Saturday, March 23, 2013

Kibum Had Wanted Suicide After Excluded from U-KISS

5:04 PM

In 2011, U-KISS could make a scene when suddenly Alexander and Kibum kicked out of the group. Now Kibum revealed his feelings when through a critical time to leave U-KISS. He admitted that he had a desire to commit suicide.

Kibum said he was aware of U-KISS released because of his ability in the field of music the least among the other members. That's why Kibum was not angry when asked to step down. Kibum then decided to go to Japan to forge musical abilities and return to Korea as a singer.

"Over the past 2 years I just focused on the music. I have a very difficult time and thought to commit suicide," Kibum said through her ​​agency, Professional Entertainment. "But late last year labelku advised to begin a career as a solo artist again."

Kibum also said this year he was ready to debut again as a solo artist began in April. Although stress but Kibum said he did not hold a grudge or be angry with the former group was.

"I still miss the times that I lead with U-KISS members. But I can get through this difficulty with remembering those times," said Kibum. "I still love them all."

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