Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Plagiarism Case of Colossal drama "Queen Seon Deok"

9:33 AM

Who would have thought a colossal popular Korean series, "Queen Seon Deok" was the result of plagiarism. After three years of release and success in various countries, the series starring Lee Yo Won was recently caught doing plagiarism. Apparently, the plot of this series adaptation of the musical "Queen of Rose of Sharon, Seon Duk".

Plagiarism action series ever played in Indonesia's even been found guilty in court. Parties serial production is found guilty of using many of the same details of the musical text.

"We found evidence that the plaintiff was the original creator of music, books and the story of 'Queen Seon Deok'," read the announcement of the court. "The text is not exactly the same but a lot of similarities that we found the whole story, the details of his character, and even in some scenes."

Because plagiarism is, then the production must pay USD 186 thousand (approximately USD 1.8 billion) to the plaintiff. Not only that, the DVD, book, and re-aired the series has also banned forever.

However, it seems not a fine proportional to income "Queen Seon Deok". Since it was released three years ago, the series has managed to make a profit of USD 50 million (about USD 485 billion) and in the list of top 10 most-watched series. The series also received a very high rating while playing in MBC and reached 43.6 percent.

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