Monday, March 25, 2013

Agency Denies SHINee Onew and Jung-A Courtship After shcool

1:00 AM

Just finished buffeted by scandal raised middle finger, SHINee Onew is now back in the spotlight. Not long ago photos circulating Onew middle left alone with Jung-A After shcool. Although the photographs are both widespread in cyberspace, but the agency Pledis and SM Entertainment are both denied that Onew and Jung-A dating.

In the photos, Onew and Jung-A appears both in and out of a restaurant. Other photos also show Onew and Jung-A was sitting in a car. Representatives of both agencies expressed Onew and Jung-A only close friends and do not have a special relationship.

"Both the senior and junior close. They eat together after a long time no see," said Pledis representative, agency Jung-A. "Both are close friends. We were surprised when they were rumored to be dating."

"We ask questions directly to Jung-A alone about these rumors," he added. "He says they're just friends, not lovers."

In line with Pledis, SM Entertainment also expressed the same statement. "We've asked myself on Onew. Both are just friends," said the representative of SM Entertainment.

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