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IU leaked homemade Song to Debut HIGH4

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IU will show his ability as a songwriter more broadly. He was going to work on the debut song for boyband named HIGH4. Now the singer of " Red Shoes " it also shows the results of his work.

IU handwriting upload photos to the lyrics of the song titled " Besides Spring , Love , and Cherry Blossoms" in the fan cafe . The song he created for HIGH4 but also will debut a duet with him. HIGH4 is scheduled to debut on April 8.

" Except me , of all people fall in love and sing a song about spring. Though flowers bloom beautifully in front of my eyes, I want to hear about other things. 's Not about spring, love or cherry blossoms which could go away. "

IU says now focus on supporting HIGH4 after it completed its activities in Hong Kong . He remained enthusiastic despite not HIGH4 artist with one agency. The singer of " Good Days " it was not reluctant to ask his fans to support their debut.

"I will support an all-out HIGH4. Though not an agency but they are fun and talented friends. So please support them yes," wrote IU. "To say this as honestly as possible impressed promote and beg, but carrying them yes. If you support it then I will be more spirit to work hard this year."

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4Minute : HyunA It's Only Section temples in Stage

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4minute's HyunA is known as the sexiest member. But apparently his colleagues do not think so . The singer of " Volume Up " is actually considered a sham HyunA sexy.

The statement was made when filling 4Minute Cool MBC FM radio show. There they claimed actually really sexy and even making a joke material. " Who is the sexiest member that normally? " DJ Lee Sora asked.

" We actually cool - cool and cute, but everything is clearly far from sexy, " said Gayoon. " We watch our performances and tease each other by saying ' you pretend it sexy today', "

Answer it also provoke curiosity Lee Sora. " So who are the most tried hard to look sexy ? " He asked again that the answer is surprising.

"I think that person is HyunA, " said Gayoon. " HyunA is actually very cute and a lot of aegyo. So when he's being sexy on stage it feels funny to be seen . We tease him every day.

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Kwanghee ZE: A Amit Watch Porn Videos Once Every Two Days

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Kwanghee ZE: A was accidentally made ​​outspoken confession when appearing on "99 Meeting". Idol is known for the variety show let slip through a routine admitted watching porn videos.

The "99 Meeting" presents 99 women divorced and share their stories. Kwanghee initially coy when the discussion enters the area 19 years and over. But he then began to speak more when the show discussing married life.

"It was all a lie.'s Not talk about drama series," said Kwanghee is then overlaid with a woman about her romantic husband. She claimed her husband never watch porn videos.

Hearing that statement, direct Kwanghee not believe. "It was definitely a lie. I just watch porn every two days," he said by mistake that made the studio the whole scene.

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Make Depression , Park Hae Jin Threatens Sues Rumor Spreader

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Attack of anti fans now experienced by Park Hae Jin. Star of the series " Man from the Star " is suffering from depression because of anti- fans attacked in cyberspace. Now the agency will drag netizens it to court.

Busan district attorney fined 1.5 million won ( USD 15 million ) in the anti fans for their actions continue to spread gossip about Hae Jin . Popular actor thanks to the series " East of Eden " was sued 30 people who have been verbally assaulted on the internet . The action reportedly made ​​Hae Jin depressed and afraid to socialize.

" Depression and socialize pobia are things that can not be cured forever . 's Not something that can be forgotten , " said a source who claimed close friend Hae Jin. " His family today with that stress . "

" They will use the criminal charges , as well as with the civil lawsuit , " the man continued. " They will also ask for compensation for the damage they have caused. "

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Lee Jong Suk Apologize To Fans On Genesis In The Airport

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Lee Jong Suk recently became the target of criticism due netter hand brushed fans caught on camera at the airport. Star of the series "I Hear Your Voice" was also accused so arrogant as is well known. Now he straightened the controversy.

On March 27, Jong Suk left for Hong Kong through Incheon Airport to attend the launch of Hugo Boss. When arriving at the airport there was one female fans who wait. He tried to deliver prizes Jong Suk is currently out of the car but the actor "Young Blood was even keep his hands violently at the sight and keep going.

The tape circulating on the internet and make netter surprised. Because, Jong Suk was not being mobbed and fans was just an ordinary girl and not be aggressive. "Why is he so hell? Should any secapek busy and if the fans give the gift should be accepted," criticism netter.

Continued widespread criticism in online forums known by the Jong Suk. Jubirnya also explained that at the time they were in a hurry and Jong Suk was holding coffee so surprised anyone tugging on his arm. Star of the series "School 2013" was also apologized via his official fan cafe over the incident.

"I can not say anything because it was also my fault, but I want to explain this problem to my fans," wrote Jong Suk. "First, I was the product of agency so there are strict safeguards are sometimes also made ​​me resentful. Besides, there is a problem scheduled in Hong Kong."

"I also do not see the fans and just felt something pulling my arm and I thought it was the manager so I pulled my hand," he continued. "It was a lot of reporters and I got caught, I can not organize my expression."

"I'm really sorry to have made ​​it all so wrong. Would I be better future," added Jong Suk. He also hopes this incident does not make her image is considered a lie.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Finally SNSD Yoona Wants to Talk About Lee Seung Gi

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Not only Sooyoung who exposed affair when Girls ' Generation to appear on " Healing Camp ". Yoona also finally willing to talk about her boyfriend, Lee Seung Gi.

Yoona admitted it felt good at the other SNSD members when his relationship with Seung Gi revealed. Because the other members also asked about dating so join and it's certainly not fun for them.

" When the news came I sent a message to all of them , have made the problem apologizing. Thing like this has never happened before so it made ​​me even more worried, " said Yoona. " For me , the other members also asked about a date, which does not concern them. Was definitely makes them uncomfortable. "

When Yoona asked how to date with Seung Gi , he replied carefully. " Yes, as made, " said the star of the series " Prime Minister and I" is short.

Yoona also claimed to feel confused when he first knew her date news appeared in the media . " Do not you have predicted ( to be revealed ) ? Lee Seung Gi 's always been said that you are the ideal type, " said the MC.

" I think he just said it casually for the benefit of the TV show, " said Yoona. " At that time I did not think he was interested in me. "

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So removals Controversy, JYP Affirm Sunye Stay in Wonder Girls

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Controversy regarding the Wonder Girls Sunye decision to move to Haiti for 5 years continues to heat up. Finally back JYP Entertainment issued a statement regarding the status of Sunye in the group.

Sunye himself has written an official statement that it will not come out of the Wonder Girls despite moving to Haiti . The Netter then criticize it have to be selfish and make a career of the group is not clear. But now JYP Entertainment confirms that the Wonder Girls members Sunye fixed.

" Sunye 's own written statement on the website is correct . He will spend 5 years in Haiti with her husband to work as a volunteer , " said the spokesman . " But that does not mean leaving the Wonder Girls Sunye . Indeed he settled in Haiti but chances are he will return to Korea in the future. "

While acknowledging there is a possibility Sunye briefly return to Korea but JYP did not answer whether it will do for the move back with the Wonder Girls. " It is not true that Sunye Wonder Girls will leave due to his move to Haiti, " said spokesman again.

The spokesman did not make a statement netter relief and still criticize Sunye. Not a bit of the blame JYP for his decision to extend the contract by letting Sunye Wonder Girls. " I'm not a fan but I guess it was not the right decision, sorry for the other members, " wrote netter .

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SNSD Tae Yeon Like to Drink Beer Alone When Stress

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Tae Yeon revealed her feelings when Girls ' Generation to appear on " Healing Camp ". He discussed the difficulty and it does when under stress.

" After I debuted at a very young age , I was kept busy with lots of activity then I realized it was already far gone, " said Tae Yeon. " Until now I still feel like 21 years and did not grow at all."

Tae Yeon later revealed that experienced hard times during the year when there is no activity SNSD . It happened because he was the type who always works hard and is very detailed . He also feels stress and people around him can not help him feel better.

"I heard you even drink alcohol alone, " MC Lee Kyung Kyu asked answered honestly by SNSD 's leader. " Yes it is true."

" I can not leave the house and unable to sleep because of the many thoughts in my head . So I drink alone be able to sleep again, " he continued. " But instead of a bottle of alcohol . Was just a can of beer."

" When I asked for advice from people around me they just say, ' But you're right SNSD ' and I even asked the senior also answered ' Your time is now good . You will have a better life ', so I do not know what to do, " said Tae Yeon makes Hyoyeon sheds tears.

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2NE1 's Answers About Rumors Arguably Not Be Shown Sexy

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2NE1 to make a comeback in the middle of the trend by many girlband sexy concept . They also questioned how the response to the trend of the section by the " Wide Entertainment News ".

On that occasion, the event MC asked why 2NE1 did not come to look sexy. The singer of " Come Back Home " as it's known to have a unique characteristic to highlight fashion than skin indulgence . This is addressed by the four members of 2NE1 relaxed .

" In recent years many groups who use the concept of a sexy girl , but 2NE1 did not do it, " said the MC. " Is it because you can not look sexy ?"

Hearing that made ​​Park Bom question answered jokingly. " What do you mean ? Us is sexy, " she said pretending to be angry. " We currently also use the concept of sexy anyway, " said Sandara Park with a sad tone.

2NE1 's statement was hailed by the netter who agree that there should be indulgence in the body section. " That's a classy sexy, " said Netter. " 2NE1 has its own unique sexiness than follow the trend of the market, " added another.

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Saturday, March 15, 2014

SNSD Explain Reasons for Why Yoona Not Voting Appears on ' Radio Star '

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The members of Girls ' Generation appeared on the " Radio Star " without YoonA . Yoona 's absence makes the host " Radio Star " and was wondering curiosity .

" When we asked why he did not come to this event , YoonA and just said sorry straight away , " said the host " Radio Star " . Initially , Sunny seemed doubtful how to answer , but he then explains the absence Yoona while joking .

" That's because he ( Yoona ) are afraid you will finish him, " joked Sunny. Since admits affair with Lee Seung Gi, YoonA is much become perbicangan . In addition , the series in which he stars alongside Lee Bum Soo , " Prime Minister and I" was also unsuccessful and got a low rating .

Sunny Hearing this , Kim Gu Ra joked that he actually waited for Yoona to inquire about the failure of the series . " And I wanted to comfort him as ' Prime Minster and I was not too successful , and advised him to go out with Lee Bum Soo , " quipped Kim Gu Ra .

Currently SNSD is busy starring in a number of Korean television shows in order to promo " Mr.Mr " . In addition to " Radio Star " , aka SNSD also appeared at other events . " Radio Star " is a show that aired on MBC .

Sooyoung SNSD Want Dating Without Revealed to the Public

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Last year Sooyoung of Girls ' Generation was in the spotlight when it was rumored dating with actor Jung Kyung Ho . Agency Kyung Ho himself had denied the rumors. But a year later SM confirmed that they had been dating.

The confirmation was made ​​public because of a scene simultaneously also Yoona admitted going out with Lee Seung Gi. Now what Sooyoung 's own response on the incident?

Disclosure of relationship Sooyoung and Kyung Ho was also asked when the members of SNSD guest star MBC radio. " I'm going to ask sensitive questions. If do not want to answer you can replace it with the singing, " said DJ Park Kyung Lim.

" Having a relationship asmaramu revealed to the public , do you feel it is the best thing? " Kyung Lim asked the short answer. " No, " Sooyoung said firmly.

" Do you expect the relationship asmaramu remained closed to the public forever ? " Further Kyung Lim . But this time no answer and Sooyoung sing a line of the lyrics of the song SES titled " Dreams Come True " .

Sooyoung also questioned whether the type likes to follow the lead of the man or his girlfriend in terms of dating. " Both , depending on the person, " said the star of the series " Dating Agency " is.

Is it true that SNSD Jessica and Tyler Kwon Just Friends ?

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Jessica of Girls ' Generation into the media spotlight with reportedly already has a lover . He mentioned having an affair with the former girlfriend of Hong Kong celebrities Gillian Chung. SM Entertainment has now denied the issue .

Jessica claimed dating with Tyler Kwon since last year and several times seen out together . Tyler is the CEO Coridel Group whose business investment in the Korean entertainment industry. " Gossip is not true. Jessica and Tyler are not going out. They just friends, " said a spokesman for the Enews.

WOW-TV reported that Jessica first met Tyler in Hong Kong in 2013 and started dating since then. Jessica often alternating Korea - Hong Kong to meet the man graduated from the University of Michigan . Tyler reportedly always been cordial to Jessica during the flight and hand in hand .

Reportedly , Jessica and Tyler affair it has become common knowledge among the people . Tyler himself has many celebrity friends in Korea , including G - Dragon , and had come to the premiere of " GI Joe : Retaliation " in Seoul last year .

Jessica Tyler romance rumors with the emergence stems from their photos on the internet . In the photos it looks Jessica wearing a white dress photo with 3 men , with next to Tyler . The photos were taken during the event claimed Huading awards in Macau in October 2013 .

Additionally it also circulated photos of Jessica shopping alone with Tyler . Jessica looked casual attire , accompanied by Korean American men that are equally casually . Netter said the fact the fans have long heard the rumors of new media but look for it because Jessica statement on " Radio Star " recently.

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SBS Reject 4Minute Post New Song ' Come In '

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Just released a new song 4Minute yet but was already controversy. One of the songs in the new album later 4Minute has denied SBS to broadcast their music on the show .

The song is " Come In " sung HyunA and Gayoon. SBS objected to the title and lyrics of " Come In " which tells the feelings of a woman against the man . The lyrics were considered too sensual so inappropriate for broadcast on television .

" We have no plan to ask for consideration again on SBS , " said spokesman Cube Entertainment . " We 've escaped from MBC assessment and is awaiting a decision from KBS . "

Cube felt that " Come In " does not violate the rules in the context of K - Pop trend today. So that they are no plans to change the content of the lyrics though it was rejected SBS .

" We think this is because the content of the lyrics are more mature , " said the spokesman . " In the view of the agency , it is menungkapkan feelings using metaphor but others believe differently . "

4minute will comeback with the release of the album " 4minute's World " on 17 March. Hit singles who would they promote titled " What Are You Doing Today ? " the teaser photos have been released in recent days . This time 4Minute using the concept of the theme parks with a vintage feel .

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The South Korean government Sensual Movement Limit Start K - Pop girl group

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After many girlband started the action in the year 2014 with a new single and sensual movement in the choreography , now Korean Communications Standards Commission ( KCSC ) finally take decisive steps . They prohibit the movement of any music sensual choreography .

As you know, pretty much sexy girlband who brought the concept to attract the attention of fans in January and February. Starting from Dal Shabet , Girl 's Day , AOA , Rainbow , Stellar and others .

To prevent that , KCSC has warned a number of staff such as SBS TV " Inkigayo " , KBS " Music Bank " and MBC " Music Core " . For the future , the girlband will likely be required to replace them all at once sexy costumes MV choreography so they are not banned .

According KCSC , sensual movement of young musicians that had crossed the line and it is feared could be a bad influence to the younger generation . Although there are some netizens who think that regulation was too late because many have completed the promotion period , but most regard the new rules could be applied beyond.

Previously , Dal Shabet been forced to change the choreography and costumes song " Be Ambitious " because it was deemed too sensual .

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Bong Woo Shik Actor Found Dead in Apartment

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The tragic story comes again from the Korean entertainment world. Actor named Bong Shik Woo was found dead in his apartment on Sunday, March 9, 2014 , at 8 pm local time . He died at the age of 41 years.

Donga Ilbo reported that Bong Shik found dead in his rented apartment in the Gaepo - dong, Gangnam . He died from hanging himself . " Friend Bong Woo Shik asked the landlord to open the door . Daughter of the owner who found the body of Bong Woo Shik , " said a team of police investigation .

According to reports , Bong Shik 've got a few years due to the psychological treatment of depression . He has stopped acting and working daily to survive . According to those close to him , Bong Shik suffering from severe depression and often said he wanted to die.

Bong Woo Shik himself known as a nice guy and helpful to neighbors . His career as an actor who continues to decline is thought to be the cause of suicide . The Netter any condolences for the death of Bong Woo Shik and sorry about the many celebrities who committed suicide .

Bong Shik Woo is best known for his role in KBS saeguk series " Dae Jo Young " 2007 production . She debuted in 1983 through MBC drama " Guerilla Unit 3840 " then starred in " Siren " , " Fly High ", " Plastic Tree " and " Diary of June " . Her latest project is saeguk drama " Dae Jo Young " is.

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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Shock Or Stunned Clara Attend Events Transparent Wear Dresses

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Clara returned netizens shaking his head with his actions. Known for often look brave, she is now back to do it. Clara attended an event wearing a see-through dress.

Known model wearing a controversial dress with perforated pattern, exposing her underwear. As a result of the distance behind the dress bikini looks very prominent and instantly attract attention. The dress worn while attending the opening of a branch Clara lingerie store in Lotte Department Store.

According to media crews, Clara looked comfortable wearing the dress and confident while posing for photographs . He looks cheerful even when the air temperature in Seoul around 6 degrees Celsius. Netizens also surprised by the dress worn Clara.

"Of course he would do things like this, is not new news, " commented a netter. " I admit a nice body, but that does not mean wearing inappropriate clothes like that, " said the other. " It was obviously wearing a bikini than she intends normal dress. "

SBS Cancels Events ' Couple' Because Suicide Incident

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After the suicide incident that occurred in the middle of filming " Couple " , the recent rumors about the event. Reportedly , the production of " Couple" will be aired cancel the event because of the tragic incident.

SBS station which produces the show is immediately issued a statement related to these rumors. They denied the rumors but confirmed that the party is considering to stop the production of this event . However , they will announce the exact fate of the " Couple " after the police investigation is completed.

" Rumors about the termination of the ' Couple' not true '. Due to the tragedy of the death investigation is still done, " said a representative of SBS. " The cause of death is yet to be revealed . After the investigation is completed, we will discuss about the possible new show ' Couple' is stopped. "

Currently the police are still trying to reveal the causes of suicide woman into the dating show contestant search . Police are investigating the recording admitted filming before she was killed for exposing the motives behind the decision to commit suicide.

Park Shi Hoo sued Rp 3 Billion By Production House

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Problems hit Park Shi Hoo back had just rejected a comeback by the Korean entertainment industry associations. This time he was sued by a production house. Shi Hoo considered making them fail to complete the project in Thailand.

The lawsuit is known from Seoul court on March 7, 2014 . Company " A " Park Shi Hoo and demanding agency, Didim531 , they compensate as much as 300 million won ( USD 3.2 billion ) .

In September 2012 , Shi Hoo musical drama began filming with a budget of 2 billion won but the production process is stopped . August 2013 , A sued Shi Hoo and agency worth 300 million won ( USD 3.2 billion ) as compensation for the project . The judge also suggested mediation but both sides objected .

Then on March 7 and both parties expressed remain reluctant to mediation . Both parties today asked the director was present as a witness , as well as with the CEO and staff Didim531 .

Shi Hoo 's attorney claims there is no clear contract for the project and filming was stopped because of a problem of the local companies in Thailand . That's why they also did not receive a guarantee of 150 million Won ( USD 1.6 billion ) should be given at the beginning of the agreement . Shi Hoo Party felt no obligation to provide compensation if the shooting stopped .

While A claimed to have made ​​unwritten agreement that they asked for assurance about 200 million Won ( USD 2 billion ) by the agency Shi Hoo . Although only a verbal agreement but daring starts filming in Thailand because there is agreement that the alias is already giving money .

They also claimed that after filming in Thailand suspended it will be completed in Korea , but it never materialized . When it does not continue shooting Shi Hoo in Korea was busy starring in other series .

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Yong Hwa and Seohyun Gossip Debate and Park Shin Hye

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Jung Yong Hwa CN Blue known to have starred with Park Shin Hye serial . Then it's also paired with Seohyun Girls ' Generation on " We Got Marrried " . No wonder, many who accuse been established romance with one of them .

Now straighten Yong Hwa was outstanding claims between himself and the Shi Hye or Seohyun . Show on " Radio Star" , Yong Hwa insists they never date her . It and Shin Hye just a friend and support each other .

" Park Shin Hye is just a friend. He often came to our concerts . Previously he was watching while my mother also came to be there , " said Yong Hwa. " At that time he and my mother to chat and people thought that Shin Hye close to my mother."

Yong Hwa confessed so sad because of the gossip that it is not comfortable yet with Shin Hye friends but once up close. It also says do not go to a serial " Heirs " and he did not see the kiss scene Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho who managed to create a stir. The kiss scene managed to make the audience shocked because saking heat .

" In addition there are rumors when you become husband virtual Seohyun . Said you lived in the same apartment . Is that true ? " asked one host. Yong Hwa even straighten the issue.

" It is true that we live in the same area but a different building, " said star series " Future Choice" is . "We're not dating. "

Then Yong Hwa also allow issues that he had to get into the van Seohyun . But it happened because he wrongly thinks SNSD van license plate similar to CN Blue 's . " What are you looking for license plates together? " MC Kim Gura joke .

"I get in the car with pedenya and ngomong ' where are we going to go now ? ' but then I saw there manageress there, "said Yong Hwa. " Finally I just say ' Oh , hello ' and out of the van . "

The host then seduce Yong Hwa if he does not like girls like Seohyun type . " 'd Be lying if I said there is no sense to it, I just tried our best to show on TV . Much of our attention then, " close Yong Hwa.

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Jung Yong Hwa Admit Reject ' Heirs ' Because not Want Acting Together Park Shin Hye

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At the beginning of serial production process " Heirs ", CN Blue's Jung Yong Hwa became a strong candidate one main actor . However , the 24-year -old actor decided to step down and choose starred on " Future Choice" is not too high ratings.

Yong Hwa also claim to have their own reasons why he chose to leave the " Heirs " . Though the series turned out to be successful and make the players more and more popularity skyrocketed .

Surprisingly, one reason is because he does not want to re- compete acting with Park Shin Hye . Yong Hwa is often starred with Shin Hye include " He's Beautiful " and " Heartstrings " . In fact, because it was so strong chemistry between them , a lot of fans who had thought both were involved romance .

" I want to try a new role in addition to the character of the students , " said Yong Hwa on " Radio Star " . "In addition , Park Shin Hye is the heroine and we have often acted together . I think if we compete acting career again it will destroy us . "

Many fans who deplore this option Yong Hwa . Moreover, the series " Heirs " make friends one group , Kang Min Hyuk , the more famous through his romantic acting with Krystal f ( x ) . " Future Choice" a KBS series that also starred Yoon Eun Hye , while the " Heirs " aired on SBS .

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Korean Entertainment Association Rejects Comeback Park Shi Hoo

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Park Shi Hoo is still on hiatus from the Korean entertainment industry since the tangled case of sexual abuse early last year . Actually it is long enough move again in China . But now rumors Shi Hoo acting comeback in Korea and it makes entertainment associations are not happy.

Corea Entertainment Management Association ( CEMA ) issued a statement rejecting efforts Shi Hoo to go back to the Korean entertainment world . They assess the star of the series " Princess Man " comeback that's too fast for a large accounting case . Shi Hoo has admitted having sexual intercourse with the victim even denied rape .

" We want to show our establishment on Park Shi Hoo in the code of conduct for the development of the Korean entertainment industry , " said spokesman CEMA. " Park Shi Hoo has become a public concern and strongly criticized recently. "

" Although the case has been completed legally but Park Shi Hoo trying to get people's consent to return to the world of entertainment without regard to the moral side , " said a spokesman . " Park Shi Hoo asked for public understanding even have been involved in the matter. His time for introspection is not enough to return to the entertainment world soon. "

Previous Korean media reported that Shi Hoo will soon comeback in the series " Golden Cross " . But finally he refused starred in the KBS production was busy filming in China . Uhm Ki Joon finally actor who took the role of Shi Hoo in " Golden Cross " .

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MR.MR Agency Name the song Just Because SNSD Owned Hurt in BC

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Some time ago the boy band released a song titled MR.MR equal to that of Girls ' Generation. They admitted deliberately did so continuously criticized netter. Now the CEO of the agency MR.MR give another statement.

Winning Insight CEO, Lee Sung Ho, said it has no bad faith on SNSD. He admits it wants to insinuate SM Entertainment for choosing the title song create MR.MR name disappeared from the list of online search . He complained about the existence of " Mr.Mr " make her care group does not show up in the search for buried SNSD 's songs.

" We want to emphasize that this is a problem of oppression and resistance between entertainment companies large and small, " the statement said. " I , as a producer of 300 songs for 20 years , is a small producer of an entertainment company who loves music more than anything . "

" A lot of people asked if we were ' attacked ' just the same as the title song , but when seen again , there are different things here . Thing is different between using the same title vs. using rookie group name that is currently being promoted with the title of the song . They say we do it so quickly famous. "

" After the title song of big names like SNSD released the names we instantly disappear from the internet . 5 albums we release over 2 years buried under ' Mr.Mr ' SNSD . So that appears on the internet is the MV SNSD , not our group profile MR.MR. "

Winning InSight SM feel slightly let menjuduli many SNSD songs with " Mr.Mr " despite already know there is a group called the same . Party agencies also do not feel there is a problem because BC representatives who met him did not ask for it specifically . Winning Insight also recognizes naming the same title is also for nebeng popularity of SNSD .

" BC and the other says our marketing strategy with their nebeng . Yeah , it's true . Were it not for the action of tyranny BC then we will not use this as a marketing strategy . Because if we group under the age of 2 years agency JYP / YG then if BC would dare do such a thing ? "

" It is a time of oppression do not care about the hard work that is not well-known rookie group of small companies . Though this little voice and my act and direct buried because they are so big but I would still speak out . Sweat Because we are also equally important rather than just watching . "

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Search Events Houses Contestants Korea ' Couple' Suicide in the Middle Filming

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Suicides re-coloring the Korean entertainment world. This time, it happened to a case of looking for a mate event attendees produced by SBS station, " Couple". Currently, the variety show was undergoing the process of shooting in Seogwipo, Jeju Island, South Korea.

A female contestant suddenly found dead hanging himself in the shower. SBS immediately released a statement of condolence over the sad incident. " A female participant who was filming the show ' Couple' in Seogwipo, Jeju Island, was found hanging himself in the dorm at 2 am, " said representatives of SBS.

" Crew show " Couple' deplores this incident and condolences. Prayer we always accompanies the bereaved family, " said SBS . "We also expressed our regrets to the other participants who underwent filming together and feel sadness because of this incident. "

" We will do our best to take the next step, " he added. " Once again we apologize and 'm sorry . We will also strive hard to ensure that such incidents do not happen again in the future. "

SBS representative also said women contestants still have to undergo the actual filming of the scene again in the event . According to the police investigation , they discovered that the woman had talked to his friend that he likes men contestants chose instead to other women . Police are still investigating whether it be one of the motives of the woman's suicide.

Allegedly he did hang himself using a hair dryer cable . Police also found a piece of paper containing his last message that says, ' Mom and Dad , I'm sorry. I do not want to live anymore.  " Couple " is a variety show that to match a number of male and female participants to engage in a week-long vacation.

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Monday, March 3, 2014

Davichi Reportedly Out of Core Contents Media

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Davichi surprised the public when it was mentioned to terminate the contract with the agency that now. Duo beautiful singer is reportedly out of Core Contents Media ( CCM ). This agency is known as the shade T-ara.

" Davichi has decided to contract with Core Contents Media . They chose not to renew the contract , " said a source at MBN Star News . Contract singer of " The Letter " itself ends on February 23 .

Reportedly , the two members Davichi 've been trying to match the vision of the CCM , but no agreement was reached . Davichi until now has not provided information about how to continue their careers . Reportedly many agencies are attempting to obtain the duo Lee Hae Ri and Kang Min Kyung 's .

Davichi debut at CCM in 2008 with the release of the album " Amaranth " . Since then they are known as a ballad duo through stunning vocal abilities and menjawarai various charts .

Davichi release news of the CCM was immediately shocked netizens . Moreover, rumors are circulating that the singer of " Do not Say Goodbye " it will still release albums under the CCM despite split management . Not a few were concerned members Davichi will be split up .

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Park Min Young Turns Do not Confidence Bikini Wear

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Behind the appearance of the perfect Park Min Young turns out he also has a feeling of confidence. Star of the series " City Hunter " was apparently feels confident if you have to wear a bikini . Why, why ?

Min Young reveals in an interview with ' Section TV Entertainment News " on the sidelines of the shooting . There he revealed the recipe to keep the body . For him very important in maintaining the overall appearance of the body .

" It's important to pay attention to the shape of the body , " said Min Young . " Usually I move a lot of weight and eating two meals a day for three days to shoot . "

" I also have a problem in certain parts of the body that chose to cover it , " continued the former lover of Lee Min Ho 's . " Short waist so I do not look good when wearing a bikini . "

Pernyataantersebut also accompanied by a scene cuts Min Young wearing a bikini . The scene was taken from the sitcom " Unstoppable High Kick " (2006 ) which shows the interaction Min Young with Kim Bum poolside .

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Show off Stomach in Concert Dara 2NE1 ' All or Nothing ' Seoul

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2NE1 held a successful concert tour opening for the world 's "All or Nothing " in Seoul at 1-2 March 2014 . They give a stunning appearance in front of a total of 12 thousand Blackjack who packed the arena for a two-day concert .

In concert 2NE1 give a special treat by airing new MV . They also performed a new song from the album " Crush " has just been released . But they still sing the popular old numbers like " Fire " and " I Do not Care " which provoke hysteria audience .

New Group D , Winner , also appeared and got a special stage in the concert. Interestingly , Sandara Park horrendous audience by wearing a costume that mempertontokan stomach when performed " Crush " and " Fire " . Despite having a cute image but he looks sexy in concert with her ​​flat stomach and muscular .

On that occasion Dara also expressed his satisfaction with 2NE1 's second full-length album . " Although it takes a long time , but personally I'm happy with this album , " he said in front of an audience .

2NE1 will continue the concert series " All or Nothing " to China , Japan and other Asian countries . In total there will be nine countries visited the mat 15 concerts in 12 cities . This tour is directed by Travis Payne and Stacy Walker who also handles their first world tour .

So Yi Hyun and Kim Hyung Jun SS501 Admits Dating

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Shocking news came from 2PM Taecyeon 's main opponent in the series " Who Are You? ", So Yi Hyun ( 29 ). He and SS501 Kim Hyung Jun ( 26 ) confirmed that in fact dating.

Reveal the relationship that stems from reports that Sports Seoul said Hyung Jun and Yi Hyun has long courtship . Like most artists , their courtship and dating secretly in the car . Yet the relationship is already an open secret in the entertainment industry .

Hyung Jun and Yi Hyun first met in 2012 because both starred on KBS " Sunshine Girl " . Hyun Yi Hyun June like a good , humble and dating since filming finished . whereas serial actress " Three Days " was attracted by a sense of humor Hyun June

" They started dating since the ' Sunshine Girl ' finished running . During filming they have a good team working and staff can work together well , " said a source . " At that time the extent of their relationship and junior noona but they are very suitable to be close . "

" They quickly become close because both are interested in acting and have similar hobbies . They trust each other and have introduced himself to his friends , " continued the source . " They broke up but trackbacks penah again . They look very harmonious because the personality fit with each other . "

The rumor was finally confirmed by both agencies . Even so they did not know other details about the relationship adrift 3 -year age range .

" It is true that they are dating , " said agency spokesman Hyun Jung . " But the agency does not intervene personal problems so that we do not know the details . "

While the agency Yi Hyun confirming rumors that with more careful . " It is true they met while starring in the ' Sunshine Girl ' but we did not expect that relationship to continue , " said the spokesman .

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Media Investigate Anti Fans Threaten EXO

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The existence of anti- fans are not new in the world of K - Pop . Quite often they are being extreme by threatening artist desperate to poison him. Now the media was curious about the identity of the anti- fans named Kim Yeo Shin EXO -threatening .

Kim Yeo Shin claimed that he was also the first poison U - Know Yunho of TVXQ in 2006 . The case of mixed drinks super glue the public to deal with the horrendous police at the time. Then in 2007 he claimed his parents died akbibat sasaeng act that follows TVXQ .

Now Yeo Shin change threatens EXO makes fans worry and other singers . Even many members of EXO fans are reminded not to drink anything that is given by others . Finally, any station SBS Shin Yeo explore real identities through segment " Curious Story Y " .

Party SBS investigated by comparing the identity of Shi Yeon on the internet and check to Korea University claims is a place of study . Turns Shi Yeon name is not listed there and found other irregularities .

Also revealed no parents died in the incident that claimed the previous Shin Yeo . In addition to the actors already poisoned Yunho was 22 years old at the time and immediately arrested . Because the known Shin Yeo was 15 years old at the time .

Shin Yeo threat to poison members of BAP with mixed drinks cause diarrhea medication also did not happen . At that time he even wrote an apology on the blog , only students admitted to regular schools who are interested in writing EXO's anti- fans . Out of curiosity finally she dabbled in writing as anti EXO fans .

Shin Yeo also said normal life was determined to start now . Through that search , the SBS Shin Yeo believes is actually just plain anti- fans who are not too dangerous . But the celebrities are asked to remain cautious with the threat of anti- fans .