Friday, March 22, 2013

SNSD's Sooyoung Warn Account So Undercover Himself

4:48 PM

Apparently Sooyoung Girls' Generation has their own way when she was upset. Currently he is annoyed with people who opened accounts claiming to be her SNS. Rather than get angry, Sooyoung cute style even when warned fans.

SNSD's Sooyoung update the official website to write a welcome spring. Not only reminds fans to maintain a healthy, he also showed off a beautiful selca cute pose. But apparently the main purpose Sooyoung was rebuked those who spoke to her fans as SNSD.

"Hello everyone. Did you guys okay? Sounds like the spring is coming. Shall we walk while falling flowers along the way?" Sooyoung wrote. "I heard that Korea is very cold because the spring will arrive. Please be careful not to hit a fever"

"The reason why I'm writing this not because I am waiting for spring spirit ~ I just can not see the silence that has been rampant disguises the case," wrote Sooyoung. "At first I just tried to laugh ~ but after seeing sone hearts become restless because the perpetrators are, would not you be angry too ~ ~?"

"For false Sooyoung ~ if you are reading this, please stop now ~ ^ ^. Though I am grateful for you guys hope to communicate with the sone of a time in my name, do not do it again ~ hehe," he continued. "If you do not stop and continue to do this, I'm going to do something ^ ^."

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