Friday, December 28, 2012

SuJu Kyuhyun Open Secret Musical Drama At The kiss scene

7:59 AM

Kyuhyun Super Junior openly about his kiss scene in the musical "The Three Musketeers". In the latest episode of "Radio Star", Super Junior's maknae tells about his experience kissing scene with Kim So Hyun in the musical. In that episode, Kim So Hyun has become one of the star guests.

"When you're a lover Kim So Hyun, is there a kissing scene?" the host asked Kim Yeon Woo. Kyuhyun answered the question honestly Yeon Woo's. "Yes, there is. But we do behind a hat," said Kyuhyun.

Hearing this host Yoon Jong Shin immediately replied teasing Kyuhyun. "It could be they are even more affectionate kissing behind a hat while doing it," said Shin Jong.

Instead of shame, Kyuhyun instead agreed Jong Shin's question while joking. "Actually I do not remember exactly what happened," Kyuhyun said to laughter from everyone in the studio.

When it's "Radio Star" invited the jury show "Star Audition The Great Birth" as a guest star. Talk show that aired on the station MBC was invited Kim Tae Won, Kim Yeon Woo and Brave Brothers.