Thursday, March 6, 2014

Yong Hwa and Seohyun Gossip Debate and Park Shin Hye

7:37 PM

Jung Yong Hwa CN Blue known to have starred with Park Shin Hye serial . Then it's also paired with Seohyun Girls ' Generation on " We Got Marrried " . No wonder, many who accuse been established romance with one of them .

Now straighten Yong Hwa was outstanding claims between himself and the Shi Hye or Seohyun . Show on " Radio Star" , Yong Hwa insists they never date her . It and Shin Hye just a friend and support each other .

" Park Shin Hye is just a friend. He often came to our concerts . Previously he was watching while my mother also came to be there , " said Yong Hwa. " At that time he and my mother to chat and people thought that Shin Hye close to my mother."

Yong Hwa confessed so sad because of the gossip that it is not comfortable yet with Shin Hye friends but once up close. It also says do not go to a serial " Heirs " and he did not see the kiss scene Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho who managed to create a stir. The kiss scene managed to make the audience shocked because saking heat .

" In addition there are rumors when you become husband virtual Seohyun . Said you lived in the same apartment . Is that true ? " asked one host. Yong Hwa even straighten the issue.

" It is true that we live in the same area but a different building, " said star series " Future Choice" is . "We're not dating. "

Then Yong Hwa also allow issues that he had to get into the van Seohyun . But it happened because he wrongly thinks SNSD van license plate similar to CN Blue 's . " What are you looking for license plates together? " MC Kim Gura joke .

"I get in the car with pedenya and ngomong ' where are we going to go now ? ' but then I saw there manageress there, "said Yong Hwa. " Finally I just say ' Oh , hello ' and out of the van . "

The host then seduce Yong Hwa if he does not like girls like Seohyun type . " 'd Be lying if I said there is no sense to it, I just tried our best to show on TV . Much of our attention then, " close Yong Hwa.

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