Friday, March 28, 2014

Lee Jong Suk Apologize To Fans On Genesis In The Airport

9:11 PM

Lee Jong Suk recently became the target of criticism due netter hand brushed fans caught on camera at the airport. Star of the series "I Hear Your Voice" was also accused so arrogant as is well known. Now he straightened the controversy.

On March 27, Jong Suk left for Hong Kong through Incheon Airport to attend the launch of Hugo Boss. When arriving at the airport there was one female fans who wait. He tried to deliver prizes Jong Suk is currently out of the car but the actor "Young Blood was even keep his hands violently at the sight and keep going.

The tape circulating on the internet and make netter surprised. Because, Jong Suk was not being mobbed and fans was just an ordinary girl and not be aggressive. "Why is he so hell? Should any secapek busy and if the fans give the gift should be accepted," criticism netter.

Continued widespread criticism in online forums known by the Jong Suk. Jubirnya also explained that at the time they were in a hurry and Jong Suk was holding coffee so surprised anyone tugging on his arm. Star of the series "School 2013" was also apologized via his official fan cafe over the incident.

"I can not say anything because it was also my fault, but I want to explain this problem to my fans," wrote Jong Suk. "First, I was the product of agency so there are strict safeguards are sometimes also made ​​me resentful. Besides, there is a problem scheduled in Hong Kong."

"I also do not see the fans and just felt something pulling my arm and I thought it was the manager so I pulled my hand," he continued. "It was a lot of reporters and I got caught, I can not organize my expression."

"I'm really sorry to have made ​​it all so wrong. Would I be better future," added Jong Suk. He also hopes this incident does not make her image is considered a lie.