Saturday, March 8, 2014

Shock Or Stunned Clara Attend Events Transparent Wear Dresses

10:17 PM

Clara returned netizens shaking his head with his actions. Known for often look brave, she is now back to do it. Clara attended an event wearing a see-through dress.

Known model wearing a controversial dress with perforated pattern, exposing her underwear. As a result of the distance behind the dress bikini looks very prominent and instantly attract attention. The dress worn while attending the opening of a branch Clara lingerie store in Lotte Department Store.

According to media crews, Clara looked comfortable wearing the dress and confident while posing for photographs . He looks cheerful even when the air temperature in Seoul around 6 degrees Celsius. Netizens also surprised by the dress worn Clara.

"Of course he would do things like this, is not new news, " commented a netter. " I admit a nice body, but that does not mean wearing inappropriate clothes like that, " said the other. " It was obviously wearing a bikini than she intends normal dress. "