live 2013 - Here I Am", January 26 to 27 at the Seoul Olympic Hall.

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Ji Eun A Pink Apologizes Acting Dangerous on the Road

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Ji Eun A Pink has just reaped criticism from netizens after uploading a photo on his me2day account. The netizens criticize their actions while in the car. Finally Eun Ji expressed his apology had to be endangering others.

In photos uploaded Ji Eun looks orange bag clipped to the car window and hang out. Apparently the star of the series "Reply 1997" was intended to cool the orange harness cold weather outside the car.

"I want to eat oranges but it turned out to be so hot as to be near the machine," wrote Eun Ji on 17 January. "So I'm cool on the outside."

A few hours later the photo was instantly spread and so controversial in the online community. They criticized if the bag rips the lemon can about the other driver. Besides these actions also violate traffic laws to keep the goods in the vehicle so as not to injure other motorists.

"Attitude Eun Ji clearly wrong," said agency spokesman idol to be starring in the series "That Winter, The Wind Blows" is. "We apologize and make sure this does not happen again."

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Friday, January 25, 2013

Kwang Hee and Han Seon Hwa Could Marry For real

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Couple "We Got Married", Kwang Hee (ZE: A) and Han Seon Hwa (Secret), predicted to get married and become a real reliable partner. Divination was revealed when they come to Tarot cafe in the latest episode of MBC's "We Got Married".

In the impressions that will be played January 26 oti, virtual partner is told to go to a Tarot Cafe to celebrate the new year. They enjoy reading Tarot cards with the experts.

When filming, they asked about the possibility of their marriage. Tarot cards showed they could marry a real, if desired. Reportedly, Kwang Hee and Seon Hwa extremely happy and relieved after hearing the prophecy that sweet.

Not only predicted would be a reliable partner if actually married, but the experts also gave them tips on how to get them to close.

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Photos Proximity U-Know of TVXQ with Kim Sung Ryung

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Recent photos of TVXQ U-Know Yunho circulating on the Internet Friday, January 25, attracted the attention of many fans and netizens. Nothing interesting in the picture, because U-Know appeared just posing with actress Kim Sung Ryung.

But from the photo, netizens concluded a thing. The face of the handsome U-Know and Sung Ryung that make them harmonious beauty paired as brother and sister or lover. Especially in that picture they look pretty close and familiar.

"The brother and sister Baek Do Kyung and Baek Do Hoon in the series' Yawang ',' agency twert Sung Ryung, Yuleum Entertainment on Twitter them. "Sweet smile they even look alike."

The photo was apparently taken from the latest project U-Know and Sung Ryung, SBS series "Yawang". "A smile and their eyes look the same! Seems they brother and sister real in real life," said Netter. "I think they are the best pair of this year," said netter. "

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Wedding Photo Revealed Byul Haha and the Ridiculous

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known characteristics eccentric and goofy. It seems that he also brought to official matters and is important in life. He also chose a silly pose in wedding pictures with Byul.

Photographers for Haha and Byul, Oh Joong Seok, divulge their two wedding photos through Twitter. "It's the best! Shooting goes full of laughter," Seok Joong tweet.

Instead of posing romantic comedy performers "Running Man" and Byul a touch comical on traditional concepts. In the photo looks Byul surrounded by a lot of men wearing masks Haha, that makes netizens suspect they were the performers "Running Man" and "Infinity Challenge". While other photo shows a lot Haha searching for something.

"I saw Yoo Jae Seok right Byul, there Garry as well," wrote one netter. "Are members 'Running Man' and 'Infinity Challenge' was there all?" Other added. "It's really unique and cute."

Haha and Byul married in a civil wedding reception will be held on 30 November. Byul also collaborated with singer 10cm in the song "Cute" to celebrate a wedding. The song is a background video engagement, the wedding and marriage registration Haha by Byul.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2PM Nichkhun Prime Appears in Korea since Collision Case

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Nichkhun known to have had several activities with 2PM since the case of a collision in July 2012. Yet until now it has never been officially appeared in public events in Korea. However on January 22 Nichkhun finally marked his comeback in public.

Nichkhun's inaugural public event is "Nepa History Show & Isenberg 2013 Launching Fashion Show" located in COEX, Seoul. Nichkhun also present with other 2PM members there. She comes dressed in a shirt covered with a jacket.

Nichkhun was absent from the public eye since the case involved a motorist crashed into while driving while intoxicated. He had appeared on MBC's "2012 KOICA's Dream" and flew to Tanzania to volunteer at the vacuum of artistry. Not surprisingly, the official appearance was received happily by netizens.

"It has been a long time huh since July, now I'm happy to see," wrote one netter. "In the beginning of a new match to mark the beginning of a new one as well," added another. "Nichkhun looks very skinny but the important thing he's up again."

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Ji Eun Secret: Hyosung Save the I At Accident

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Secret car accident on December 11, 2012 which makes the personnel were injured. Song Ji Eun is now telling details of the accident while performing on "Strong Heart". He revealed that Hyosung save himself time.

Ji Eun Secret told the night scene just got back filming "Star King". Usually they sleep during the trip, but when it was all still awake while eating chocolate. Then suddenly their car hit the barrier and fell 5 feet into a ditch.

"When the incident happened I passed out and woke up to the other members calling my name. Then realized I was hanging upside down.'s Body in the van and my lower body is beyond me. There was broken glass on the side of my face and I started crying," said Ji Eun. "But Hyosung sternly said to me 'Ji Eun do not cry! Calm down, I'll get you out of there'."

Just then someone in the car moving and Ji Eun face closer to the glass. Ji Eun shouted to stop the movement of one's feet, but then he realized that the foot is actually held from exposed glass.

"Turns out it was Hyosung unni legs," said Ji Eun. "Hyosung re-injuring his leg muscles because of this accident. Thank you he has made ​​the least injured among the members. I am grateful for his help."

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