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Ha Ji Won Most Remember Admits kiss scene with Lee Seung Gi

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Ha Ji Won
has done a kissing scene with a number of famous actors. Call it Hyun Bin, Jo In Sung, So Ji Sub and Kwon Sang Woo. But who would have turned Lee Seung Gi to star opposite Ji Won favorite while kissing.

In the show "Happy Together 3", the actress "Secret Garden" (2010) was asked about the kissing scene she remembered most. Ji Won replied that he always remembered Refrigerator Kiss scene with Lee Seung Gi.

In addition, comedian Jung Bum Gyun had also asked about the rumors that every opposite Ha Ji Won will be famous. "I heard that if Ha Ji Won is an actress who can make the actor co-star to shine," said Bum Gyun.

With modest, Ji Won replied, "All the actors who acted with me is already shining." "When acting with them always made ​​me fall in love," he added.

"The King 2 Hearts" tells the love story of a prince of South Korea and North Korean special forces instructor. At first they hate each other when meeting for the first time. But gradually, the seeds of love blossomed in their hearts.

The series is written manuscript by Jin Ah and Hong Ja Ram who successfully worked on "Beethoven Virus" (2008). "The King 2 Hearts" aired since the beginning of March at the station MBC and directed by Lee Jae Kyu.

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Actors 'Dream High' Baek Won Gil Found Dead in River

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Sad news coming out of South Korea's entertainment world. Senior actor Baek Won Gil found died at river flows Namdaecheon. Baek Won Gil teacher known for his role Kirin, Gong Min Chul, on the series "Dream High".

The actor who died at age 40 last year reportedly fishing in the river. Won Gil allegedly slipped and drowned while trying to take the place of fish catch. The police report will not be an autopsy on the bodies Won Gil and cause of death due to an accident that caused purely accidental.

"We received a report of a missing person Baek Won Gil family," said local police. "After doing a search on Namdaecheon around 9:03 am, we found the bodies of Baek Won Gil."

Currently Baek Won Gil bodies interred at the funeral home Sokcho. But it will likely be moved to Seoul, depending on the family's request Baek Won Gil. The fans expressing condolences go related incident.

"I was in shock," commented one fan. "I'm sorry for his family and friends. May he rest in peace," said another fan. "Well-loved character in 'Dream High', watching the series it will not taste the same again," said another fan.

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Hwang Jung Eum and Kim Yong Joon caught dating in Theaters

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Recently Hwang Jung Eum and Kim Yong Joon was spotted dating movies. A netizen who caught both of them then photographing them and uploading them in cyberspace.

Both purchase tickets by queuing with other visitors. Before the movie started, they took time to walk around, among others, buying contact lenses.

It was also proof that their relationship is still strong, do not break up as much gossip lately. According to netizens, the two also friendly when it comes to some fans asking for autographs and pictures together.

Yoong Joon Jung Eum and've been together for eight years. But there is no sign of them going up to the altar in the near future. Yong Joon is currently still undergoing compulsory military service, and using his day off to meet Jung Eum. While Jung Eum still busy filming KBS series, "Secret".

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Amber f (x) sister Hacker Breaking into Facebook,

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Artist's social networking account is vulnerable to be cracked by hackers. The time this incident happened to Amber f (x). He even rebuked his Facebook breaker via Twitter.

"For anyone who hacked my Facebook, please do not do it again," Amber tweet on August 14. "It was an act that was not polite and not important. Kesenanangan Do not ruin someone else."

Tweet Amber makes fans shocked and alarmed so come if Twitter was joined burglarized. SM Entertainment finally confirmed that the tweet was genuine warning. "Tweet it really written Amber itself," wrote SM Town official account.

"Basic ones today! Dong Respect the privacy of others," wrote fans are upset with the hacker. "Who does Amber have Facebook? I never know," said another fan. "Do not tell me this sasaeng act."

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

IU and Lee Hyun Woo Denies Dating Rumors

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Photos of 'dating' IU and Lee Hyun Woo circulating on the internet to attract the attention of netizens and fans. Speculation about their relationship circulated right as well as the photo. However, recently IU and Lee Hyun Woo denied that they are dating.

Through each agency, IU and Lee Hyun Woo explained they just friends. After all the time they actually watched the film with a lot of people. They also brought along friends, managers and staff.

"It is true they were watching a movie together," said IU agency. "But they both encourage managers and staff while watching the movie."

While the agency explains Lee Hyun Woo as they are close friends since both became host "Inkigayo". "Both of them become close friends because once the MC 'Inkigayo' together. Coincidentally that time they both had free time and decided to watch a movie. Would not legitimate if two friends watching a movie together," the agency said the actor "Secretly Greatly" that.

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Jang Hyuk Reveals Never End by Boyfriend Because of Jun Ji Hyun

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Despite having a predicate Hallyu Star, Jun Ji Hyun is a little brother for Jang Hyuk. The closeness made ​​actresses "The Thieves" is knowing a lot of things that do Jang Hyuk. One was to make her boyfriend broke up with Jang Hyuk.

Jang Hyuk and Ji Hyun is one agency while first career start to become familiar. At that time in college while Jang Hyuk actress movie "My Sassy Girl" was still in high school. Jang Hyuk reveals that at the time had a boyfriend Ji Hyun complain to the agency so that they should break up.

"I met my boyfriend while busily auditioning and I really liked it. We met on a blind date," said Jang Hyuk in "Kneedrop Guru". "I went to the movies with him when caught by Jun Ji Hyun. Problem is cinema near schools Ji Hyun."

Jang Hyuk confessed then immediately contacted Ji Hyun to shut up but apparently failed. Ji Hyun Jang Hyuk said that he had reported to the agency. As a result Jang Hyuk was breaking up with her ​​boyfriend.

"After that I called Ji Hyun to ask him not to tell the agency," said the actor "The Flu" is. "Agency asked me how could I go out when it was supposed to audition. Relationship pacaranku So when that did not work."

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SHINee's Jonghyun dating Kyung Li Denies Nine Muses

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Jonghyun seemingly want her dating rumors with Nine Muses Kyung Li protracted. Through his Twitter account, Sunday, August 11th, Jonghyun tweeted clarify these rumors.

"My story seems too wide circulation in the community site. I'll tell you the truth, I'm going to the movies with my friends and they are just friends, not from the celebrities," Jonghyun tweet. 'I hope no one will get hurt by (clarification) this. "

"I know (the media) because my friend sent me a photo - I'm glad there are a lot of friends who care with me like this.'s Late, go to bed -" he wrote again. "There must be a lot of people sighed with this news. I'm sorry. Though I should not have to apologize, but I'm sorry."

The previous day (10/8), Jonghyun circulated to the movies with Kyung Li. After the photo was circulated, many thought both were dating.

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EXO Fans Align Issues in disguise So Guys For Peeping into Bathroom

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EXO has many fans sasaeng (stalker) who always follow them wherever they go. The members are now discussing their existence in an interview. EXO also straighten out an issue that there sasaeng girls who go into their bathroom.

Some time ago circulated photos showing fans a girl disguised as a boy to get into the shower guy. Fans sasaeng EXO already known reckless in following this idol. EXO now straighten that an intruder was not a girl, but is really a guy.

"Lately there have been rumors that there was one girl fans shaved his head and went into the men's room in which there is us and taking pictures," said EXO. "The truth is there are people who follow us to the bathroom to take pictures of us, like in the picture, but it's not the girl fans in disguise. He's really a guy."

EXO also apologize to all those who feel disturbed by the act of the fans, especially the neighboring dorm. They ask fans to stop camping outside the dorm and doing dangerous things. "We are also very grateful if they obey the rules when we meet at a public event," he continued.

"We love our fans come to watch, but it would be better if we followed the rules and behave well in public," added EXO. "When we were overseas, fans sasaeng accidentally wear the same plane and take our pictures non-stop. So imagine how uncomfortable. We often feel guilty about disturbing other passengers and crew."

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Friday, August 9, 2013

South Korea Urges Political Conduct Military Conscription Rain Birthday

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Rain may be able to avoid a military prison, but that does not mean he necessarily problem free. As you well know, Rain caught dating with Kim Tae Hee at office hours without wearing a military uniform. At that time, Rain managed to escape from the shackles of military criminal law and punishment shall only be settled in military barracks during the week.
However, the decision was apparently drawn protests from some politicians in South Korea. Recently they demanded Korean Defense Minister to consider that repeated Rain military service. They suggest the South Korean military regulations should apply equally to all citizens, not to mention celebrities.
"Our country has an strict military rule and it should be enforced equally on all citizens," said one politician. "Rain even recruited by celebrity lines without completing all the documents the terms, just because he is famous. Usually celebrities still have to complete all the paperwork, but obviously once Rain gets preferential treatment."
Re conscription punishment is actually not the first time that happened to celebrities. Previously, PSY also had to be punished when it violates. Therefore, South Korean politicians insist Rain should receive the same punishment.
"Lately a lot of discussion about conscription was discussed again for Rain. But the real problem is there are 10 celebrities who go without proper documents. Therefore also violated, then they should also undertake military service again," said the other politician. "This is indeed a problem, but only the Minister of Defense that could decide."
"It is true that Rain was included in the 10 celebrity," he added. "Currently, investigations are also being carried out and there is not confined to those who get caught breaking, but to all artists who go through the recruitment of celebrities."
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IU spotted 'date' Watch with Lee Hyun Woo

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Back shocking news came from IU. More recently, serial actress "You're the Best Lee Soon Shin" was caught on camera going with Lee Hyun Woo. Both were seen together in a movie theater.

Their pictures while watching together was immediately spread on the internet. In the photo IU and actor "Secretly Greatly" look alike wearing a hat to hide his face. The second photo invites the question mark among fans whether they are dating at the time.

Moreover, previous IU widely rumored in a relationship with Super Junior's Eunhyuk. Eunhyuk broke the news to do with IU since accidentally uploaded their intimate photos on Twitter. Although IU agency eventually issued a statement that they are just friends.

Meanwhile, fans also guessing that the relationship IU and Lee Hyun Woo also just friends. The two met while still a host "Inkigayo" with. Although he was no longer the host of the event, IU and Lee Hyun Woo is still contacting each other.

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Agency SNSD, Big Bang and Other Kpop Artists Music Chart Report Manipulation

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A number of agencies singers in Korea filed a report at the Seoul District Attorney's Office and the police to investigate the alleged manipulation of digital music charts. Initially the agency reported that Girls' Generation (SM Entertainment), Big Bang (YG Entertainment), 2PM (JYP) and ZE: A (Star Empire Entertainment).

Moments later, the agency Cube Entertainment Entertainment and FNC also provide support. They suspect there are certain parties who are buying in bulk digital songs for singers to boost the popularity and achievements in a number of music charts.

The modus operandi of certain parties "buy" purchase so that the song could be ranked above even topped the charts. That way, the song received more attention and are also likely to be played in a number of music programs broadcast both radio and TV. There was the possibility that it was done by artist agency holding companies that offer services increases the number of downloads or manipulate the chart.

"Buying bulk to be stopped because agencies are releasing music correctly is impaired and the public could lose confidence in the truth at the site of the charts," said YGE. "Businesses need to work together digital music and action must be taken to prevent these illegal activities."

"This manipulation could hurt agency to release and market music in the right way, this has to stop," said JYP representative. "All the digital music industry should work together to set up the system to prevent corruption and manipulation in the music industry."

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Cha Seung Won Apologizes son Perform Sexual Harassment

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Cha Seung Won into the public spotlight when her story of sexual harassment. Star of the series "The Greatest Love" is finally open up the case of her son. He apologized on behalf of his son has been creating quite a stir in the public.

"I Cha Seung Won. Was not a named actor Cha Seung Won, but as an incompetent father raising his son, I'm sorry from the deepest bottom of my heart," he wrote on his me2day account. "Besides the facts that exist, as the father of the child is exposed to scandal, I feel responsible and I can not help feeling woe. Again I apologize with head down."

The victim's lawyers have reported Cha No-ah over allegations of sexual harassment confinement accompanied on August 1. While No-ah denied the allegations, insisting they are just regular dating. Next week the case will be examined further.

Cha No-ah known to netizens as classmates Sooyoung of Girls' Generation at the elementary school. Now he works as a professional game player in League of Legend team sponsored LG. This scandal also brought back cases of smoked cannabis ever happened to No-ah in March.

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Lee Seung Gi Ever Admits Plastic Surgery?

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Lee Seung Gi
made ​​a startling confession in an interview with "One Night of TV Entertainment". At that time, the hosts showed transformation Lee Seun Gi face changes from year to year.

Actor "Gu Family Book" was aware that he looks more handsome when growing up. "I guess I'm getting to look better," said Seung Gi.

"I've never had plastic surgery," he added. "But I've done one time a medical procedure." Cash, greeting Seung Gi surprising the host. However, Seung Gi was only joking and hastily explained his point.

"I was just pulling teeth molars," he said to laughter from the hosts. "Pulling teeth it also includes a medical procedure. Did you know how scared I was at that time? I was in shock."

On that occasion, Seung Gi also revealed that he wanted to get married before the age of 35 years. 'Before I was thinking of getting married at the age of 35 years, but now I want to get married earlier than that age, "said Seung Gi.

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Friday, August 2, 2013

T-ara Shown Too Sexy on 'Bikini' Music Video

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T-ara will be releasing their latest music video. 6 girlband showcased photos and video teaser promo for the digital single "Bikini".

The concept carries the atmosphere of summer at a beach. In the teaser photos, Hyomin, Jiyeon, Boram, Qri, Soyeon and Ham Eun Jung (Eunjung), posing with large surfboard.

While in the teaser video, the woman looks sexy bikinis are playing water at the beach. T-ara's spokesman promised that fans will not stop watching the music video "Bikini".

"You can not look away from the music video 'Bikini'," said the spokesman. "The music video will make you want to go to the beach."

According to the plan, the music video "Bikini" will be released August 1st. Diproduser Duble Sidekick ", the song" Bikini "is a collaboration with Davichi and rapper Skull.

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Caught Shopping Together, Goo Hara and Lee Soo Hyuk Denies Dating

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After breaking up with Yong Jun Hyung Beast, Goo Hara
Kara has allegedly found another man. He is known shopping along with a model Lee Soo Hyuk in Japan. DSP Media also issued a rebuttal that Hara and Soo Hyuk dating.

On July 29, some Korean fans see Hara and Soo Hyuk looks clothes shopping together in "Cat Street" in the area of ​​Harajuku, Tokyo. Eyewitnesses claimed they be familiar that raises the issue of dating. But the two artists agency denied any compact affair.

"It is true that Goo Hara and Lee Soo Hyuk met in Japan but they are just friends," said DSP spokesman justified Soo Hyuk agency, Sidus. "They're not dating. Lee Soo Hyuk to Japan for personal reasons and when there finally know Hara asked to see."

"Hara paired with Kim Young Gwang 5 episodes for the drama 'Secret Love' and friends with Lee Young Gwang Soo Hyuk. So Hara friends with Soo Hyuk as well," said DSP spokesman. "Currently Hara in Japan for promotion of Kara's new single 'Thank You Summer Love' and as Soo Hyuk also to Japan so she drove him to Harajuku."

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