Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Finally Revoke Waiver Kim Hyun Joong

9:30 PM
Kim Hyun Joong
A Finally Revoke Waiver Kim Hyun Joong
Violence cases involving Kim Hyun Joong finally met the end. This is because a former lover Hyun Joong, decided to withdraw its claim to the singer of the song "Beauty Beauty" it.

Wednesday (17/9) afternoon, a lawyer expressed it in front of the media crew. "From the beginning. If he (Kim Hyun Joong) apologized, A had planned to withdraw demands unconditional completion or receipt of money. There will not be a problem anymore because A has accepted his apology," said attorney A.

Previously, Hyun Joong has apologized to a personal blog and via the telephone. Team of lawyers actor in the drama "Boys Over Flowers" is also publicly apologize to A.

Responding to an apology Hyun Joong, A and its legal counsel had not yet decided to withdraw their demands. They still want to learn apology Hyun Joong to know whether it is genuine or not.