Monday, March 25, 2013

2AM's Jo Kwon Recovering from Hospital After Gas Poisoning

1:04 AM

Shocking news came from 2AM's Jo Kwon. Some time ago, Jo Kwon suddenly rushed to the hospital because of gas poisoning. Fortunately, Jo Kwon is now recovered and allowed to return home.

Jo Kwon expressed his condition through his Twitter account. He admitted today fine and resting at home to restore his health. In addition, he is also grateful for the support of the fans and friends during illness.

"I'm sorry for making you all worry. Thank you for all your attention," said Jo Kwon. "Now I'm at home to rest and recover further. I'm really grateful to all the people who are very worried about me. I'm definitely going to get better."

Representative Jo Kwon's agency confirmed that the current condition of Jo Kwon is getting better. "Yesterday we went to the hospital but luckily the doctors said there was no serious illness in the body. Condition is now much better," said the representative Jo Kwon.

The incident occurred when Jo Kwon was accidentally inhaling gas from a portable gas cylinder stove. His body showed symptoms of gas poisoning. At that time, Jo Kwon was immediately rushed to the hospital after filming "Music Core" on the station MBC.

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