Monday, March 3, 2014

So Yi Hyun and Kim Hyung Jun SS501 Admits Dating

12:05 AM

Shocking news came from 2PM Taecyeon 's main opponent in the series " Who Are You? ", So Yi Hyun ( 29 ). He and SS501 Kim Hyung Jun ( 26 ) confirmed that in fact dating.

Reveal the relationship that stems from reports that Sports Seoul said Hyung Jun and Yi Hyun has long courtship . Like most artists , their courtship and dating secretly in the car . Yet the relationship is already an open secret in the entertainment industry .

Hyung Jun and Yi Hyun first met in 2012 because both starred on KBS " Sunshine Girl " . Hyun Yi Hyun June like a good , humble and dating since filming finished . whereas serial actress " Three Days " was attracted by a sense of humor Hyun June

" They started dating since the ' Sunshine Girl ' finished running . During filming they have a good team working and staff can work together well , " said a source . " At that time the extent of their relationship and junior noona but they are very suitable to be close . "

" They quickly become close because both are interested in acting and have similar hobbies . They trust each other and have introduced himself to his friends , " continued the source . " They broke up but trackbacks penah again . They look very harmonious because the personality fit with each other . "

The rumor was finally confirmed by both agencies . Even so they did not know other details about the relationship adrift 3 -year age range .

" It is true that they are dating , " said agency spokesman Hyun Jung . " But the agency does not intervene personal problems so that we do not know the details . "

While the agency Yi Hyun confirming rumors that with more careful . " It is true they met while starring in the ' Sunshine Girl ' but we did not expect that relationship to continue , " said the spokesman .

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