Wednesday, March 20, 2013

SHINee Onew shocked shaking Middle Finger At Broadcast Radio

4:21 PM

SHINee this time in the spotlight due to his sharp netizens when appearing on the radio. They had just found out that Onew shows disrespectful attitude when broadcast. A photo shows middle finger Onew.

On March 8 it comes to broadcast SHINee "Younha Starry Night" talk about their comeback. When each member introduced her not appear on camera, but netizens saw someone the middle finger. After researching colors and patterns that look of hand clothes are then strongly suspected he was Onew.

No doubt then netizens flocked to the online community and expressed their shock. The netizen more surprised that Onew did not think could be like that. Because Onew has a plain and pleasant images.

"Is this because the radio can be so casually like that?" complained a netter. "Why would he do that when he knew there was a camera?" Other added. "Is it really Onew? Hard to believe."

Still not a few netizens who defended with ease the situation. "Maybe he was just joking and was unlucky not think the camera recorded," wrote one netter. "Onew's playful so it probably wont be done among the members," added another netter.

SM Entertainment confirmed that Onew does middle finger, but for a joke. Before the broadcast begins it does so while joking with the members. Onew did not think the incident was caught on camera and caused public outrage.

"Onew truly sorry for his actions and promised never to repeat again," said the spokesman. "Because this is not intentional it is expected that this issue is not widespread."

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