Friday, March 22, 2013

Is Park Shi Hoo As Proven Liar Lie Detector Test?

4:44 PM

Some time ago, Park Shi Hoo, juniors 'K' and victims to take a polygraph lie detector. Now circulating in cyberspace stating the results of the tests proved Shi Hoo lie. Seoul police was immediately clear that they are not revealed it.

In circulating the internet on behalf of the police report Seobu. It says that he was told the test results on March 13 showed Shi Hoo give false answers. The results will make Shi Hoo transferred to the prosecutor's office.

Seoul police spokesman also confirmed the report did not come from them. Since the official announcement is only one path, and he had not released a statement regarding the test results. But he was reluctant to confirm the truth of the report.

"We never announced the results of a polygraph Park Shi Hoo," said police spokesman Seoul on eNews. "There is only one route to be able to release the test results and we have not done it to the media."

"I am the only one officially designated to speak to the media, and before I never announced the test results to the journalist," said a spokesman. "Police can not comment on cases under investigation. I also would not comment on whether the report was true or false."

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