Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Heechul SuJu Back Issues Denies Dating with Son Dam Bi

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Kim Heechul
Heechul SuJu Back Issues Denies Dating with Son Dam Bi
Kim Heechul made ​​a statement reassure fans. Super Junior's personnel returned dismissed rumors that he is dating Son Dam Bi.

Heechul confirmed that she is indeed very close to the singer's birth 25 September 1983. But Heechul refused to confirm rumors that he and Dam Bi has a love affair. Heechul confirms they are just close friends who've known for 12 years.

"I had a friend who I have known for 12 years and it was a singer Son Dam Bi," said Heechul. "When we walk, we will link our arms and I will call her 'my girl, my girl, my wifey'."

"I never asked him one time if he ever thought that we were dating," said Heechul. "He then said, 'Why do I have to think about things like that?'"

Denials of an affair rumors Heechul and Bi Dam is also confirmed by other SuJu personnel. Kangin stated that Heechul is not the kind of guy craving Dam Bi. "Son Dam Bi as Heechul's most hated man," said Kangin.

It is also disclosed Ryeowook. Ryeowook explained that Heechul has many female friends but he's not dating.

A Finally Revoke Waiver Kim Hyun Joong

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Kim Hyun Joong
A Finally Revoke Waiver Kim Hyun Joong
Violence cases involving Kim Hyun Joong finally met the end. This is because a former lover Hyun Joong, decided to withdraw its claim to the singer of the song "Beauty Beauty" it.

Wednesday (17/9) afternoon, a lawyer expressed it in front of the media crew. "From the beginning. If he (Kim Hyun Joong) apologized, A had planned to withdraw demands unconditional completion or receipt of money. There will not be a problem anymore because A has accepted his apology," said attorney A.

Previously, Hyun Joong has apologized to a personal blog and via the telephone. Team of lawyers actor in the drama "Boys Over Flowers" is also publicly apologize to A.

Responding to an apology Hyun Joong, A and its legal counsel had not yet decided to withdraw their demands. They still want to learn apology Hyun Joong to know whether it is genuine or not.

Gong Hyo Jin It's Not dating with Lee Jin Wook

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Good news comes less than Gong Hyo Jin. Hyo Jin was already broken up with her ​​boyfriend, Lee Jin Wook. Expiration of their relationship has been confirmed by the respective agency.

"It has been confirmed that they just broke up," Soop Management said, Hyo Jin's agency. "But because this is a matter of personal life, we can not confirm the details of their breakup. Understanding so we ask all of you."

The same thing also expressed by Will Entertainment, the agency that houses Jin Wook. They claimed that the actor in the series "Three Musketeers" and Hyo Jin has decided to end their relationship and become friends only. Similarly, Soop Management, Entertainment Will also do not disclose the reasons they broke up and requested that the public still supports the artist 2.

Breakup Hyo Jin and Jin Wook immediately received a response from the fans. Fans Hyo Jin idol directly connect it with Jo In Sung, his co-star in "It's Okay, It's Love".

"It is sad, but now he can go and get married to Jo In Sung," commented a fan. "This is one step closer to making Jang Jae Yeol and Ji Hae Seo (the character played by Jo In Sung and Hyo Jin in 'It's Okay, It's Love) to be real. They look so perfect in the drama and I hope so too in life real.