Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Serial IU Change Poster Controversy

4:27 PM

Because of the various pros and cons of the hit series "You're the Best Lee Soon Shin", the production finally decided to change the poster. As you well know, this serial IU controversy for wearing a South Korean hero name as the name of the main character. Figure hero named Lee Soon Shin appeared at 100 won coins in South Korea.

That's why the previous poster, the production of these coins using the image as a beachhead of the main character. But because this emerging controversy, they decided to eliminate the coin image in new poster.

"The poster previously showed the main character standing on a 100 won coin," said the representative of the series. "Now that the production has been edited so that the image was replaced coin ordinary cylinder footing."

"You're the Best Lee Soon Shin" tells the love story of a woman named Lee Soon Shin (IU) after his father's death. Lee Soon Shin had to face the heavy burden of life and always had no luck. But in the midst of adversity, he remains to be optimistic in life. His life started to change since recounted meeting with a businessman annoying character named Shin Jun Ho.

Serial "You're the Best Lee Soon Shin" first aired on KBS station on March 9. The stars who will take part appears in the series include Jo Jung Suk, Son Tae Young, Yoo In Na and Go Joo Won.

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