Saturday, April 27, 2013

Not Hold EXO Criticized, Injuring Fans Wrists

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Netizens again struck by the extreme action of an EXO fans. Taiwan media, TTungsun News, reported a Chinese fans have posted a photo of her wrists with a knife slice it. As a result netizen uproar and debate.

According to reports, the reason is because the hand wrenching Lu Han's birthday on April 20. At that time some of the fanbase trying to hold a birthday party even though Lu Han Sichuan earthquake had just happened. No doubt the attitude of inviting criticism from netizens for not being sensitive situation.

"If all EXO members die then fans will hold a funeral," wrote one netter. Then post the invite debate until finally strayed far from the topic of Lu Han's birthday. Apparently an outraged fans criticized his idol and he defended his own way.

"I slashed my hand better than seeing all EXO members die," wrote the fan while uploading photos bloody wrist. "If you criticize them, we all will be slashed hand and die."

Chinese netizens were shocked by the attitude of the fans and the more incentive to criticize. "Do your parents know you do that?" wrote a netizen. "Your attitude only makes the ugly idol image," added another. "It's too crazy."

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Seo In Guk Amit Already Sick Rumored to Eun Ji A Pink

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Seo In Guk constantly rumored courtship with A Pink's Eun Ji since both starred in the series "Reply 1997". The singer of "Broken" are admitted initially happy with the rumors, but now he felt sick.

While appearing on the show "1 vs. 100" In Guk revealed his feelings about dating rumors with Eun Ji. He claimed the rumor was initially happy with the set because it can promote their series, 'Reply 1997'.

"We rumored courtship when the middle of filming series. Currently it appears the issue I'm happy," said In Guk. "When I was with him I wanted to look good in the eyes of the audience. On the set I want to get closer to him so that I often accidentally make a joke."

But the desire to close with Ji Eun is causing things not diingankan. Finally, many people who believe they are actually going out and rumor still talked about to this day. Consequently In Guk had many times to straighten the rumors while appearing on television.

"Lots of my friends are asking me if it's really going out with him. Fact actor Lee Sung Jae called me to ask as well," said In Guk. "The scandal emerged again after a year. I'm really tired of this rumor kept there."

In Guk is now hoping fate will change. "Next year I hope if I already rumored again with a different person," concludes dropout talent show "Superstar K" is.

JYP Entertainment apologizes Engineering Problem Pictures Concerts 2PM

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After the scene with the facts about engineering photo some time ago. Now turn JYP Entertainment spoke.

2PM place this shelter agency admits errors related to the circulation of photographs engineering 2PM concert at Tokyo Dome, Japan, some time ago. Through a written statement, JYP Entertainment issued a public apology immediately.

"We apologize for the error associated with the 2PM concert held at the Tokyo Dome last week. We are forced to ask outsiders to adjust the colors in the photo, but we recognize a mistake when not carefully examine the photo and distributed already," said the JYP Entertainment.

"We also apologize to the media and 2PM fans who enjoy the concert," said JYP. "We will work harder to inspect all material before it is distributed, thank you."

Concert "Legend of 2PM in Tokyo Dome" last week drew the attention of more than 110 thousand spectators. But the concert was as tarnished by the circulation of photographs engineering openly edited by projecting angle photo of the exact same person. The goal is to fill the empty spot in the concert arena.

Agency Confirmation Jo In Sung and Kim Min Hee Indeed DATING

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Jo In Sung proclaim public scandal when Dispatch date with Kim Min Hee. Both sides agency also confirmed the romance rumors. They are also asking the public to support the understanding of this relationship.

"The two met earlier this year at a gathering they attend. They then began to contact each other as colleagues in the acting world," said Min Hee agency. "They then proceed to a closer relationship and started dating."

It is also revealed by the agency In Sung, IOK Company. They also confirmed rumors that an affair with actress Sung In the movie "Moby Dick" (2011) that has been established for 4 months. Actually they both have known a long time since both are still a career as a model in 2000.

"They met earlier this year and started chatting. Then their feelings and start developing romantic relationships," said agency spokesman In Sung. "Although only 4 months along but they've known since 2000 as fellow models. Now they change the status of a lover."

Kim Min Hee once dated actor Lee Jung Jae in 2003-2006. Then having an affair with a model Lee Soo Hyuk for 2 years in 2008-2010. While Jo In Sung has never been reported or published once had a lover.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Yookyung flee, A Pink Busy Search New Personnel

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A bit surprising, one girl group A Pink personnel named Yookyung decided to leave the group. As reported by allkpop, this news was announced by their agency, A Cube Entertainment. They are now busy looking for a replacement Yookyung.

"Yookyung which debuted 19 April 2011 and underwent ups and downs with fans more than two years, there will be personnel A Pink," reads the announcement of A Cube Entertainment. "Yookyung always tried his best since his debut and a hardworking personnel. Upon debate in a long time between continuing his career as a celebrity or a focus on education, eventually sixth personnel, Yookyung and agencies make this difficult decision."

"Because Yookyung will enter the University this year, he will no longer be Yookyung A Pink, but like any other regular student," said the agency. "Please always support him and his future." Meanwhile, the agency will soon enter a new personnel.

"They will not appear as six personnel, we plan to incorporate the new personnel. We are still looking for that person, but still not sure," said the agency. "Chances are he will appear when releasing a new album."

A Pink debuted in 2011 with the EP "Seven Springs of A Pink". They've lined up a few commercials like Cottiny, Converse, Skool Looks and Elsword.

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Every 2PM Nichkhun Trauma Still Remember the crash case

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Nichkhun apparently still can not forget the true case of a traffic accident that happened in the year 2012. When performed in concert "Legend of 2PM" who watched 11 thousand people (20 to 21 April), Nichkhun apologized to everyone.

"I apologize to the fans. I really am sorry and thank you. I missed you so much," said Nichkhun. Nichkhun concert at a press conference said, "Last year there was an accident and I admit I am guilty. Everybody makes mistakes, but very bad if someone repeating his mistake. Errors last very stupid and I will not repeat it again."

"I'm sorry to personnel 2PM, JYP Family and fans," he continued. "Time May comeback, I will show a more mature side. Due to 2PM's comeback just two years, we will often appearing on variety shows and other programs. I miss Korean fans."

"I do not have the opportunity to discuss the incident. I always like to apologize to the fans personally. I've got this opportunity at the Tokyo Dome concert," he concluded.

Nichkhun a car crash in the Gangnam area on July 24, 2012. In the results of the examination, proved Nickhun driving under the influence of alcohol. Fortunately the condition of the victims injuries are not too severe.

Results Edits Concert Photo Photoshop 2PM in Japan

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Netizen finds a surprising fact about the photo documentation of 2PM concert at Tokyo Dome last weekend. Some fans suspect that the agency JYP Entertainment to engineer one of the photos showed the audience at the concert "Legend of 2PM in Tokyo Dome" was.

At first glance, the photo only shows a crowd with multicolored lights. But the picture in the row spectators in the bottom floor was apparently the result of a photoshop.

Netizens even marked the engineering evidence that photo with the yellow line. It is seen from two angles equally showed a picture of a number of fans with similar activity. Given this reality, netizens immediately launched criticism.

"It's very strange. Least when using photoshop, doing good," said one fan at a forum in netizenbuzz blog. "It is clear that the photo was edited," said another. "It's a shame, why did they do it?'s So seem cheap. Embarrassing," a netizen criticism.

Many fans feel curious about the motives of the photo edits. Some suspect that JYP did that 2PM concert in Japan seem crowded.

"Korean artists giving away free tickets to fill seats in their Japanese concert," taunted a netizen. "There's nothing to be proud of."

The following photo edits found netizen:


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Sunday, April 21, 2013

'Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love' Protested Because It Makes Sense

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Recently new SBS series, "Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love" became a controversy among viewers and netizens. Because, there are some things that are considered unreasonable. Therefore many are protesting the SBS for the mistake.

In the third episode, which aired 16 April, actress Kim Tae Hee seen wearing a pair of high heels high heels alias. Moreover, the figure of the manikins in this series also makes the audience confused. Because, in the Chosun era who are still not familiar with traditional modern items such as high heels or manikins.

Regarding this controversy, SBS representative also give the answer. "Remember this-saeguk serial fusion. In the story, Jang Ok Jung appears as a designer, so we have to add the items associated with the modern fashion," SBS representative was evasive. "As for the mannequin, we use wooden furniture, really. Hanbok We need a statue to Jang Ok Jung."

Fans who heard it too many answers SBS react. "I do not think high heels probably introduced in traditional Korean era," said Netter. "Placement of items that do not match the background of his time. Screenplay writer must be careful," comments another netter.

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Park Shin Hye There Warns Facebook Fake by name

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Celebrities become vulnerable didompleng name used fake accounts on social media. It was also experienced by Park Shin Hye is surprised suddenly found have an account on Facebook.

Star of the series "Flower Boy Next Door" reminds fans that it's a fake account. Shin Hye was written warnings through his Twitter account.

"I saw my name appear in the feature" Friends suggestion. "There are names, photos, and even school friends and other acquaintances," Shin Hye tweets. "What kind of situation is this?"

Shin Hye is getting popular so vulnerable victims of fake accounts on SNS. Lee Kwang Soo, Jang Geun-suk and Yoo Jae Seok also never had a fake account created another party on their behalf. They had been warned fans to be careful on this.

A rumored relationship, Baek Ji Young to marry in June

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Happy news coming from Baek Ji Young recently widely rumored break up with a lover. He will get married with her lover, Jung Suk Won, in June after dating since 2011.

Forestar Entertainment as Suk Won's agency confirmed the wedding news. Star of the series "Rooftop Prince" and Ji Young was already talking about the wedding will take place this year. Finished filming in June and plans to direct the drama filming after making Suk Won decided to get married in June.

"Lately, the two families are met and decided the wedding was held in June," said a spokesman for the Enews. "When the date has been decided then stay for its location."

Wedding publishing agency party's claim earlier than the original plan. The reason, they continue to be questioned about the issue and Suk Young Ji Won has been broken. Agency promised to share details of this marriage if it is no further information.

"Marriage is not just involve the two of them but their families as well so think about it seriously," said a spokesman. "They plan to continue to divide the details of the wedding plans as soon as possible. So we expect you to support them."

Suzy Issues Sport Spread Seoul Idol Rough

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Netizens made ​​furious over a news media called Sport Seoul. In the article and the video revealed no female idol is being rude and disrespectful. Although not mentioned by name but know that it's easy to miss A Suzy.

In the segment "SS Rumors and Truth" that mentions the idol identity is ending with "zy" and has the initials "B" (Bae Suzy). Anderson also added that the current active career and became the National First Love. Anderson was often rumored to be annoying and unwelcome media workers because of his attitude.

"He's always late for shooting and when the time filming started after the break then he was upset," wrote the news. "He also said the words obscene. Been once upon a time she cried and protested because they do not want to shoot and then run away from the location. Though but its pretty much the opposite of making it known as a member of girlband most rude."

The news was spread quickly so it makes netizens go investigate. They found that it was a post made ​​on behalf of Choi Chang Ryul in DCInside in February. Netizens called Chang Ryul is indeed often make unfounded rumors.

Knowing the launch Sport Seoul raw gossip that was making netizens criticized the media behind. There are also some netizens who suggested JYP Entertainment to file a defamation claim.

"So now reporter also copy and paste the contents DCInside origin without a check?" a netizen criticism. "They just swallow the gossip origin is not clear, even make your own video," added another netter. "It seems that the entertainment media increasingly desperate for news. Pathetic."

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Siwan ZE: A Caught Watching Porn Video

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Like men in general, Siwan ZE: A also never watch porn videos. However Siwan also been caught watching porn by his sister. The story was the disclosure while performing at the "Incarnation".

Siwan claimed to be a hobby watch porn videos since pointed out by a friend when she was a teenager. At that time he kept the collection videos on a computer in a folder named "subject matter". "I could not stop watching until my folder is full," he said.

"When I was a teenager I fight with my sister computer that finally won," said the star of the series "Moon That Embraces the Sun" was. "Honestly, I did not think would get caught."

"One day when I leave the room to grab a drink I heard my brother talking to my mother, 'I think Siwan watch porn videos'," said Siwan. "After that I always feel uncomfortable on my brother, especially as he was so sure of that accusation. Eventually I lost the right to use a computer."

Although discovered by a family member but will continue their hobby Siwan watch porn videos. "After that I learned a lot, so I immediately removed the video after watching it," he added.

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Secret Hyosung predictable scandal with actor Will Engage Top

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In the television show "All the K-pop" scandal invite forecasters to predict what will happen this year. They focused on the idol on the rise. Apparently forecasters see Secret Hyosung will be the headline.

Forecasters see the fortunes of the idol who was born in the year of the snake born in 1989. He mentioned that Hyosung will engage scandal with top Korean actor. Scandal that would make headlines all over the news media and seized on the range this year.

Not only Hyosung, Yong Jun Hyung Beast will change their luck in romance. While Sunggyu Infinite and SNSD's Jessica will face severe attack gossip. To Kwon Yuri related've got a great wealth luck.

"I'm going to record it fine to prove it true or not," commented a netizen. "The emergence of Hyosung name startled me, I'd be curious ya," added another. "Let's see about that."

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Small time Jessica SNSD and Krystal f (x)

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Jessica Girls' Generation and Krystal of f (x) is a pair of sisters who loved the netter celebrities. Now Krystal show affection to the late sister of his Instgram updates. It upload a photo of their childhood.

Krystal uploads photos with Jessica when she was a child on April 12. In the photo it appears to embrace her sister Jessica of happy, smiling back. Krystal looks small when not in the mood.

Apparently the photo was displayed Krystal in celebrating the national fraternity. "Jung. For national fraternity days. Love u jess," he wrote while uploading a funny photo.

The netizen surefire been made envious of the closeness Jung Sister. "Hahaha, Krystal small akfeksi apparently did not like the sister," comments a netter. "From do hold, it looks like Jessica does not want Krystal fuzzy," supplement other netter.

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Yoo Seung Ho and Sulli of f (x) turns Identify Over Small

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Yoo Seung Ho is jumping in the entertainment world since I was a child, as is with Sulli of f (x). Together a career in youth ages it appears Seung Ho and Sulli ever met. They seem quite familiar.

It opened it from the photos circulating on various online communities recently. Photo "Sulli and Seung Ho oppa. Who would have thought these kids will be stars dye?" netter attention. There seem Seung Ho and Sulli are still small intimate pose with a big smile.

"My goodness they face not changed at all until now have grown up," comments a netter. "Are they still friends so until now?" write another netter. "Imutnya them, their teeth are funny."

Seung Ho is currently undergoing conscription center and has completed military basic training. Star series "I Miss You" is reaping higher value to get appreciation. It also gets the credit for discovering her family back for a moment.

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Why Taetiseo saying goodbye Self withdraw from MC's 'Music Core'?

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Three MC program "Music Core", Taetiseo (Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun) finally officially resign from her position as an MC. On the show "Music Core" 13 April, they said goodbye to the audience resign and fans.

"I think it's really time for us to say goodbye. I'm very happy to be the MC for several years," said Seohyun. "I thanked the staff who provide unforgettable memories. Please do not forget us."

"During our six-year career as Girls' Generation, I'm an MC in sni for four years," said Tiffany. "I'm grateful to everyone who has supported me over the years. I also thank my colleague, Kwon Yuri."

Taetiseo finally said goodbye to resign with a rendition of "Goodbye, Hello" which is taken from their debut mini-album, "Twinkle". The position will be filled by the new MC Noh Hong Chul, Minho (SHINee) and Kim So Hyun on the 20th April.

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Is it true that Wonder Girls' Sohee Member Most Differences in Stage and Beyond the Stage?

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Sohee is known for its images are chic in Wonder Girls. But apparently it is much different when not on stage or in front of the camera. This was disclosed by his partner in the group that Yubin.

It was presented Yubin when appearing on the show "Seo In Young Star Beauty Show". When asked to choose the most distinct members while on stage with the everyday Yubin Sohee name.

"At that stage the member Sohee interesting with sharp eyes," said Yubin. "But he's totally different when it's not on the stage and with the other members."

In the event Yubin and Hyelim also admit they are addicted to selca photo. While Sunye never let go of her hand mirror. Currently absent from the Wonder Girls' Sunye and was in America to undergo her first pregnancy with her family.

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JYJ Jaejoong said sarcastically sasaeng are photographed at Airport

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Many fans were waiting at the airport to photograph her ​​idol is not unusual. However it seems that Hero Jaejoong had fans frustrated with the type of behavior like that. He also insinuated them through his Twitter.

"I returned to Korea with a good mood," Jaejoong tweets on April 14. "It does not matter if you really try to shoot like a journalist photographer."

"But if there is a grandmother or grandfather who fell when you pass, do not you need to help him and apologize?" Further tweet it. "Instead of chasing a car or checking your picture if the result is good, would not it be better if you re-check that your grandmother?"

Jaejoong returned to Korea after a concert "Your, My, and Mine" in Taiwan on April 13. Series of apparently "Time Slip Dr.. Jin" was experiencing unpleasant events when fans took pictures. But until now there has been no reports of fans about the existence of a incident involving fans when Jaejoong arrived in Incheon.

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

SNSD Jessica Ball throws Shame repeated More

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Jessica be a throw of the ball thrower so embarrassing moment in the first baseball game last year. Apparently it was not good at throwing the ball. It was already happening when Girls' Generation concert in Japan.

In a video taken SNSD fans being shared appears balls at the audience. Jessica looked up there with enthusiasm throw ball forward. But it happens even ball bounce over his head and make heavy shame.

Capture the scene already spread in various online community with the title "new pitch Sica". Jessica throws made ​​in one of the SNSD concert tour in Japan network for the album "Girls & Peace". Jessica Apes surefire luck with the ball netizen invite laughter.

"It seems that BC should give special training to throw the ball," comments a netter. "It looks like Tiffany and Yoona more cock, the better learn it," another netter supplement. "Come on Jessica, not any coke. You still cute."

Jessica May last year was given the honor as the first ball pitcher in the opening baseball game between the LG Twins cons Samsung Lions. Moment though is make a supreme effort but the ball directly targeting dilemparnya ground and rolling over. The video quickly spread and even aired on television ESPN Sport.

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Yong Hwa and Seohyun Stay The Same Apartment

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CN Blue's Jung Yong Hwa and Seohyun of Girls' Generation become popular since the couple became husband and wife in the virtual "We Got Married". Since then they often Match the by the fans. Now unfold it turns out they live in an apartment.

This was revealed by investigating tvN impressions dating rumors among artists. The event also proved the truth that Yong Hwa and Seohyun stay in the apartment complex. Even so they do not stay on one floor in an apartment in Cheongdam-dong it.

Yong Hwa lives with all the CN Blue members on the first floor of the apartment complex. While Seohyun moved to the 4th floor to the apartment with his family in lalu.Namun other residents there claim to CN Blue came to inhabit after Seohyun.

"Seohyun who lived here first and then later moved CN Blue followed," said one neighbor. "FNC Entertainment's headquarters moved to the area around here so the CN Blue members also moved to be closer to their label."

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