Monday, March 3, 2014

Media Investigate Anti Fans Threaten EXO

12:03 AM

The existence of anti- fans are not new in the world of K - Pop . Quite often they are being extreme by threatening artist desperate to poison him. Now the media was curious about the identity of the anti- fans named Kim Yeo Shin EXO -threatening .

Kim Yeo Shin claimed that he was also the first poison U - Know Yunho of TVXQ in 2006 . The case of mixed drinks super glue the public to deal with the horrendous police at the time. Then in 2007 he claimed his parents died akbibat sasaeng act that follows TVXQ .

Now Yeo Shin change threatens EXO makes fans worry and other singers . Even many members of EXO fans are reminded not to drink anything that is given by others . Finally, any station SBS Shin Yeo explore real identities through segment " Curious Story Y " .

Party SBS investigated by comparing the identity of Shi Yeon on the internet and check to Korea University claims is a place of study . Turns Shi Yeon name is not listed there and found other irregularities .

Also revealed no parents died in the incident that claimed the previous Shin Yeo . In addition to the actors already poisoned Yunho was 22 years old at the time and immediately arrested . Because the known Shin Yeo was 15 years old at the time .

Shin Yeo threat to poison members of BAP with mixed drinks cause diarrhea medication also did not happen . At that time he even wrote an apology on the blog , only students admitted to regular schools who are interested in writing EXO's anti- fans . Out of curiosity finally she dabbled in writing as anti EXO fans .

Shin Yeo also said normal life was determined to start now . Through that search , the SBS Shin Yeo believes is actually just plain anti- fans who are not too dangerous . But the celebrities are asked to remain cautious with the threat of anti- fans .