Thursday, December 13, 2012

10 Most Beautiful Korean Male Idols the top 3 responses

1:11 PM

(1) He has all qualities, I love him and I appreciate his work. I like his personality, and I will allays support him because his voice gets to my hart... So please vote Jaejoong.. He is a great person

(2)Usually, the 'pretty boy' of a Korean idol group is the one who can't sing or who's one of the least vocally talented of the group. (Nickhun, Taemin (before), SungJong, Heechul, Mir, Yoona, Hyuna, etc.. ).
 Kim Jaejoong defies all of those stereotypes. You'd think his role in the group is being the 'pretty and good-looking' one, but damn is that guy vocally gifted. Lead vocal of TVXQ (and that means he must have amazing vocals), definitely one of the strongest voices in kpop, one of the most soothing and unique, and please. That man looks like he popped out of a manga. Pure gorgeousness.

(3)When you speak about beautiful. Then you speak about Jaejoong.
He is a really beautiful human inside and Outsite.
Has a great personality, and is loveable. Aza Aza Aza Kim Jaejoong fighting.

Yonghwa (CN Blue)
(1)Hardworking, talented, charismatic, handsome, wonderful voice, wonderful eyes, good sens, good guitarist, inspired composer, modest, acting skills, wonderful scene presence, good rapper, good hearted. This is in few words our dear Jung yong Hwa.

(2)I think yong hwa is really handsome man and he is really talented singer when I listen him I feel dreamland I love his smile it's so sweet and awesome I hope he always rise on the stage like a sun yong hwa fighting

(3)I love him most when he is singing! He doesn't only have the looks but also talent.
Before I knew him, I also watch and follow k-pops but not as much as after I knew about him. I was totally captivated by him!

Kim Hyun Joong (SS501)

(1)Kim hyun joong is of course handsome, it make a lot of people love him!
Me, myself like all the SS501's members and I think jung min is also really good looking, but this pretty boy, handsome leader, with his special personality always makes others to like him more!
(2)Kim Hyun Joong should be in the number 1 list with Bae Yong Joon. With 2 ~~ difference between Lee Teuk, KHJ will definitely make it to number 1
(2)Hyun joong-shi.. Mr. Uzoosin.. He's amazing.. His smile is the best! He's handsome man, my heart is melted because of him.

Jonghyun (SHINee)

 (1)He's really talented and adorable.. He's a really good singer and he's very considerate towards others. I really think that he should be in the most talented and most wanted men to be friend with or to date. So guys please vote for him.
(2)I love shinee and love jonghyun even more shinee is the best
(3)He's the CUTEST PERSON ever. And I love his SO MUCH because he sings so well and he can also dance well.. SHINee IS THE BEST K POP BAND ever! Their songs are SO GOOD and EVERYTHING... JOnghyun has a great personality. <3 JUST LOVE HIM.

Lee Teuk (Super Junior)

(1)Leeteuk is the best leader ever, he's a great "hyung" and a great idol. He deserves to be on the top, because he works hard, he is kind, friendly, warm-hearted... He loves his fans more than other leaders, he is strong and he do his best. His voice is very kind and gentle... These are some of his qualities... But the most important is that Leeteuk is beautiful. His look is always fresh and stylish and he is always as good as ELF's wish... His smile is so warm and shiny... We love leeteuk for what he is...

(2)Let's vote for our beautiful oppa
Fighting..! You're the BEST and awesome
(3)The first time I saw him I wasn't attracted to him. He's not really my bias, but if you look at him twice or thrice or even to the NTH time you will realize how beautiful of a person he is.

Donghae (Super Junior)
(1)So cute! Bias at first sight. Not only does he look beautiful, but his personality is great and he is very nice!
(2)I just can say, Why he can be like that beautiful? Really hard to say~ He is the most handsome guy I've ever seen. He looks charming when performing on stage. I just can see him in my eyes.
(3)Oppa so cute and he have handsome face... Oppa he the most handsome guy of all kpop

Park Jung Min (SS501)
(1)He's so cute '
His voice is wonderful.
I love him very much
(2)He is cute, manly and sexy all in one and whenever someone shows his predebut pictures he becomes really shy about it

Doojoon (B2ST)
(1)He's so cute '
His voice is wonderful.
I love him very much
(2)He is cute, manly and sexy all in one and whenever someone shows his predebut pictures he becomes really shy about it.

Onew (Shinee)
(1)Onew has charming eyes. His very funny. His disappointed faces is to die for. And there are more things in which the words cannot describe.
(2)All I want to say is:Onew Sangtae !... Shawols please vote for our sweet, lovely and funny Dudu. FIGHING! He is a great leader and deserve to win because is very caring with the members and is a wanderful singer.
(3)Onews smiles is what makes him the best!... My dudu!
onew fighting! And please take care of your health.. Got an ankle injury right? Recover soon always love you!

Yunho (TVXQ)
(1)I have no words to describe - why. His voice, eyes. Sometimes he seems sad. But he looks really manly and fashonable. I can not say anything about his inside world - I don't know him as a person. But I would love to.
(2)Well, he's JUNG YUNHO of TVXQ... What did you expect? He's the leader of one of the most beautiful boyband in the world. He can sing, act, dance and that charisma!
(3)Yunho is the total definition of beauty Whenever he does something, it's absolutely beautiful Whenever he sings or dances, the performance is always beautiful So I think Yunho should at least in the top 10 of this poll.


yes l vote for jaejoong forever even l become old and even l die he was the most beautiful and gorgeous man oh! no l must say angle l love him not only his face but also his everything he was not arrogant man he was so lovely cute and kind hearted person l don't think super junior members and others k-pop members are not handsome they are really ugly in my eyes lf you know please say me some people like them l really understand l think they may be blind or may be insame please read my comment and reply me

Jaejoong still number one. so sweet .. handsome .. smart .. it's all the same he