Sunday, March 31, 2013

Police late Park Shi Hoo Submits Case to Prosecutors

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Cases of alleged rape that happened to the handsome actor Park Shi Hoo continues. More recently, the police admitted late in submitting the case file to the Public Prosecutor.

Seoul Western District Police Department in charge of the case announced they delay today, Friday, March 29. Previously, they said it would submit the case to the Public Prosecutor's office in late March. But now they announced it would delay until at least early April.

There are several reasons that they put on these lengthy delays. Start of Shi Hoo investigations are pending, awaiting the results of a lie detector test, and a few of them.

But the police said they would investigate the case properly and fairly. They estimated the case submitted to the Public Prosecutor in the first week of April.

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Trainee Girls Reveal Dark World Training Agency in South Korea

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Sparkling South Korean Entertainment world not far from the rigors of the issues surrounding the world of the newcomers while still a trainee. A trainee woman recently invited to be a guest speaker at JTBC news show, 29 March.

Reported Soompi, trainees reveals how hard the struggle of the trainees to become an idol as they dreamed. The girl was admitted to a trainee in a South Korean agency, but is now out.

"When I was with the agency, even though I'm a newcomer, but I'm often asked to come to the bar," he said. "In fact, there are agencies that tastes like a broker (dealer) who sell women trainees to the various sponsors."

The phrase was later confirmed by a broker whose name was withheld. "A broker has the profile of a trainee children Korean artists various agencies, including the female student at the school of art."

"To meet with a girl trainee, a sponsor will pay a sum of money every meeting," he explained. "If they want a very young girl from leading agencies, are quite expensive. Sponsors must reserve the first few days, and only certain people can be met."

Meeting scandalous sex is not new in the South Korean entertainment industry. Actress Jang Ja Yeon, who died in 2009 is an example of an artist who has experienced sexual abuse like this.

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KARA Seungyeon Nangis Fabulous in Concert Tokyo Dome Japan

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Kara DVD concert at the Tokyo Dome, Japan, has just been released. Interestingly, there was a great cry Seungyeon scene behind the stage, the fans thrilled to see it.

The story, Seungyeon would like to thank all the staff by saying "You're doing a good job". After that, she started to cry.

Park Gyuri then tried to calm her down. When Seungyeon aware of his camera, he immediately mastered himself and smiled.

"How cool cry once," commented fans. "I'm sad to see him cry. He must have been very touched by the hard work of the team," said another fan.

January, Kara was honored as the first girlband Korea could hold a solo concert at the Tokyo Dome.

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Han Ga In Camera Caught Watching G-Dragon's solo concert

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Han Ga In has long been revealed to the public that he is a big fan of G-Dragon. He also proved his dedication as a fan when the leader of Big Bang's solo concert. Han Ga In looks come mingle with other spectators.

G-Dragon launch his solo world tour concert "One of a Kind" with a concert for two days, March 30 to 31, in Seoul. Apparently Han Ga In coming to watch on the first day. Unmitigated, he watched the concert of the festival together with other fans.

The presence of the figure of the serial "Moon That Embraces the Sun" were wearing casual clothing was caught on camera fans. "Today in concert GD, Han Ga In is on the stand," he wrote in an online community of fans responded by netizens.

"The most beautiful VIP," a netter. "I imagine he's too desperate hunt for tickets because it is hard to let alone festival," added another netter. "I'm glad his status as a famous celebrity did not stop to enjoy the concert as other fans."

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sooyoung SNSD Admits Disappointed with Promo 2012 in Japan

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This year, Girls' Generation focus for concert touring and promo in Japan. But a year earlier, Girls' Generation or other Korean artists in Japan can not promo intense political conflict related to ownership of Dokdo Island (South Korea vs. Japan).

When asked for an opinion, member of Girls' Generation, Sooyoung, disappointed because last year less than the maximum promo in Japan. Though he and other personnel could have a lot of plans to develop their skills while in Japan.

"I'm not fully satisfied. I want to challenge myself with different things in Japan. But I can not do it," said Sooyoung. "Personality is very bright but the other members at that time (in 2012), we did not have a chance to show it. Though I think it would be nice if we could show that side."

Fortunately this year Sooyoung cs lucky enough to gig while enjoying the beauty of the cities in Japan. "Spring has arrived. Cherry blossoms bloom beautifully in Tokyo," he said enthusiastically.

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Agencies Justify Kara Hara and Jun Hyung Beast It End

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Kara's Goo Hara and Yong Jun Hyung Beast was widely rumored to drop out when caught no longer follow each other on Twitter. When they denied it had broken up, but now the agency admits they had broken up.

Recently circulated news from some sources cite the actual Hara and Jun Hyung are separated. Cube Entertainment and DSP Media then contact the artist to find out the truth. Hara and Jun Hyung finally confirmed that they are no longer dating.

"Because of busy schedule in Japan Kara over for promotion, they are so rarely met and eventually move away," said spokesman DSP Media, Kara agency. "They finally decided to go back to just friends in the music industry."

"Jun Hyung and Hara recently ended their relationship," said Cube Entertainment, the agency Beast. "They will continue to pursue this relationship as friends."

Hara and Jun Hyung publicize their relationship in June 2011. Previous rumors they want to split up but remained in the midst of them. Finally they decided to split up because of the public's curiosity overwhelmed with love affairs idol.

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SHINee Onew Electronic Smoking

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SHINee Onew was again hit by controversy after the scandal raised middle finger. Not long ago photos circulating Onew go together with Jung-A After School. From the photos it seems Onew was smoking so new repercussion.

The photos were originally made netizen fuss over whether Onew really dating Jung-A. But one of the photos shows Onew looked casually smoked a puff of smoke. Looks are not shaped like cigarettes in general, many suspect it is a kind of electronic cigarette (e-cigarette).

No doubt, the photo makes netizens shocked by the image of Onew for this is plain. Anyone think Onew should not smoke in public places because he was an idol. But there is also a think smoking is a personal right Onew.

"It should promote healthy living idol," protested a netter. "I think it's no big deal because the fans would be able to distinguish good and bad things that should be emulated," defense netter. "People forget that the idol was also human, not perfect."

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Monday, March 25, 2013

What's With Super Junior Yesung Crying at Concert 'Super Show 5'

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Yesung looks upset and crying when Super Junior opened the "Super Show 5" in Seoul, 23 and 24 March. On the first day of the concert, he collapsed on the sidelines of the song "Rockstar" with other members.

Realizing that this might be the last concert before the draft, Yesung felt sad. But he was still happy because the fans support him.

"I spent over 5 years as a trainee and has been with fans for 8 years as a member of Super Junior. I want to thank you for the love of you all," said Yesung said teary. "I've almost forgotten how special stand on stage and sing. But though I'll never be here, please guys keep the members of Super Junior. Remember me too."

SM Entertainment has confirmed the plan was Yesung draftee in 2013. "But it still has not decided when exactly he would conscript," said SME.

"Super Show 5" will also be held in Sao Paulo, April 21. Proceed to Buenos Aires, Argentina, April 23. Forwarded to Santiago, Chile, 25 April. While the concert will be held in Lima, Peru, April 27. Indonesia also will be one of the destination countries "SS5".

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2AM's Jo Kwon Recovering from Hospital After Gas Poisoning

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Shocking news came from 2AM's Jo Kwon. Some time ago, Jo Kwon suddenly rushed to the hospital because of gas poisoning. Fortunately, Jo Kwon is now recovered and allowed to return home.

Jo Kwon expressed his condition through his Twitter account. He admitted today fine and resting at home to restore his health. In addition, he is also grateful for the support of the fans and friends during illness.

"I'm sorry for making you all worry. Thank you for all your attention," said Jo Kwon. "Now I'm at home to rest and recover further. I'm really grateful to all the people who are very worried about me. I'm definitely going to get better."

Representative Jo Kwon's agency confirmed that the current condition of Jo Kwon is getting better. "Yesterday we went to the hospital but luckily the doctors said there was no serious illness in the body. Condition is now much better," said the representative Jo Kwon.

The incident occurred when Jo Kwon was accidentally inhaling gas from a portable gas cylinder stove. His body showed symptoms of gas poisoning. At that time, Jo Kwon was immediately rushed to the hospital after filming "Music Core" on the station MBC.

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Agency Denies SHINee Onew and Jung-A Courtship After shcool

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Just finished buffeted by scandal raised middle finger, SHINee Onew is now back in the spotlight. Not long ago photos circulating Onew middle left alone with Jung-A After shcool. Although the photographs are both widespread in cyberspace, but the agency Pledis and SM Entertainment are both denied that Onew and Jung-A dating.

In the photos, Onew and Jung-A appears both in and out of a restaurant. Other photos also show Onew and Jung-A was sitting in a car. Representatives of both agencies expressed Onew and Jung-A only close friends and do not have a special relationship.

"Both the senior and junior close. They eat together after a long time no see," said Pledis representative, agency Jung-A. "Both are close friends. We were surprised when they were rumored to be dating."

"We ask questions directly to Jung-A alone about these rumors," he added. "He says they're just friends, not lovers."

In line with Pledis, SM Entertainment also expressed the same statement. "We've asked myself on Onew. Both are just friends," said the representative of SM Entertainment.

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Kibum Had Wanted Suicide After Excluded from U-KISS

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In 2011, U-KISS could make a scene when suddenly Alexander and Kibum kicked out of the group. Now Kibum revealed his feelings when through a critical time to leave U-KISS. He admitted that he had a desire to commit suicide.

Kibum said he was aware of U-KISS released because of his ability in the field of music the least among the other members. That's why Kibum was not angry when asked to step down. Kibum then decided to go to Japan to forge musical abilities and return to Korea as a singer.

"Over the past 2 years I just focused on the music. I have a very difficult time and thought to commit suicide," Kibum said through her ​​agency, Professional Entertainment. "But late last year labelku advised to begin a career as a solo artist again."

Kibum also said this year he was ready to debut again as a solo artist began in April. Although stress but Kibum said he did not hold a grudge or be angry with the former group was.

"I still miss the times that I lead with U-KISS members. But I can get through this difficulty with remembering those times," said Kibum. "I still love them all."

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Friday, March 22, 2013

SNSD's Sooyoung Warn Account So Undercover Himself

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Apparently Sooyoung Girls' Generation has their own way when she was upset. Currently he is annoyed with people who opened accounts claiming to be her SNS. Rather than get angry, Sooyoung cute style even when warned fans.

SNSD's Sooyoung update the official website to write a welcome spring. Not only reminds fans to maintain a healthy, he also showed off a beautiful selca cute pose. But apparently the main purpose Sooyoung was rebuked those who spoke to her fans as SNSD.

"Hello everyone. Did you guys okay? Sounds like the spring is coming. Shall we walk while falling flowers along the way?" Sooyoung wrote. "I heard that Korea is very cold because the spring will arrive. Please be careful not to hit a fever"

"The reason why I'm writing this not because I am waiting for spring spirit ~ I just can not see the silence that has been rampant disguises the case," wrote Sooyoung. "At first I just tried to laugh ~ but after seeing sone hearts become restless because the perpetrators are, would not you be angry too ~ ~?"

"For false Sooyoung ~ if you are reading this, please stop now ~ ^ ^. Though I am grateful for you guys hope to communicate with the sone of a time in my name, do not do it again ~ hehe," he continued. "If you do not stop and continue to do this, I'm going to do something ^ ^."

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Is Park Shi Hoo As Proven Liar Lie Detector Test?

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Some time ago, Park Shi Hoo, juniors 'K' and victims to take a polygraph lie detector. Now circulating in cyberspace stating the results of the tests proved Shi Hoo lie. Seoul police was immediately clear that they are not revealed it.

In circulating the internet on behalf of the police report Seobu. It says that he was told the test results on March 13 showed Shi Hoo give false answers. The results will make Shi Hoo transferred to the prosecutor's office.

Seoul police spokesman also confirmed the report did not come from them. Since the official announcement is only one path, and he had not released a statement regarding the test results. But he was reluctant to confirm the truth of the report.

"We never announced the results of a polygraph Park Shi Hoo," said police spokesman Seoul on eNews. "There is only one route to be able to release the test results and we have not done it to the media."

"I am the only one officially designated to speak to the media, and before I never announced the test results to the journalist," said a spokesman. "Police can not comment on cases under investigation. I also would not comment on whether the report was true or false."

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Song Hye Kyo Serial Thank Warning For Covert Ad

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The series, starring Song Hye Kyo and Jo In Sung, "That Winter, The Wind Blows", criticized by the Korea Communications Commission. The series received a warning from the Communications Commission because it is considered to serve ads hidden in it.

Not long ago the commission held a press conference to announce the punishment to be received by the serial and events that it violates this rule. One of the series in the list is "That Winter, The Wind Blows".

The series was reprimanded for showing a scene that promotes Internet-based home phone in detail. The scene showing the characters use various functions of the phone including the ability to detect faces, motion, recording and others. Besides "That Winter, The Wind Blows," another series that also never got a similar warning is "I Miss You" and "Cheongdamdong Alice".

"That Winter, The Wind Blows" tells the love story of a blind woman rich, Oh Young (Song Hye Kyo), who is the heir of a conglomerate. He narrated a cool character and not easily believe with others. One day a man claiming to be her brother, Oh Soo (Jo In Sung), appears and gradually made ​​his heart melt.

The series is directed by Kim Kyu Tae Kyung Hee Noh manuscript. "That Winter, The Wind Blows" is a remake of the Japanese series entitled "Love Is not Necessary, Summer" and the film version ever made in South Korea with the title "I Do not Need Love". Series that aired on SBS stations that were also starred Kim Bum and Ji Eun A Pink.

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Park Gyuri Kara Plastic Surgery Compelled by the Agency?

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Recognition surprising coming from one of the personnel Kara, Park Gyuri. This beautiful girl admitted she was not so confident (confident) to be an artist if at least undergo plastic surgery. It is expressed as appearing in KBS talk show, "Do Dream" (21/7).

In the event, Gyuri explained if he had refused offers plastic surgery before debut as an artist. Gyuri also explain the reason for disapproval that.

"If you have plastic surgery, you must be more beautiful and amazing," said Gyuri. "I want to be loved as I am for what it is."

"Before debut, I was offered a plastic surgery from an agency. In the next contract, no explanation about plastic surgery," he continued. "They told me I could not debut if not perform plastic surgery at a particular place."

"There was next to my parents," he concluded. "I'm sad to hear the rules when they were there. President agencies like looking like a doll. I want to point out that he was wrong asking debut without plastic surgery."

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What's The Same Hat Onew and SNSD's Sunny?

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Yet the controversy over the middle finger that happened to Onew, SHINee's leader is now under the spotlight again. This time not because the middle finger while offline broadcasts, but because he was wearing a hatThree days before the controversial middle finger Onew in radio broadcast "Starry Night", SHINee were at the airport Incheon, Korea. They come from Thailand to show "MBC Korean Music Wave in Bangkok".
One thing that attracted the attention of netizens is Onew hats worn at the airport. Cap inscribed with the words less polite, "WELCOME motherf * CKER". Netter began braces ngaitkan it with the middle finger incident Onew.

But it was not just Dubu are wearing. Similar caps also used in MV Sunny and Seohyun Girls' Generation, "I Got A Boy".

"That hat makes a lot of problems," said Netter. "That is a hat that is often used SM Entertainment artists," commented netter. "Why Onew only can this treatment?"

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Serial IU Change Poster Controversy

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Because of the various pros and cons of the hit series "You're the Best Lee Soon Shin", the production finally decided to change the poster. As you well know, this serial IU controversy for wearing a South Korean hero name as the name of the main character. Figure hero named Lee Soon Shin appeared at 100 won coins in South Korea.

That's why the previous poster, the production of these coins using the image as a beachhead of the main character. But because this emerging controversy, they decided to eliminate the coin image in new poster.

"The poster previously showed the main character standing on a 100 won coin," said the representative of the series. "Now that the production has been edited so that the image was replaced coin ordinary cylinder footing."

"You're the Best Lee Soon Shin" tells the love story of a woman named Lee Soon Shin (IU) after his father's death. Lee Soon Shin had to face the heavy burden of life and always had no luck. But in the midst of adversity, he remains to be optimistic in life. His life started to change since recounted meeting with a businessman annoying character named Shin Jun Ho.

Serial "You're the Best Lee Soon Shin" first aired on KBS station on March 9. The stars who will take part appears in the series include Jo Jung Suk, Son Tae Young, Yoo In Na and Go Joo Won.

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SHINee Onew shocked shaking Middle Finger At Broadcast Radio

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SHINee this time in the spotlight due to his sharp netizens when appearing on the radio. They had just found out that Onew shows disrespectful attitude when broadcast. A photo shows middle finger Onew.

On March 8 it comes to broadcast SHINee "Younha Starry Night" talk about their comeback. When each member introduced her not appear on camera, but netizens saw someone the middle finger. After researching colors and patterns that look of hand clothes are then strongly suspected he was Onew.

No doubt then netizens flocked to the online community and expressed their shock. The netizen more surprised that Onew did not think could be like that. Because Onew has a plain and pleasant images.

"Is this because the radio can be so casually like that?" complained a netter. "Why would he do that when he knew there was a camera?" Other added. "Is it really Onew? Hard to believe."

Still not a few netizens who defended with ease the situation. "Maybe he was just joking and was unlucky not think the camera recorded," wrote one netter. "Onew's playful so it probably wont be done among the members," added another netter.

SM Entertainment confirmed that Onew does middle finger, but for a joke. Before the broadcast begins it does so while joking with the members. Onew did not think the incident was caught on camera and caused public outrage.

"Onew truly sorry for his actions and promised never to repeat again," said the spokesman. "Because this is not intentional it is expected that this issue is not widespread."

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Reveals Secrets girlband Keep Body Shape

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The K-pop girlband often wowed by the beauty of their bodies. Apparently it took a hard workout to keep their bodies stay slim in the middle of the crowded schedule. It was revealed through impressions "Gunggeumta".

The personal fitness trainer (personal trainer) subscription girlband member reveals secrets celebrities maintain ideal body shape. Not only regular exercise, but also a strict diet they have acted, including Girls' Generation.

Kwon Yuri is famous for its perfect abs always go to the gym every day after the schedule is complete. While Seohyun exercises in the gym every morning and sometimes Jessica protest if the exercise is too strenuous. Kara's Goo Hara perform each exercise movement to keep the waist 100-300.

Coach Suzy said to the young girlband usually most tempted spicy food made ​​of flour, such as rice cake and Kimbap. He claimed miss A's members are also often tempted so watch it while eating meals alone.

"If Suzy saw me eating alone he would say, 'How can you eat it alone' and being nervous," he said. "I finally did not dare look at Suzy because during the meal staring at him sharply."

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Park Shin Hye 'Doghouse' agency Due Diligence Too Lecture

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Park Shin Hye is one of the few artists who managed to balance studies and acting. Star of the series "Heartstring" admits did try hard to continue to go to college. Because of the diligence, the agency often "upset" to see the persistence of Shin Hye.

Shin Hye is currently enrolled as a student majoring in Theatre and Art at Chung-Ang University. In recent years this education, he maintained a minimum GPA of 3 and remain enthusiastic lectures.

"Because I worked hard not to make the college even absent agency, hate it," said Shin Hye laughed in an interview with eNews. "Life is not hampered by the college job as an actress."

"In the regular campus life. I studied late into the night, talking with friends and eating," said actress "Present Room 7" is. "I think I did everything except a blind date."

Shin Hye himself said exactly the type of person who can not do two things at once. No doubt his work starring in the series "Flower Boys Next Door" could make a loss. But he was determined to graduate college on time.

"I was thinking to graduate," said Shin Hye. "I have to write my thesis and have toured Asia is waiting for me, but I really was focused learning. I want to pass properly."

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Ideally Girls Study Reveals Kyuhyun

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Kyuhyun finally reveals her ideal type while performing on the show "Section TV" recently. Besides Kyuhyun, other guest stars are Ailee and Shindong.

In this event, the MC asked Kyuhyun about the statement that said it had not been going out at all. Super Junior's maknae was confirmed that he had written on Twitter to straighten out this misunderstanding, once said never going once.

When asked what her ideal type, Kyuhyun said, "I like a woman with a good forehead". He then praised the forehead Ailee who appeared on the show. "Forehead Ailee very beautiful," said Kyuhyun.

Ailee who praised Kyuhyun could just laugh. "It forehead alone," he said. Shindong joined half-jokingly replied, "I have good eyes."

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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Marijuana Scandal G-Dragon Many Pondering and Crying

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Beginning in October 2011, G-Dragon caught consuming marijuana cases which makes dealing with the law. Apparently it provides important lessons in life Big Bang's leader. He claimed a lot of brooding and crying due to the scandal.

It was revealed G-Dragon when appearing on the show "Thank You". He said it was sad to be absent from the public and shunned fans. "Since the incident two years ago that I could not appear on television and some fans were turned away from me," said the singer "That XX" it.

"And then I cried a lot," said G-Dragon. "It was a time where I can reflect and self-reflection. I started to put myself lower than a high place."

G-Dragon admitted now lives with his family and made ​​him learn to better appreciate the meaning of family. It also helped him from the effects of fame at a very young age.

"When I was very young and very successful, it was like unreal. Before I knew it I found myself caught up in the fame," said G-Dragon. "I feel empty and lost dreams. I do not know how to thank you. Then I think that I'm the best."

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So Trending Topic, Twitter Donghae SuJu Hackers Hijacked Indonesia?

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The bad news came from Lee Donghae Super Junior. Donghae Twitter account, @ donghae861015, reportedly hijacked by a hacker who comes from Indonesia. This news was busy talking on Twitter, and even became a trending topic Indonesia and the world with the hastag # StopHackingDonghae861015.

Alleged hijacking Twitter's Donghae appear as star of the series "Panda and the Hedgehog" suddenly communicate using English. Some fans immediately suspicious because English is used in the account is not as usual.

"How can Lee Donghae using English so well like this?" said one of his fans a Twitter account, @ LOVEyouSIWON407. "We already knew it's not the real Donghae!"

After news of hijacking Twitter Donghae was outstanding, a netter from Indonesia suddenly claiming to be the mastermind behind this incident. Netter who claimed to be anti-boyband revealed in his Twitter account, that he and his team are plowing Twitter Donghae. "That accounts gw team that hack!" he said.

Super Junior fans, especially those from Indonesia were infuriated. They are angry about the irresponsible act and hope this incident does not affect the impression of SuJu against Indonesia. Some fans also feared that this incident will result in SuJu cancel SS5 INA.

"I was very shy as ELF Indonesia with the incident," said the account @ TeuKIA_RiSIWON. "Dont cancel SS5 INA," said @ RatihLoveLy3. "Forgive us .. the hacker is anti-fans-suju," said @ vhu2209.

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Disconnect rumored, Beast Junhyung Upload Photos Mysterious

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Although Cube Entertainment and DSP Media have denied breakup rumors Junhyung (Beast) and Goo Hara (KARA), but the netizens still suspect there is something between their relationship. In addition, on March 15, Junhyung upload photos mysterious selca on his Twitter.

The photo was titled "Laugh, man", as if to give encouragement to himself that was no problem. New photos Junhyung is also linked to the relationship with Hara.

Because, in the photo Junhyung looked half smiled wryly. Moreover, the photo has a black and white background. Although there really is not a sense of mystery, but the photo was made ​​netter guessing.

"Smile brightly, Junhyung," commented a netter. "I do not know if that photo when she laughed or cried," commented netter. "Is there something wrong with him?"

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Kang Sora Talk About His kiss with SuJu Leeteuk on 'We Got Married'

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Super Junior's Leeteuk romance and Kang Sora makes his fans miss them on "We Got Married". The story of the couple, dubbed Dimple Couple this with a sweet ending kiss scene both at the event. Recently, actress film "Sunny" was to express his feelings about the kiss scene.

Sora kissing Leeteuk confessed after he was familiar with and understand. "After 4 seconds, I felt like I know him well. Hands to get confused what to do," said Sora.

Unfortunately, the show had to end because of Leeteuk conscripted. Actress series "Dream High 2" was also admitted sadness and regret that they could not say goodbye to a better way.

"To be honest, I feel very sad and sorry for not being able to say goodbye in a more appropriate," he said. "I did not even have a drink with him and say, 'Hey, come back safely ya?'"

Although it has been split up, Sora admits that they are often associated with Leeteuk. "We still call each other often and sometimes communicate through KakaoTalk. I saw the musical, 'Promise', a few days ago. Now he's a grown man," he concluded.

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