Monday, March 18, 2013

Reveals Secrets girlband Keep Body Shape

5:52 PM

The K-pop girlband often wowed by the beauty of their bodies. Apparently it took a hard workout to keep their bodies stay slim in the middle of the crowded schedule. It was revealed through impressions "Gunggeumta".

The personal fitness trainer (personal trainer) subscription girlband member reveals secrets celebrities maintain ideal body shape. Not only regular exercise, but also a strict diet they have acted, including Girls' Generation.

Kwon Yuri is famous for its perfect abs always go to the gym every day after the schedule is complete. While Seohyun exercises in the gym every morning and sometimes Jessica protest if the exercise is too strenuous. Kara's Goo Hara perform each exercise movement to keep the waist 100-300.

Coach Suzy said to the young girlband usually most tempted spicy food made ​​of flour, such as rice cake and Kimbap. He claimed miss A's members are also often tempted so watch it while eating meals alone.

"If Suzy saw me eating alone he would say, 'How can you eat it alone' and being nervous," he said. "I finally did not dare look at Suzy because during the meal staring at him sharply."

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