Thursday, March 6, 2014

Korean Entertainment Association Rejects Comeback Park Shi Hoo

7:31 PM

Park Shi Hoo is still on hiatus from the Korean entertainment industry since the tangled case of sexual abuse early last year . Actually it is long enough move again in China . But now rumors Shi Hoo acting comeback in Korea and it makes entertainment associations are not happy.

Corea Entertainment Management Association ( CEMA ) issued a statement rejecting efforts Shi Hoo to go back to the Korean entertainment world . They assess the star of the series " Princess Man " comeback that's too fast for a large accounting case . Shi Hoo has admitted having sexual intercourse with the victim even denied rape .

" We want to show our establishment on Park Shi Hoo in the code of conduct for the development of the Korean entertainment industry , " said spokesman CEMA. " Park Shi Hoo has become a public concern and strongly criticized recently. "

" Although the case has been completed legally but Park Shi Hoo trying to get people's consent to return to the world of entertainment without regard to the moral side , " said a spokesman . " Park Shi Hoo asked for public understanding even have been involved in the matter. His time for introspection is not enough to return to the entertainment world soon. "

Previous Korean media reported that Shi Hoo will soon comeback in the series " Golden Cross " . But finally he refused starred in the KBS production was busy filming in China . Uhm Ki Joon finally actor who took the role of Shi Hoo in " Golden Cross " .

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