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Super Short Pants miss A's Suzy reap Controversy

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Miss A's Suzy was very attentive to fashion as an icon of "National First Love". But recently netizens split opinion when I saw Suzy clothing worn when attending the premiere of the film "The Terror Live". Because, Suzy wearing hotpants.

The premiere of the film "The Terror Live" was attended by celebrities like No Min-woo, Park Ye Jin, Hello Venus and others. Among all who came, Suzy attracted the most attention because just wearing casual dress paired super short shorts. Suzy legs were terumbar to the public, even seem like not wearing pants because it covered a loose shirt.

Suzy saw the appearance fee that is "bold" it did not make a complaint netizens. They consider it a reasonable super short shorts worn, especially in the summer now. However, some netizens upset when Suzy was wearing short pants is okay but if someone else will be criticized.

"I think the short pants are not really, it was only because her shirt is too long," defended a netter. "In Korea is notorious for wearing super short shorts, so I think it does not matter," added another netter. "If the life of another idol Suzy will be criticized but if nobody complains.'s Too biased," complained a netizen.

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Serial 'I Hear Your Voice' Accused of Plagiarism Mystery Novel, Sued Apologizes

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Korean drama "I Hear Your Voice" has just hit a problem. Series starring Yoon Sang Hyun ("Secret Garden") is accused of plagiarism against a mystery novel titled "Evidence of the Devil". Because of the plagiarism allegations, the Mystery Writers Association Novel Korea demanded the production of "I Hear Your Voice" apology.

"We issued a statement to represent Jin Ki, author of the novel 'Evidence of the Devil'," the representative said memorandum of association. "We would like to discuss a solution with SBS. Rather than taking legal action, we chose to support Jin Ko."

Previously, the association has also requested SBS to apologize for alleged plagiarism they proposed this. The association claims "I Hear Your Voice" plagiarism on a novel that has been released since the November 2012.

"We asked for SBS and the production of the series was to apologize," he said. "We asked for the name of Jin Ki and the title of his novel 'Evidence of the Devil' listed on his website and in his play credit."

Novelist Jin Ko felt aggrieved with "I Hear Your Voice" as "Evidence of the Devil" is actually the serial version will also be made with the other production. But as soon as "I Hear Your Voice" aired, they immediately stop the process of shooting. Meanwhile, SBS station denied the allegations of plagiarism.

"The same thing with his novel character just twins," said the representative of SBS. "But the way each case is solved is completely different."

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JYJ Glad FTC Warn SM Deter Stop Group Activities

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JYJ fresh breeze came continuity related activities in the entertainment industry. Fair Trade Commission (FTC) recently issued a memorandum warning the former agency SM Entertainment as Xiah Junsu, Micky Yoochun and Hero Jaejoong. FTC warns BC to stop blocking JYJ activities.

"We have told SM and the Korean Federation of Pop Culture and Art Industry (KFPCAI) to stop bothering the other business activities," the FTC said in a statement. "We ordered them to notify the relevant agencies, such as the broadcasting company, about this."

The FTC itself has been conducting an investigation since filing lawsuit by Junsu, Yoochun and Jaejoong to get out of TVXQ in 2009. The FTC found that BC and 26 KFPCAI proven prohibit broadcasters and distributors to recruit JYJ's album and the music market in 2010. Of course this new release alerts welcomed by JYJ.

"We thank the FTC decision," said JYJ. "Even though we were walking in the desert without end because of the difficulty of this struggle that began in 2009. With this announcement we feel the situation is getting better and gain new strength."

"With the request of the FTC, we hope to conduct a campaign on the stage and entertainment industry with a fair environment," continued the statement JYJ. "We also hope it can pave the way for junior fairer us."

BC alone respond to cold discharge memo from the FTC. "We are disappointed with the decision because we never hinder (JYJ promotion.) We will consider taking legal action against the decision," said BC spokesman.

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Naked photo South Korean artists

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Seemed to have no end of entertainment industry scandal in South Korea. Once there was a guy who blackmailed a former artist's own girlfriend and threatened to expose nude pictures, now comes a new case. Still related to nude photos, the case has now happened to one famous trot singer Jang Yoon Jung.

The circulation of a photograph entitled "Jang Yoon Jung naked" on the internet some time ago to make the owner of the auto body full of anger. Through her ​​agency, Yoon Jung argued that the photo was made ​​by him. The owner of the album "Oh My Goodness", admits that his face had been dicatut by irresponsible people, who then mounted to the other woman's body image models.

In other words, Yoon Jung says nude photos are circulating that it was engineered. This time he had reported the case to the police and the Korea Communications Commission.

"We will take legal action if Yoon Jung career declined because of this incident," said a spokesman for the agency. Although angered by the presence of the photo, but it was not long before Yoon Jung began to pull himself together.

"I admit that the face image hundred percent mine, but not with her​​. I do not have a body as good as it is," quipped Yoon Jung. "Although I laughed at, but I assure you anyone who makes this photo would not be able to laugh again after we take that to the bitter end."

Jang Yoon Jung made ​​her debut in the entertainment industry began in 1999. He is known for a distinctive voice when singing trot (South Korean traditional music). One of the popular song is "Oh My".

Here's nude photo Jang Yoon Jung outstanding:


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SNSD splashy Porn Photos Circulating on the Internet

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Not to subside about the case involving nude photo trot singer Jang Yoon Jung, now a similar case happened to Girls' Generation. Recently emerged pornographic photos of Girls' Generation. The picture was certainly not original, but modified the irresponsible people.

The photo was uploaded on a community forum on the internet and instantly spread fast in cyberspace. But obviously if the photo turns out just Nudity modified. In the photo, an intimate part of the personnel dipampang clearly.

This is not the first time Girls' Generation become victims of porn or nude photos of engineering. Last year, they appear a pornographic photo that is not less hebohnya. In 2010, nude photos of Girls' Generation are circulating on the internet makes 92 netter finally go to jail. But when it's Girls' Generation forgiven the perpetrators who are still in school (junior and senior).

But the nude photo circulating this time may make them panic. "They have to investigate who made ​​the picture," commented a netizen. "Photoshop is funny, but this is outrageous," said another netter.

The following porn photo Girls' Generation are many outstanding:


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Actress It Accidentally Shows Breast in Red Carpet

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Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (Pifan) was held again this year and opened on July 18. The actress and the actor came on the red carpet with stunning looks. But the most interesting is the actress Yeo Min Jung.

Jung Min sexy models wearing dresses one strap (strap) and parts of the legs is very high when they arrive on the red carpet. But when busy waving at reporters suddenly hand strap dress without falling. As a result of breast exposed Jung Min although fortunately already wearing color cover.

But instead of feeling sympathy, netizens directly criticized Jung Min-out. They accused the actress was deliberately done in order to be talks and boost its popularity. Because the reaction Min Jung as his shirt open is considered unnatural.

In video footage of the event showed outstanding Min Jung as holding a rope used transparent sleeveless dresses hold it so as not to sag shortly before the fall. No doubt netizens pointed Min Jung deliberately untied it so that her breasts exposed. Her reaction is just laughing and restore the dress to its original position netizens believe it was intentionally done.

"I'm sorry, he was too desperate for media attention," wrote a netizen. "He can choose the right dress is not it? Hemisphere chest is too low and her panties peeking like that," another netter criticism. "It was clear he was not embarrassed, so it's definitely on purpose."

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Men who Embraced Comeback Teaser Krystal f (x) turns EXO Kai

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Having had time to make fans wonder, finally revealed the identity of the man who hugged by Krystal at a comeback teaser member boyband EXO.

In the latest two teaser photos, Kai's face is shown a little more clearly. One of the pictures show it is sitting in between Krystal and Sulli.

Fans there who feel envious but not a little too excited because Kai supports plans comeback f (x). "I'm happy with the way they support each other," said a netizen.

Previous rumors that the man who was not hugged Krystal Kai but Kim Hyobin. 2000Won duo group members dropout talent show 'K-Pop Star 2 "was touted glance similar to Kai.

f (x) will comeback, July 29, with the release of the song and the new album "Pink Tape". Before they present a vintage concept art for the film with promo "Pink Tape".

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Often Caused Problems, Contains Army Division Military Close Celeb

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Many celebrities who commit violations during military service seems to make the government take stern measures. The military has just announced it will close the PR department. This division entered the most current celebrity draftee.

The military has conducted a thorough investigation before taking this decision. Eventually they will close the promotional division that has existed since 16 years ago. Many problems caused celebrities assessed adversely affect the military in the public eye.

"After the investigation we decided to end the promotion division (where celebrities recruited)," said the spokesman at a press conference. "Division was formed to promote military campaign and boost the morale of the army. With many problems, however unpleasant that happens then the image of the military get affected."

"It was also demoralized soldiers who have worked hard," said a spokesman. "Under the military aim to promote public trust is paramount. Given the various problems we finally lose public confidence."

The military also said it would punish 8 soldiers are problematic according to the procedure. While 15 soldiers who are currently promotion division will be moved to another department from August 1. 3 soldiers for celebrities who are less than 3 months will be out returned as an active soldier.

Irregularities when conscription began to reap the celebrity spotlight when Rain caught taking too much time off and wander outside duty hours. Lastly, SE7EN and Mighty Mouth Sangchu caught go to massage parlors plus-plus. Currently other celebrities who just entered the draftee is Leeteuk, Yesung SuJu and Yoo Seung Ho, while Kim Heechul came out momentarily.

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Sistar Hyorin Has Apologizes Be Cold As fansign

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Sistar Hyorin recently reaped criticism from netizens because of his attitude fansign event. The reason is, there he was cool with not smiling during the show. Hyorin has now apologized for the incident.

"Actually, I had an enjoyable time with fans. But since I'm being open to fans even made ​​a misunderstanding," the official tweet on Twitter Sistar's Hyorin. "I will try harder not to disappoint in the future."

Criticism of netters appear when a fancam of Sistar fansign event on July 13 circulating in online communities. Hyorin there seemed not much expression and the fans said they were afraid the cold face. But Hyorin themselves say it is rather dizzy from just waking up in the car.

"I'm not in a bad mood anyway, so do not misunderstand me," said Hyorin during the event. "Do not worry with our expression because a person can not smile for 365 days, right? There are times when a person does not express. I'm not in a bad mood, just can not express today."

Despite explaining the reasons face without expression but still criticized Hyorin have disappointed fans who already bought the album and a long wait. A source also said the event is actually fine and the fans even cheer Hyorin.

"The tape only shows a small part event giving rise to misunderstanding," he said on Newsen. "Hyorin is an honest type with fans. Event itself is like a fan meeting so no fans who felt let down. We hope there is no misunderstanding again."

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SM and SMS Incident Apologizes Sulli f (x) Cursing on 'Running Man'

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Recently circulated video Sulli f (x) swore in Chinese (Mandarin) when appearing on the show "Running Man". The video was immediately invited furore among netizens and fans. Associated with the incident Sulli agency, SM Entertainment and SBS stations finally issued his apology.

SM representative explained at the time Sulli actually were discussing the topic of swear word in the Chinese language with the members "Running Man" other. However, because only a part of the editing process errors are displayed Sulli so impressed he suddenly threw the detraction.

"When discussing the Chinese language with the other members, the topic then turned to curses in Chinese," said the representative of SM. "The words that came out by accident because it was not edited and aired."

In the video duration 63 minutes it looked Sulli was sitting see games with other members. Sulli then say the word "cao ni ma" which is a detraction. Meanwhile, SBS stations also apologized and admitted the incident was purely by mistake editor programs.

"The words that come out when they're joking. Editing error in the incident is our responsibility and we certainly will edit it for online streaming version," said the representative of SBS. "We promise to be more careful in the future so that mistakes like this do not happen again."

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Boyband Member Caught Visit Gay Club in Thailand

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Recently in the Korean netizens shocked by a photograph of a member boyband. He was photographed while being in a special club gay in Thailand. The photo was immediately controversy whom the male figure.

The photos were taken by a netizen claimed that it often clubbing. When he was at the club he recognized a man as a member of the famous boy band idol to take her picture. Although his face disguised but netizens discovered that the man was 2AM's Jo Kwon.

Although surprised, but many netizens do not think Jo Kwon is gay. Because the attraction in gay clubs is often offered as a package holiday in Thailand so if someone was there does not mean he is homosexual. But also not a few men who suspect the unexpected Jo Kwon is gay.

"I thought it was a private affair Jo Kwon to go wherever he likes," wrote a netizen. "If he went to a gay club in Korea recently a problem, but in Thailand instead is considered reasonable? Anyone can enter," said the other. "What's really surprised? Jo Kwon I do not care about gay or not, the important thing I liked his style is entertaining."

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Series 'Dating Agency' Closed with Kiss SNSD Sooyoung

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Series "Dating Agency" has just entered the episode ended. The episode immediately attract the attention of fans because it was closed by the kissing scene Sooyoung of Girls' Generation. In that scene, Sooyoung did not seem shy kissing lips with co-star, Lee Jong Hyuk.

"This is my boyfriend," said Sooyoung and kissed Jong Hyuk at the scene. "Love creates his own world when two people meet and fall in love. At Cyrano agency I finally found the love story itself," he added.

Some time ago, Sooyoung also had to write a letter of farewell to fans of the series. Actress series "The Third Hospital" is to thank for the support of his fans and friends during this time.

"The support given by the fans as I was shooting into the night, you always give me strength so that I could finish it all until the end," he added. "Thank you. To welcome the new characters in the future I will bury Euijin Minyoung and in my heart. Woe I will bury feelings. Thank you for all the love you guys."

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Son Ho Young Free From Her boyfriend Demands Death Case

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Son Ho Young finally free from any claims of suicides committed by her boyfriend on May 23 last. The charges were withdrawn by the prosecutor who bring an action before the problem.

Previously, Ho Young was charged with seemed to want to commit suicide by trapping himself in a car that had previously been prepared to burn. The car was on fire when Ho Young turning coal to gas to meet in his car.

In his statement at the office of the Seoul Central Court last July 19, the Public Prosecutor revealed that it had revoked the allegations. The reason, it is the first legal action Ho Young and found no damage other than the deliberate burning car settings.

Prosecutors also claimed that Ho Young did not show signs of attempted suicide again after previously required to undergo some therapy with a psychiatrist.

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So Yi Hyun Open Sound Problem kiss with Taecyeon 2PM on 'Who Are You?'

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Romantic starred on "Who Are You?" So Yi Hyun demands for intimate scene with Taecyeon
2PM. Recent serial actress "Cheongdamdong Alice" stories about the kiss scene with Taecyeon in the series "Who Are You?".

So Yi Hyun diving scene revealed that he had only a few hours after it first met on the set. He also claimed that the kiss scene was the most professional that he ever lived for an actress to date.

"When I kiss scene with Jung Yong Hwa and Kim Hyung Jun, they are very nervous so I go nervous," he said when appearing on the show "Taxi". "But when did Taecyeon, he was very professional and natural so that when the scene was over I felt, 'What was that?'"

Taecyeon himself admitted that he had no other options and trying their best. Especially in the scenes they described as lovers who just dating. The plan, the series "Who Are You?" will air starting July 29 at the station tvN.

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Chansung 2PM Kiss 9 Girls for Magazine Photo Shoot

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2PM seems to be making the fans to bite the finger of jealousy in the latest magazine photoshoot. The reason, she posed with nine different girls models. Unmitigated, Chansung required to smooch with all these models.

Chansung sexy poses are done for the August issue of L'Officiel Hommes magazine. Star of the series "7th Grade Civil Servant" showing different moods with different kissing techniques on all models. Not only a sweet kiss, Chansung also managed to show up to tempt kiss coldness.

"I'm jealous! How could you do this to me Chansung oppa!" wrote a netizen. "Geez really hot pictures! Chansung really true models," said another netter. "After I noticed that really seems ngiklan watches yeah."

Success seems to Chansung making out with a girl in the shooting this time is because of the high expertise. Previously, he was praised most good intimate scene in the MV "All Day I Think of You" ("Ha.Ni.Bbun"). All members 2PM Chansung confessed fascinated with the intimate scene prowess though he is the youngest.

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Lee Jong Suk Back questioning His False Facebook Author

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Maker fake social networking accounts this time dealing with Lee Jong Suk. Star of the series "I Hear Your Voice" is made annoyed at the people who make a Facebook account pretending to be him. He asked the man to immediately stop the action.

Jong Suk insists that it has only me2day so fans could take care with other social networks. In December last year he has also been rebuked making fake Facebook. Apparently now he was really upset because there are still creating false accounts on behalf of himself.

"I do not have Facebook because it's complicated to me, so I used only me2day," wrote Jong Suk's me2day account. "I do not know what you want to pretend to be me on Facebook."

Jong Suk also insinuated that people live like everyone else who plays himself in a variety of series. "I myself into other people's lives in the drama and it's difficult. So stop," continued the star of the series "School 2013" is.

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Gossip exit Ahreum From T-ara to Solo Career

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T-ara members, known as Ahreum or uncover Areum to leave for a solo artist in hip-hop track. The singer is also a member of sub-unit T-ara N4 was asked for support from the fans for his decision.

"There is new information. Seems I will meet you all as a solo singer. Thank you for your support while I joined T-ara," said Ahreum, Wednesday (10/7). "In the future, I will meet you with the image of thousands of times better than when in the 'Countryside Life.' Do not forget me and T-ara. I'll miss you guys."

Unfortunately the sudden announcement that impressed netizens suspect it makes. They suspect there is another motive behind the release Areum. This is because before announcing his resignation, post status on Instagram Areum that reads "I have nothing left to lose.'m Not afraid to die. That's the first notice (I really do not feel lost. I'm not afraid to die. Was notice first) ".

"He must call attention or call if he wrote it on the social networks," said a netizen fans via Buzz. "Jiyeon looks like something to do with it. Jiyeon no ordinary girl, especially because he had the guts to take off her clothes in front of the camera," said another. "If it Ahreum bullied, then items (T-ara) should be thrown into jail," said a netzien.

So far there has been no official statement from T-ara. Girlband singer of "Day by Day" was pamornya increasingly dim after last year left Hwayoung. The seventh member resigned because of alleged acts of bullying other personnel of T-ara. However, Core Contents Media confirmed that Hwayoung out because the contract had expired.

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JYJ Junsu Agency ballistic Distributor Change Plans Solo Album Promo '11 AM '

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Plan Xiah Junsu's new album promo in trouble. Junsu's agency, C-JeS Entertainment, furious because Loen Entertainment distributor of musical material change marketing plans second solo album "11 AM" is.

"Since May, we have been communicating with Loen Entertainment on the distribution of online / offline for a second album Junsu," the statement dri C-JeS, Tuesday (9/7). "We have held several meetings with Loen and sending more than 50 emails containing information Junsu's new album."

"With the album release date July 15, we were working on marketing plans for the promo on music portals," said C-JeS. "However, on July 8th, Loen suddenly announced," Following the decision of the executive, that showcase that will be held July 15 only will be broadcast on TV and not MelOn Loen TV '. "

C-JeS Loen also accused of abuse of power and demanded that the members of JYJ's album promo still do like the original plan. If not, then the C-JeS will take stern measures.

"If negotiations are not reached, we will file a report to the Business Competition Supervisory Commission and the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights (ACRC) to fight the Loen unilaterally change the deal," said C-JeS. "We will do our best to fight for our rights."

As soon as the statement was released, Loen immediately provide a response. They revealed on Star Review decision on changes to the plan if it is not yet final showcase.

"The decision is not final.'s Just part of a process," Loen said. "Banner Junsu still on our website and marketing plan is still talked about."

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