Monday, March 25, 2013

What's With Super Junior Yesung Crying at Concert 'Super Show 5'

1:09 AM

Yesung looks upset and crying when Super Junior opened the "Super Show 5" in Seoul, 23 and 24 March. On the first day of the concert, he collapsed on the sidelines of the song "Rockstar" with other members.

Realizing that this might be the last concert before the draft, Yesung felt sad. But he was still happy because the fans support him.

"I spent over 5 years as a trainee and has been with fans for 8 years as a member of Super Junior. I want to thank you for the love of you all," said Yesung said teary. "I've almost forgotten how special stand on stage and sing. But though I'll never be here, please guys keep the members of Super Junior. Remember me too."

SM Entertainment has confirmed the plan was Yesung draftee in 2013. "But it still has not decided when exactly he would conscript," said SME.

"Super Show 5" will also be held in Sao Paulo, April 21. Proceed to Buenos Aires, Argentina, April 23. Forwarded to Santiago, Chile, 25 April. While the concert will be held in Lima, Peru, April 27. Indonesia also will be one of the destination countries "SS5".

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