Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2PM Nichkhun Prime Appears in Korea since Collision Case

3:36 PM

Nichkhun known to have had several activities with 2PM since the case of a collision in July 2012. Yet until now it has never been officially appeared in public events in Korea. However on January 22 Nichkhun finally marked his comeback in public.

Nichkhun's inaugural public event is "Nepa History Show & Isenberg 2013 Launching Fashion Show" located in COEX, Seoul. Nichkhun also present with other 2PM members there. She comes dressed in a shirt covered with a jacket.

Nichkhun was absent from the public eye since the case involved a motorist crashed into while driving while intoxicated. He had appeared on MBC's "2012 KOICA's Dream" and flew to Tanzania to volunteer at the vacuum of artistry. Not surprisingly, the official appearance was received happily by netizens.

"It has been a long time huh since July, now I'm happy to see," wrote one netter. "In the beginning of a new match to mark the beginning of a new one as well," added another. "Nichkhun looks very skinny but the important thing he's up again."

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