Saturday, March 16, 2013

So Trending Topic, Twitter Donghae SuJu Hackers Hijacked Indonesia?

4:41 PM

The bad news came from Lee Donghae Super Junior. Donghae Twitter account, @ donghae861015, reportedly hijacked by a hacker who comes from Indonesia. This news was busy talking on Twitter, and even became a trending topic Indonesia and the world with the hastag # StopHackingDonghae861015.

Alleged hijacking Twitter's Donghae appear as star of the series "Panda and the Hedgehog" suddenly communicate using English. Some fans immediately suspicious because English is used in the account is not as usual.

"How can Lee Donghae using English so well like this?" said one of his fans a Twitter account, @ LOVEyouSIWON407. "We already knew it's not the real Donghae!"

After news of hijacking Twitter Donghae was outstanding, a netter from Indonesia suddenly claiming to be the mastermind behind this incident. Netter who claimed to be anti-boyband revealed in his Twitter account, that he and his team are plowing Twitter Donghae. "That accounts gw team that hack!" he said.

Super Junior fans, especially those from Indonesia were infuriated. They are angry about the irresponsible act and hope this incident does not affect the impression of SuJu against Indonesia. Some fans also feared that this incident will result in SuJu cancel SS5 INA.

"I was very shy as ELF Indonesia with the incident," said the account @ TeuKIA_RiSIWON. "Dont cancel SS5 INA," said @ RatihLoveLy3. "Forgive us .. the hacker is anti-fans-suju," said @ vhu2209.

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