Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Boyband Member Caught Visit Gay Club in Thailand

8:03 PM

Recently in the Korean netizens shocked by a photograph of a member boyband. He was photographed while being in a special club gay in Thailand. The photo was immediately controversy whom the male figure.

The photos were taken by a netizen claimed that it often clubbing. When he was at the club he recognized a man as a member of the famous boy band idol to take her picture. Although his face disguised but netizens discovered that the man was 2AM's Jo Kwon.

Although surprised, but many netizens do not think Jo Kwon is gay. Because the attraction in gay clubs is often offered as a package holiday in Thailand so if someone was there does not mean he is homosexual. But also not a few men who suspect the unexpected Jo Kwon is gay.

"I thought it was a private affair Jo Kwon to go wherever he likes," wrote a netizen. "If he went to a gay club in Korea recently a problem, but in Thailand instead is considered reasonable? Anyone can enter," said the other. "What's really surprised? Jo Kwon I do not care about gay or not, the important thing I liked his style is entertaining."

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