Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Park Gyuri Kara Plastic Surgery Compelled by the Agency?

5:09 PM

Recognition surprising coming from one of the personnel Kara, Park Gyuri. This beautiful girl admitted she was not so confident (confident) to be an artist if at least undergo plastic surgery. It is expressed as appearing in KBS talk show, "Do Dream" (21/7).

In the event, Gyuri explained if he had refused offers plastic surgery before debut as an artist. Gyuri also explain the reason for disapproval that.

"If you have plastic surgery, you must be more beautiful and amazing," said Gyuri. "I want to be loved as I am for what it is."

"Before debut, I was offered a plastic surgery from an agency. In the next contract, no explanation about plastic surgery," he continued. "They told me I could not debut if not perform plastic surgery at a particular place."

"There was next to my parents," he concluded. "I'm sad to hear the rules when they were there. President agencies like looking like a doll. I want to point out that he was wrong asking debut without plastic surgery."

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