Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What's The Same Hat Onew and SNSD's Sunny?

4:34 PM

Yet the controversy over the middle finger that happened to Onew, SHINee's leader is now under the spotlight again. This time not because the middle finger while offline broadcasts, but because he was wearing a hatThree days before the controversial middle finger Onew in radio broadcast "Starry Night", SHINee were at the airport Incheon, Korea. They come from Thailand to show "MBC Korean Music Wave in Bangkok".
One thing that attracted the attention of netizens is Onew hats worn at the airport. Cap inscribed with the words less polite, "WELCOME motherf * CKER". Netter began braces ngaitkan it with the middle finger incident Onew.

But it was not just Dubu are wearing. Similar caps also used in MV Sunny and Seohyun Girls' Generation, "I Got A Boy".

"That hat makes a lot of problems," said Netter. "That is a hat that is often used SM Entertainment artists," commented netter. "Why Onew only can this treatment?"

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