Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ji Eun Secret: Hyosung Save the I At Accident

3:31 PM

Secret car accident on December 11, 2012 which makes the personnel were injured. Song Ji Eun is now telling details of the accident while performing on "Strong Heart". He revealed that Hyosung save himself time.

Ji Eun Secret told the night scene just got back filming "Star King". Usually they sleep during the trip, but when it was all still awake while eating chocolate. Then suddenly their car hit the barrier and fell 5 feet into a ditch.

"When the incident happened I passed out and woke up to the other members calling my name. Then realized I was hanging upside down.'s Body in the van and my lower body is beyond me. There was broken glass on the side of my face and I started crying," said Ji Eun. "But Hyosung sternly said to me 'Ji Eun do not cry! Calm down, I'll get you out of there'."

Just then someone in the car moving and Ji Eun face closer to the glass. Ji Eun shouted to stop the movement of one's feet, but then he realized that the foot is actually held from exposed glass.

"Turns out it was Hyosung unni legs," said Ji Eun. "Hyosung re-injuring his leg muscles because of this accident. Thank you he has made ​​the least injured among the members. I am grateful for his help."

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