Wednesday, February 27, 2013

SM Entertainment denies Sooyoung with Jung Kyung Ho Courtship

12:58 AM

After rumored to Won Bin is now Sooyoung Girls' Generation hit by another romance rumor. He was reported by the Daily Sports Seoul that actually dating actor Jung Kyung Ho. SM Entertainment was immediately denied the issue.

SM Entertainment explained that Sooyoung relationship with the star of the series "Sorry, I Love You" was just a friend. "They met at church gatherings and just having a senior junior relationship," said a spokesman.

Excitement occurs when the photo appears front page of Sports Seoul Feb. 27 issue that has not been around at the time. It is explicitly stated that Sooyoung and Kyung Ho has been dating since last year. They often go to the movies by wearing clothing to cover up her identity in public.

Proximity reportedly began last September when Kyung Ho said Sooyoung is who can get her excited undergo draftee. After the statement was circulated later Kyung Ho Sooyoung met through a mutual friend. But they are getting closer recently as disconnected when talking about the job.

No doubt this horrendous news netizens. "Why all of a sudden popping up a lot of gossip going?" comments a netter. "If there is a picture I will not believe it," added another.

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