Tuesday, July 23, 2013

SM and SMS Incident Apologizes Sulli f (x) Cursing on 'Running Man'

8:07 PM

Recently circulated video Sulli f (x) swore in Chinese (Mandarin) when appearing on the show "Running Man". The video was immediately invited furore among netizens and fans. Associated with the incident Sulli agency, SM Entertainment and SBS stations finally issued his apology.

SM representative explained at the time Sulli actually were discussing the topic of swear word in the Chinese language with the members "Running Man" other. However, because only a part of the editing process errors are displayed Sulli so impressed he suddenly threw the detraction.

"When discussing the Chinese language with the other members, the topic then turned to curses in Chinese," said the representative of SM. "The words that came out by accident because it was not edited and aired."

In the video duration 63 minutes it looked Sulli was sitting see games with other members. Sulli then say the word "cao ni ma" which is a detraction. Meanwhile, SBS stations also apologized and admitted the incident was purely by mistake editor programs.

"The words that come out when they're joking. Editing error in the incident is our responsibility and we certainly will edit it for online streaming version," said the representative of SBS. "We promise to be more careful in the future so that mistakes like this do not happen again."

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