Friday, August 9, 2013

Cha Seung Won Apologizes son Perform Sexual Harassment

5:38 PM

Cha Seung Won into the public spotlight when her story of sexual harassment. Star of the series "The Greatest Love" is finally open up the case of her son. He apologized on behalf of his son has been creating quite a stir in the public.

"I Cha Seung Won. Was not a named actor Cha Seung Won, but as an incompetent father raising his son, I'm sorry from the deepest bottom of my heart," he wrote on his me2day account. "Besides the facts that exist, as the father of the child is exposed to scandal, I feel responsible and I can not help feeling woe. Again I apologize with head down."

The victim's lawyers have reported Cha No-ah over allegations of sexual harassment confinement accompanied on August 1. While No-ah denied the allegations, insisting they are just regular dating. Next week the case will be examined further.

Cha No-ah known to netizens as classmates Sooyoung of Girls' Generation at the elementary school. Now he works as a professional game player in League of Legend team sponsored LG. This scandal also brought back cases of smoked cannabis ever happened to No-ah in March.

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