Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Heechul SuJu Back Issues Denies Dating with Son Dam Bi

9:35 PM
Kim Heechul
Heechul SuJu Back Issues Denies Dating with Son Dam Bi
Kim Heechul made ​​a statement reassure fans. Super Junior's personnel returned dismissed rumors that he is dating Son Dam Bi.

Heechul confirmed that she is indeed very close to the singer's birth 25 September 1983. But Heechul refused to confirm rumors that he and Dam Bi has a love affair. Heechul confirms they are just close friends who've known for 12 years.

"I had a friend who I have known for 12 years and it was a singer Son Dam Bi," said Heechul. "When we walk, we will link our arms and I will call her 'my girl, my girl, my wifey'."

"I never asked him one time if he ever thought that we were dating," said Heechul. "He then said, 'Why do I have to think about things like that?'"

Denials of an affair rumors Heechul and Bi Dam is also confirmed by other SuJu personnel. Kangin stated that Heechul is not the kind of guy craving Dam Bi. "Son Dam Bi as Heechul's most hated man," said Kangin.

It is also disclosed Ryeowook. Ryeowook explained that Heechul has many female friends but he's not dating.