Thursday, February 28, 2013

Jung Kyung Ho Participate Clarification Gossip dating SNSD's Sooyoung

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Sooyoung Girls' Generation steal media attention when news emerged Jung Kyung Ho dating. SM Entertainment has denied the issue and now the Kyung Ho joined commented. In television he also denied the rumors.

"Gossip is not true," said the statement shown in the "Midnight TV Entertainment". "Because it is not true then we are not too care. Sooyoung is still very young and we were worried he was a victim."

Sooyoung rumored previously been having an affair with the star of the series "Sorry, I Love You" since last year. SM acknowledge they are friends since meeting at church gatherings, but not dating. Proximity is only limited between senior and junior.

Television shows also said that friendship began Sooyoung starred. Kyung Ho is more senior then often give advice to Sooyoung acting.

"Sooyoung has a cheerful character and cool. Maybe that's why a lot of people around the wrong way," said that television content. "He is now thought to be more careful again because it is like that."

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Sooyoung SM Entertainment denies dating actor Jung Kyung Ho

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Fans made ​​Sooyoung had misgivings when some time ago, there were rumors that Sooyoung dating handsome actor Jung Kyung Ho. But this is directly contradicted by the agency SM Entertainment.

This is not the first time rumored to be dating actor Sooyoung. Previously, personnel Girls' Generation is rumored courtship with Won Bin.

These rumors began circulating after a Korean newspaper, Sports Seoul, Sooyoung memampang photo on the front page. According to the article, Sooyoung started dating since earlier this year. Both are called frequently going out with a movie and talk about their careers.

In September last year, Kyung Ho had said Sooyoung often encouraged him when he was conscripted. "They met at a church event and only senior-junior, nothing more," said a spokesman for SM Entertainment.

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Park Shi Hoo Serial Failed Sale Abroad Gara-Gara Rape Scandal

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Experienced rape accusation scandal Park Shi Hoo getting affected badly. Not only him, but also just finished the series he starred, "Cheongdamdong Alice". Because of the scandal, the series he played with Moon Geun Young is the current obstacles siarnya rights will be sold abroad.

Though a number of countries have been negotiating to buy the series and will also selsesai contract agreement late February. But because rape scandal override Park Shi Hoo, the agreement was postponed for the time that can not be determined.

"All countries, including Japan and China away from these negotiations," said the representative of the station SBS. "All the plans to negotiate the sales contract should be suspended for the time being."

In fact, the series' Cheongdamdong Alice "may not be sold by the case. SBS representative also added, although Park Shi Hoo has not been convicted of rape but the case is very influential for the series.

"The results of this controversial case that will affect the sale of 'Cheongdamdong Alice'," he added. "Possibly the worst, this series will not even sell at all."

Currently airing "Cheongdamdong Alice" is a series that is quite popular in South Korea. "Cheongdamdong Alice" also co-starred by So Yi Hyun and Kim Ji Suk. Romantic Impressions series has just finished the end of January.

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Park Shi Hoo Suspect Steal Money

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Not completed rapes that hit Park Shi Hoo, now he must confront the other allegations. Shi Hoo suspected of pretending to be fans in his own fancafe to cheat the fans.

In many online communities rumor says Shi Hoo been posing as fans now join the fancafe his own. He collected money from all the fans on the pretext of buying a birthday gift a necklace Shi Hoo. At that time, the money collected reached USD 7200 or equivalent to Rp 69 million.

The fans then suspicious when the money must be collected into a bank account in the name of Park Pyung Ho. The name is the name of the birth star of the series "Cheongdamdong Alice" was. As evidence netizen also upload photos receipt of money transfer.

When netizens questioned the owner's name rekenening fancafe manager suddenly removed. Then all the money is found to vanish along with the advent of photo output Tiffany & Co necklace uploaded Shi Hoo's mother. Suspicion fans were heightened as the price necklace exactly the amount of money collected from the fans.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

SM Entertainment denies Sooyoung with Jung Kyung Ho Courtship

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After rumored to Won Bin is now Sooyoung Girls' Generation hit by another romance rumor. He was reported by the Daily Sports Seoul that actually dating actor Jung Kyung Ho. SM Entertainment was immediately denied the issue.

SM Entertainment explained that Sooyoung relationship with the star of the series "Sorry, I Love You" was just a friend. "They met at church gatherings and just having a senior junior relationship," said a spokesman.

Excitement occurs when the photo appears front page of Sports Seoul Feb. 27 issue that has not been around at the time. It is explicitly stated that Sooyoung and Kyung Ho has been dating since last year. They often go to the movies by wearing clothing to cover up her identity in public.

Proximity reportedly began last September when Kyung Ho said Sooyoung is who can get her excited undergo draftee. After the statement was circulated later Kyung Ho Sooyoung met through a mutual friend. But they are getting closer recently as disconnected when talking about the job.

No doubt this horrendous news netizens. "Why all of a sudden popping up a lot of gossip going?" comments a netter. "If there is a picture I will not believe it," added another.

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Body parts were feared Seohyun and Sooyoung

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Seohyun and Sooyoung has a body that made many people jealous. But they also said they have dissatisfaction with body parts. Apparently Seohyun and Sooyoung alike dizzy with their hair.

"I have thick hair. I'm so jealous of the people who have thinner hair," said Seohyun Sooyoung is justified when interviewed "Wide Celebrity News". "I also have thick hair."

"My hair, because it was so thick, so heavy when wet and dried hard," said maknae Girls' Generation's. "But I do not seem to worry about hair loss when you later old."

Not just hair, Sooyoung also confessed not too fond of her skin that tends dark. "Although I like darker skin for certain moments, but I'm jealous of lighter skin and bright," he said.

Unlike Sooyoung, Seohyun even say like darker skin, but unfortunately did not suit him. "Actually, I like darker skin but it did not suit me," said Seohyun.

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