Thursday, May 30, 2013

Han Hye Jin Reveal Date Without Marriage and Honeymoon

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Han Hye Jin shocked the public when announcing his wedding plans with footballer Ki Sung Yueng. Was revealed in July as the month of the wedding, now it sets the date. Hye Jin and Sung Yueng mantab married on July 1.

"I'm getting married on July 1. We have promised each other and decided to become husband and wife," said Hye Jin. "I stress the many rumors are not true. However we could always soothe and remind each other what is most important in life.

Actress movie "26 Years" recognizes the very sudden wedding plans. He also feels this decision in a hurry, but there was no other choice because of busy Sung Yueng in club Swansea City, England. That's why they are not planning honeymoon.

"It is true that the decision to marry was very sudden. Only this time we had to get married, while Ki Sung Yueng off. If not done now the only chance next year," he continued. "Next season is crucial for him so we think this is the most appropriate time though so in a hurry."

"At this time we are also no honeymoon plans," said Hye Jin. "Ki Sung Yueng will go to practice the next day and I'll catch the end of July after finishing filming 'When a Man ​​Loves' and variety 'Healing Camp'."

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Suicide suspected Want More, Son Ho Young, Can not Exit Hospital

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Son Ho Young, it was transferred to the intensive care spaces in hospitals that treat them. But it does not mean this handsome singer condition is stable after previously could commit suicide experiment.

With consideration of the condition is not stable, Ho Young has not allowed out of the hospital. Consider the psychological condition, Ho Young feared suicide will be experimenting more.

"Compared suffered physical wounds, the wound in his heart is still very in," said a source to the StarNews. "He has not finished out of the hospital."

"Son Ho Young is still in surveillance and worried about suicide will do another experiment, so difficult to start their activities again so out of the hospital," the source added.

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Brian Joo Ever Almost Suicide When Fly to the Sky Still Active

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Fly to the Sky known as a successful duo in early 2000 through the single "Sea of Love". Now one of its members, Brian Joo, expressed his feelings when the group is still active. Not unexpectedly, he had almost committed suicide because of the status of being an artist.
Brian's statement was made in the "SBS Good Morning" who visited her home. There he says was hit by stress and loneliness when Fly to the Sky reached peak popularity. He had wanted to jump out of his apartment, but was arrested by colleagues, Hwan Hee.

"Fly to the Sky During active I was very stressed and feeling lonely because of living in Korea alone," said Brian. "It also felt a deep sadness result of life in the world of entertainment."

"One day I looked out the window of a 13th floor apartment that I lived with Hwan Hee and for an instant I almost made ​​a mistake," said the singer who is known hilarious. "But I did not jump because Hwan Hee arrest me."

The singer, who is now a solo career that also expressed his gratitude to Hwan Hee. "As long as I'm having a difficult time she's always by my side and never tired of supporting me," said Brian.

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Driving While Intoxicated, Yoo Se Yoon UV Submits Self to Police

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Shocking news came from Yoo Se Yoon UV suddenly handed himself into police on Wednesday (29/5). Performers remain "Radio Star" is indeed turned himself in to police for driving while intoxicated Ilsan.

According to police, Yoon Se come to the office and admitted to drinking alcohol and then keep driving. Rice was around 4, he completed a drink in Gangnam then drove the car to the Ilsan a distance of 30 km. At that time there is a 0.118 percent blood alcohol level in his blood is enough to make his driver's license revoked.

"Yoo Se Yoon was not charged with threat of arrest," said police jury spoke. "Only SIM only drawn by applicable regulations."

"Yoo Se Yoon said gave himself because he felt guilty," he continued. "This is the first time he turned himself in to the police when he has not been caught. We have questioned him and let him go home."

Awareness to surrender this makes netizens confused should praise or criticize. Yoon Se itself also discusses his attitude through his Twitter account. "Come, to be honest," wrote the performers' Barefoot Friends "this.

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SS501 Kim Hyung Jun is leaked last boyfriend Celebrities

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Recognition that this time slid from SS501 Kim Hyung Jun is likely to make fans more curious. Because he admitted his last girlfriend was a celebrity.

Hyung Jun said while appearing on the show "One Night of TV Entertainment". He claimed to last about 2 years ago dating. The singer of "oH! AH!" This saying is a singer and actress girlfriend.

"Relationships that last romance was 1-2 years ago," said Hyung June "The girl that I was dating left me in the middle of the road (the relationship). He is a celebrity. He is a singer and actress and a bit younger than me."

Netizens immediately excited to hear confessions SS501's maknae. "Wow, you're making me speechless," wrote a netizen. "The description of it anyway yes most idols today," complained another netter curious.

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Sports Seoul Scandal Reveals Driving Agency Preaching T-ara N4

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Some time ago T-ara
N4 held a press conference to announce a collaboration with American hip hop musician. Apparently the news content of the press conference driven by T-ara's agency. One of the media, Sports Seoul, admitted his side were forced CEO of Core Contents Media (CCM).
Sports Seoul is now writing an article that reveals the CCM intervention in T-ara preaching N4. With the title "T-ara's agency taught us towards writing articles is an act of 'shameful'", they wrote CCM modify the contents of unwelcome news. They criticized the CCM when Sports Seoul to write the truth about T-ara N4.
According to them, there are 6 news release from the media, but only 5 that meet the standards while the CCM does not belong to Sports Seoul. Because the SS published under the title "Press Conference T-ara N4 career in America do not get applause". When the CCM representatives directly asking edited news just because they are not happy.
In the article stressed that Seoul Sports CCM over-exert yourself while promoting T-ara public view is still bad to them. However, the CCM considers the reports spoil their image. "They are not happy because the subjective opinion journalists, instead of parroting them," wrote Sports Seoul.
Sports Seoul told a press conference actually runs cooler without any interest of the media to ask questions. Some news media writing and uploading photos potluck for not appealing. In addition, because there is no public interest factors, although collaboration with Chris Brown is a special thing.
"The next day CCM representatives came to our editors and issue curses on all of our reporters.'s Gone too far boundary. We lost the words for their actions," wrote Sports Seoul. "If they dare to act like that to us then how is the fate of other media and fans. Honestly, it makes us worry."
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Teen Top's Niel Stress Due To Scandal Admits Dating Invited JYP Girlband

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Teen Top's Niel was in the spotlight when Andy Shinhwa reveals he never asked out JYP girl group members. Niel mom was talking about it when appearing on the show "Happy Sunday-Mamma Mia". He said the stress of his son's statement.

"Niel having a tough time. Unconsciously she had hurt some people and there is nothing he can say to help themselves," said Niel mother. "He stressed."

"It is a scandal first so I do not know what to do," said Niel. "A lot of people wrong."

The mother also said that depression is not only experienced but also family Niel. When Niel's parents also were having problems so that the situation becomes completely uncomfortable. Niel even asked her father and mother did not quarrel over this issue.

"Niel tried to calm us down. He had a hard time but it helped us," said Niel mother. "At that moment I realized he was becoming increasingly mature. Would be no greater problem to be faced when living, but we're going through it with optimism."

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Really Gossip Eunhyuk and IU to marry in October?

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Eunhyuk and IU romance issue erupted again. They suddenly rumored to be getting married in October. Apparently the rumor also reached the ears of the other members of Super Junior, Choi Siwon, who then tease on Twitter.

In some online community news emerged that mention a famous solo singer who was starring in the series will be married to popular boyband member. Singer initials "A" was to be married to idol initials "H" in October. They reportedly desperate to persuade the agency to be allowed to marry and have suspected since first pregnancy.

Media suspect is a solo singer IU is because he is currently starring in the series "You're the Best, Lee Soon Shin". Eunhyuk's name was linked as ever intimate photo scandal with singer of "Good Day" was at the end of last year. This rumor was addressed by colleagues in SuJu Eunhyuk.

"Congratulations to Lee Hyuk Jae," Siwon tweet to Eunhyuk Kangin who later returned. "What today is April Fool's Day?"

While the agency IU, Loen, said he did not know the existence of this gossip. They say just laughed at that. "If true IU married then surely we will announce it officially. Nothing to hide," said a spokesman.

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Park Shi Hoo movie 'Confession of Murder' Still Live in Japan

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Park Shi Hoo's career may have trouble in South Korea after the alleged rape case that happened. But it seems no effect in other countries. His latest film, "Confession of Murder", will continue to serve in Japan.

This is the first film in which he plays the main character. The plan, "Confession of Murder" will premiere held at Cinema de Tokyo on June 1, local time.

Although ravaged case, Shi Hoo popularity in Japan is still high. In fact, according to a poll conducted the Japanese portal website, Park Shi Hoo remains one of the favorite Hallyu Star.

"Park Shi Hoo, prince on the screen is transformed into a handsome killer," wrote one magazine in Japan. "He showed acting debut in the action film as a serial killer."

Representatives of Park Shi Hoo said if the case had not happened, we can be sure to eat a career actor "Cheongdamdong Alice" is going to skyrocket. "If Park Shi Hoo was not involved in the incident, he certainly won many awards at various award as Baeksang Arts Awards. We hope to see the adult as Hally Star after the case is completed," said the representative of Park Shi Hoo.

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Son Ho Young Still Life Suicide When Conducting Experiments

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Shocking news came from Son Ho Young after it had just attended the funeral of his lover who died of suicide. On Friday (24/5) morning local time, Ho Young attempted suicide.
According to police reports, Ho Young parked his car near the church Onnuri, Seoul, and tried to commit suicide in the same way with her lover. He lit coal to gas to meet in his car. The car then caught fire so ex-member boyband GOD it out of the fire escape and rescued by passersby.
Ho Young was then rushed to the hospital after his salvation called the police. Young Ho is currently still in the hospital for treatment. Fortunately he was not seriously injured and his condition began to improve.
"Son Ho Young burn coal to commit suicide but then one part of the car on fire," the police representative said. "We have not been able to confirm further because the inside of the car burst into flames. Currently we will be checking."
Young Ho party agency has so far not issued a statement and the circumstances are unclear. Allegations Ho Young depressed because of negative comments and rumors of bad netizen growing. "We're figuring out this problem. He's had a difficult time," said a source.
Earlier on May 21, Ho Young to attend the funeral at the Seoul Medical Center lover. During the funeral he kept awake all day to receive condolences. While the deceased family was reportedly cursing winners "Korean Celebrity Master Chef" is when questioned by police.
Update:Son Ho Young's agency issued a statement that the artist was still undergoing treatment at the hospital. "He will be treated for 2-4 days. Though there are no injuries but the psychological condition is very fragile and needs care for her stability," said a spokesman.
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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ryu Si Won Denies Spying on Wife Violence and Perform

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Long not been heard, actor Ryu Si Won senior public attention when she sued the violence. Now the star of the series "Style" that denies spying on his wife with a GPS and do domestic violence.

Ryu Si Won is suspected of having put a GPS to track the whereabouts of his wife for 8 months. The wife claimed that a tracking device installed in the car knows when put to the garage in May 2011. His cell phone is also fitted with a tracking device and when it was revealed Ryu Si Won made ​​angry and then threatened him.

"I was very shocked and upset. I've never done anything violent and hopes the claims were proven false," said a spokesman for the agency R's Company. "I will reveal the truth when in court."

"I will work hard to uncover the reality. I will take steps to fight the lawsuit is not fair," he continued. "The lawsuit appears to divert the issue to suit his divorce (Ryu Si Won's wife). Well I'm going to defend my honor."

Ryu Si Won married his wife in 2010 and sued for divorce in March last year. The wife then reported him for acts of violence and threats carried out in February this year. As a result of this lawsuit makes their crime has not been able to resolve divorce matters.

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Park Shi Hoo Will Stop All The activities until the End of

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Completion of the rape allegation case that wraps Park Shi Hoo seemingly made ​​him want to rush back to the world of entertainment. Star of the series "Princess Man" will reportedly cease all activity until the end of the year.

Shi Hoo reveals now there are no plans doing any promotion or taking the project to the rest of the year. The decision to take a hiatus to give Shi Hoo time introspection of rape that happened. It also decided not to hold a press conference revealing the truth of this case.

"Park Shi Hoo is not thought to perform in this year's campaign. Even if there is a chance that he will wait until next year to start a new project," said a source. "Currently Shi Hoo will rest for introspection."

Previous KBS reveal Shi Hoo can not appear on the screen even though they are not mem-official black list. "Although he was not banned, but this case is still being discussed publicly if he remained in the foreseeable future," said representatives of KBS.

Decision to be absent from the entertainment world also makes the netter sad but accept it gracefully. "I thought this would happen, but I think it is the best," commented a netizen. "I will miss the smile Park Shi Hoo."

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Three university Cancel Appearance Due Secret Hyosung's Incident

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Incident democratization mispronounce words do apparently Hyosung long tails. The errors appear to make Secret rejected by 3 universities in Korea.

According to reports, several events are scheduled at the university attended Secret reject the presence of the singer "Madonna" is. Sogang University, Hanyang University and Sungkyunkwan University have canceled their request that Secret guest appearances at campus events.

"After we discuss the growing controversy about the emergence Secret agency," said spokesman Sogang University. "With the warning 'Gwangju Democratization Movement' the agency and the students themselves feel uncomfortable with the presence of Secret so decided to cancel it."

Although the third university to cancel but the agency stated Secret stays on other campus events. Additionally Hyosung also wrote back his apology on Twitter. He was upset that his words got a lot of negative responses so chose to apologize again.

"I'm not going to defend myself anymore but I'm writing again because this is the most appropriate way to apologize," wrote Hyosung. "I'm really sorry to have casually used the word democracy and forgot that I could affect a lot of people."

"I just want to communicate with fans and often wonder what they think, so I checked the internet. I often find the phrase 'democratization by Hyosung'," he continued. "I do not know what it means to the right and I think it's a positive thing, as it suggested something else. Negative I did not know it until this incident."