Thursday, February 27, 2014

Circulating Leaked "Mr Mr "Album Tracklist and SNSD 's New Song

6:04 PM

Girls ' Generation
has informed earlier that the new album release date pushed back because of a problem with the music video data. Now circulating the leaked contents of a new album titled " Mr.Mr. " The.

The tracklist appears on the website iTunes Store for the United States . Seen there album " Mr.Mr. " released on February 19, which has a total of 6 songs . In addition to the single hits " Mr.Mr " no " Goodbye ", " Europa ", " Wait A Minute ", " Back Hug " and " Soul ".

It seems that it could happen because of a lack of communication about delays on iTunes SNSD's comeback . Because it was originally scheduled February 24th release but was later postponed to two weeks. Currently the album description is no longer on the iTunes Store.

A netter also claimed to see his own album " Mr.Mr " in iTunes and almost bought it but lost when rechecked . The presence of SNSD's new album on iTunes it also creates confusion some fans . There was little that was supposed to be released February 19 SM fixed since the MV only are problematic .

SoundCloud also circulated in the song titled " Mr.Mr. " which is claimed as the property of SNSD . While the video teaser photo for " Mr.Mr. " 've seen as many as 3.6 million times since its release on February 10 .

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