Sunday, December 30, 2012

MBLAQ's Lee Joon Dance at Home Woman bikini on 'We Got Married'

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MBLAQ's Lee Joon show off dancing skills in front of the bikini-clad girls on the show "We Got Married" which aired last December 29. In the event themed "honeymoon specials in Hawaii", Lee Joon told be refreshing, but he met with a bunch of bikini-clad woman who makes eyes remained fixed on them.

After recognizing that some women like Lee Joon K-Pop idols, Lee Joon immediately "stocking charm". She danced in front of the girls sexy, removed his shirt while accompanied by Kwanghee ZE: A.

"It's like an audition. We showcase our talents to get a good role," said Kwanghee. "These are talents that have never been shown before."

"I'm very confident," he added. But in the end, Lee Joon, Kwanghee and Julian Kang claimed that they had.

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Saturday, December 29, 2012

IU Old Photos Circulating On The Internet

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Recently circulated photos on the internet IU. The photos show the original body size IU a very petite.

In the photo he looks IU wearing red boxes that fit in the body. When biting in addition to a woman's body shape IU look smaller. Body actress "Dream High" was even mentioned even smaller than most women.

View images, some fans claimed envy IU shape. Although thin, the fans claimed to have a body like him.

"He was very skinny. But she has a good body," said one fan. "Wow, amazing. I'm glad she looks more contained now," said another fan.

Iu is currently busy with his activities as a host on a number of occasions. Most recently, the singer is rumored close to Super Junior's Eunhyuk was chosen to host SBS music show with his best friend, miss A's Suzy and actor Jung Woon Gyeo.

Friday, December 28, 2012

SuJu Kyuhyun Open Secret Musical Drama At The kiss scene

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Kyuhyun Super Junior openly about his kiss scene in the musical "The Three Musketeers". In the latest episode of "Radio Star", Super Junior's maknae tells about his experience kissing scene with Kim So Hyun in the musical. In that episode, Kim So Hyun has become one of the star guests.

"When you're a lover Kim So Hyun, is there a kissing scene?" the host asked Kim Yeon Woo. Kyuhyun answered the question honestly Yeon Woo's. "Yes, there is. But we do behind a hat," said Kyuhyun.

Hearing this host Yoon Jong Shin immediately replied teasing Kyuhyun. "It could be they are even more affectionate kissing behind a hat while doing it," said Shin Jong.

Instead of shame, Kyuhyun instead agreed Jong Shin's question while joking. "Actually I do not remember exactly what happened," Kyuhyun said to laughter from everyone in the studio.

When it's "Radio Star" invited the jury show "Star Audition The Great Birth" as a guest star. Talk show that aired on the station MBC was invited Kim Tae Won, Kim Yeon Woo and Brave Brothers.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Plagiarism Case of Colossal drama "Queen Seon Deok"

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Who would have thought a colossal popular Korean series, "Queen Seon Deok" was the result of plagiarism. After three years of release and success in various countries, the series starring Lee Yo Won was recently caught doing plagiarism. Apparently, the plot of this series adaptation of the musical "Queen of Rose of Sharon, Seon Duk".

Plagiarism action series ever played in Indonesia's even been found guilty in court. Parties serial production is found guilty of using many of the same details of the musical text.

"We found evidence that the plaintiff was the original creator of music, books and the story of 'Queen Seon Deok'," read the announcement of the court. "The text is not exactly the same but a lot of similarities that we found the whole story, the details of his character, and even in some scenes."

Because plagiarism is, then the production must pay USD 186 thousand (approximately USD 1.8 billion) to the plaintiff. Not only that, the DVD, book, and re-aired the series has also banned forever.

However, it seems not a fine proportional to income "Queen Seon Deok". Since it was released three years ago, the series has managed to make a profit of USD 50 million (about USD 485 billion) and in the list of top 10 most-watched series. The series also received a very high rating while playing in MBC and reached 43.6 percent.

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IU Write First Massage About Scandal Photos

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IU still chose silence as intimate photos with Super Junior's Eunhyuk is spread to the public. IU still appear in public but never wrote a message on social media. IU appears now write a Christmas greeting to his fans.

In a post that IU wrote on her fancafe on December 25, he was not just talking about Christmas. Singer of "You And I" also revealed his feelings and apologize has made fans worried.

"How are you two my fans? I feel stuffy as I closed the door and now it's Christmas Eve. I do not go out. Felt claustrophobic because I wanted to write this to you," wrote IU. "Because of this I learned a lot of things rather than just reply to the message when there is no work to do."

"I'm sorry to make you skinny because of worries me. I'm sorry that I gain weight even if I were making a mess," said IU. "I'll disappear after you say hello. Beware flu? After this I'm going out. Wait for me while drinking juice in the room."

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Song Hye Kyo Hot Photos in Film 'The Grandmasters'

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The film "The Grandmasters" has just released a new photo. It showed one of the intimate scenes Song Hye Kyo and Tony Leung in the film.

In the photo, actress series "Full House" looks hugged from behind by Tony. Song Hye Kyo then leaned her head on Tony's shoulder, closing her eyes. He was seen showing happy expression on his face.

The film's release was delayed were also starring Zhang Ziyi, Chang Chen, Siu-Lung Leung and Wang Qingxiang. "The Grandmasters" directed by Wong Kar Wai who also wrote the script for this movie.

"The Grandmasters" tells the story of martial arts experts in South China. Told martial arts expert teachers are often challenged the ability of one another in a battle. One day Ip Man caught in the fighting and managed to be the winner.

Master Kung and his daughter Kung Yi became fascinated by the figure of Ip Man. The conflict became more exciting when a high warlord killed by own guard and make teachers martial determined catch the killer. According to the plan, "The Grandmasters" will be released in China in January 2013.

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Monday, December 24, 2012

JYP: Suzy Natural Sexual Harassment on the Internet

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Unpleasant incident had just experienced Suzy. Miss A's maknae victims of bullies on the internet. Someone send him indecent images through Twitter account star series "Dream High" is.

Seeing Genesis JYP Entertainment finally did not remain silent. They then reported the matter to the police to catch the culprit. "We have officially reported the matter to the police today," said a spokesman for the agency, December 24.

JYP deplore harassment since Suzy is still a school student. "Suzy is not only celebrities but also students. We can not understand how can people that do this for a young girl," a spokesman said earlier in the day.

Earlier on December 22, one nge-tweet photos to Suzy when she perform lewd acts on a picture Suzy. He also threw the words "Skate" is often used to belittle people of Jeollado, Suzy hometown. That picture also could reap the ire of netizens even now been removed.

"It was disgusting," said a netter. "People like that should be in jail," added another. "Suzy definitely shocked if you see the photo."

This photo on Twitter that harass Suzy:

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

SNSD Teaser Photo Full Colour on 'I Got A Boy'

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Latest teaser photos of Girls' Generation SM Entertainment finally released and immediately spread widely on the Internet. Teaser consists of photographs of the personnel with their new image for comeback in Korea with their fourth album, "I Got A Boy".

In this teaser, the personnel appear quite different from the appearance of feminine and elegant as usual. Instead, they are transformed by the funky and cheerful appearance.

Some personnel also appear download paint their hair. Starting from Jessica, Sunny, Yoona, Kwon Yuri, Sooyoung, Hyoyeon, and Tiffany. Only Taeyeon and Seohyun whose hair is not to paint.

The concept of bright and cheerful color picture of the world approached the teen or young-free. Still cocokkah Girls' Generation with images like that?

Here's a teaser photo "I Got A Boy" Girls' Generation:


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