Friday, March 21, 2014

Finally SNSD Yoona Wants to Talk About Lee Seung Gi

8:37 PM

Not only Sooyoung who exposed affair when Girls ' Generation to appear on " Healing Camp ". Yoona also finally willing to talk about her boyfriend, Lee Seung Gi.

Yoona admitted it felt good at the other SNSD members when his relationship with Seung Gi revealed. Because the other members also asked about dating so join and it's certainly not fun for them.

" When the news came I sent a message to all of them , have made the problem apologizing. Thing like this has never happened before so it made ​​me even more worried, " said Yoona. " For me , the other members also asked about a date, which does not concern them. Was definitely makes them uncomfortable. "

When Yoona asked how to date with Seung Gi , he replied carefully. " Yes, as made, " said the star of the series " Prime Minister and I" is short.

Yoona also claimed to feel confused when he first knew her date news appeared in the media . " Do not you have predicted ( to be revealed ) ? Lee Seung Gi 's always been said that you are the ideal type, " said the MC.

" I think he just said it casually for the benefit of the TV show, " said Yoona. " At that time I did not think he was interested in me. "

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